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I believe that protests can be an effective way to express concerns or advocate for change.... Strikes or Protests: which is better 23/5/23
Yes, climate change can be mitigated as it has significant effects on the world, including... CAN CLIMATE CHANGE BE STOPPED 23/5/23
This festival has made me more confident. I have improved my writing, listening, and... Tell us what you think! 22/5/23
I agree because... if someone is not in support of something then that person shouldn't join... Not for everyone? 22/5/23
skills, qualifications, and merits, creating a fair and level playing field for... A World Without Nepotism 21/5/23
The effects of nepotism are significant and can have negative consequences. Firstly, individuals... The effects of nepotism 21/5/23
I strongly disagree with nepotism because it can make people feel sad, unhappy, undervalued, and... Nepotism for the Good? 21/5/23
I strongly disagree because in my country, Nigeria, we don't always follow all the climate laws.... Earth Day: How Tough Are The Climate Laws 21/5/23
Sometimes, going on strike is the only way for workers to improve their situation. It's... People should be able to go on strike. 19/5/23
Nepotism is when someone is treated unfairly, usually because they are a family member or friend... What is nepotisim really about 18/5/23
Nepotism is when someone is treated unfairly, and it can make people feel bad about the work and... What we should know about NEPOTISM? 18/5/23
I strongly disagree with nepotism and it should not be made legal because it can make people... Nepotism for the Good? 18/5/23
I think when job opportunities people will give fair chance to all irrespective of their status... Nepotism poll results! 16/5/23
We need climate laws to protect our planet. Without these laws, the ozone layer becomes weaker,... THE NEED FOR CLIMATE LAWS 16/5/23
I think nepotism is not good because it's not fair to treat people differently. Everyone should... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 16/5/23
I agree because... strikes help workers get better pay and working conditions. Sometimes when... STRIKES TO BE ALLOWED OR BANNED 15/5/23
No, employees with higher wages should not be permitted to proceed on strike because they... Should people with higher pay be allowed to strike? 14/5/23
The poll result is close to my prediction. I taught we would have 80% to treat family and others... Nepotism poll results! 14/5/23
I agree with you the preferable thing that comes to my mind when I hear nepotism is when... What comes to your mind when you hear Nepotism? 14/5/23
Here are some ways we can prevent and reduce strikes in the community. 1.Bridge the... Strike solutions 14/5/23