What we should know about NEPOTISM?

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What should we know about NEPOTISM?!



Preference for relatives or personal friends because of their kinship, not their aptitude.

Effects for nepotism:

Denying the general public the right to equal opportunity.

2.The spread of injustice and hatred.

Panic spread among people.

The spread of unemployment among young people.

Loss of the rights of talented members of society.

The migration of the talented.

Reasons for nepotism :

Achieving mutual interests between the parties.

Widespread poverty and difficult social and economic conditions.

The inability of government institutions to provide services.

Lack of confidence in the integrity of the judiciary.

Ways to combat nepotism:

Enacting and clarifying transparent regulations and legislation, and imposing maximum penalties on violators.

Community awareness of this dangerous phenomenon, the extent of its impact on society and individuals, and the development of their role in combating and eliminating it.

Allocating a financial reward for those who report cases of nepotism in government departments.

Establish deterrent penalties appropriate to all corruption, in order to prevent it from recurring, provided that it is publicly announced as a lesson and admonition.

Creating suitable job opportunities for citizens, by finding a suitable job cadre for each segment of society, in order to improve the living conditions of the individual, society, and the country.

Developing and developing creativity among employees, and rewarding them for it.

Holding awareness seminars in government departments, schools and universities to warn against them.

Putting the right person in the right place.

So, nepotism is a societal scourge that must be fought and its perpetrators punished, because it is wrongly right and truly invalidated.

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  • Nepotism is when someone is treated unfairly, and it can make people feel bad about the work and the person being treated unfairly. This is because others might think it's not fair that someone gets special treatment just because they are related to or friends with someone important.
    But sometimes, nepotism can also have positive effects. For example, if a friend really needs a job and they are qualified for it, it can be a good thing if they get the job. This is especially true if they desperately need the job to support themselves or their family.
    So, we should remember that nepotism can have negative impacts on people's feelings and make things seem unfair. But there can be situations where it might be helpful for someone who truly needs it and is qualified. It's important to understand both sides of nepotism and think about fairness and equality in all situations.

    1. with all my respect to your opinion, but we should know the difference between nepostism and friendly relations .If a person deserves a job or something esle ,he will get it by his efforts . This doesn't mean that we do not have to support friends or relatives,but this isn't a justification for nepotism