The Coronation Of King Charles III

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  • Charles the III is King of The United Kingdom and the 14 other commonwealth countries.He was born in Buckingham Palace on the 14th of November 1948. He is the son of the former Queen of England Elizabeth II. He has three siblings : Princess Anne,Prince Edward Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Andrew Duke of York.He is married to Camilla ,Queen Consort. He has two sons William Prince of Wales and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex. A coronation is the formal investiture of a monarch with their regal powers. It is a grand, celebratory event in which the monarch is presented with royal ceremonial objects, such as the Crown Jewels, and it is where the crown is physically placed on the sovereign’s head, in front of many thousands of very important guests.While the objects used in each sovereign’s coronation may have changed from time to time, the way the English coronation of monarchs has taken place has remained nearly the same for almost a thousand years.The first coronation of a sovereign to take place in the United Kingdom since that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Charles became king upon his mother's death on 8 September 2022. At the age of 73, he became the oldest person to accede to the British throne, after having been the longest-serving heir apparent and Prince of Wales in British history. On the 6 th of May 2023 Charles the III coronation took place.It took place in Westminster Abbey at 11am and he will be crowned at 12pm. The coronation cost Whats the point of the royal family and do people need them?Monarchy is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom. In a monarchy, a king or queen is Head of State.The Sovereign acts as a focus for national identity, unity and pride; gives a sense of stability and continuity; officially recognises success and excellence; and supports the ideal of voluntary service.I think the people need the British Monarchy to keep them in line and to guide them and help them as a country .

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  • King Charles III has a BIG responsibility to over from his mother (Queen Elizabeth II) as she worked non- stop for hours just for the UK and other common wealth countries. Also Queen Camila too, she has to do a lot of paper work just as King Charles' mother.

    1. On top of the challenges awaiting the new British king, which observers agree are unprecedented, comes the issue of changing the perception of the monarchy in the country after the end of the rule of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, which lasted for seventy years, in the midst of the economic crisis the country is experiencing, and suffering from it. A large part of the British, and with the increasing levels of poverty, especially among young people, a large segment of them are questioning the feasibility of the survival of the monarchy and the benefit of those great financial privileges enjoyed by the royal family.

      According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Social Research, only three out of every ten people in Britain expressed their belief that property is "very important", which represents the lowest percentage recorded for those with this opinion, and at a time when nearly half of the participants thought that it should be abolished, As for the opinion poll conducted by YouGov, it showed that 64 0/0 of the British do not care much and do not care about the coronation at all.

      And before the outbreak of the Russian war on Ukraine, and the deepening of the economic crisis that resulted, there were rumors in the British press, stating that King Charles III, who was then crown prince, was willing to reduce the luxury of royal events, especially the occasion of his coronation, at a time when Unofficial estimates indicate that the cost of the king's coronation ranges between 50 and 100 million pounds sterling, funded by taxpayers' money.

      In the eyes of many observers, the recent coronation ceremony of King Charles III, and the controversy that accompanied it, shows the crisis in which Britain is living today. At a time when conservative politicians urge citizens to be proud of their heritage and ancient rituals, many people respond to that. , by talking about their economic conditions and the increasing rates of poverty and social and economic inequality in the country.

      1. I disagree because King Charles is capable of change.
        On the other hand, analysts consider that King Charles III is poised to bring about a change in the British monarchy and people's view of it, and that, unlike his late mother, he has always had, since he was crown prince, clear opinions on political issues, and those that concern people. And he is aware of what is going on in the street, and what a large segment of the British are suffering from.

        And previous conversations of the new king indicated his desire to have a monarchy that is smaller in size, while observers expected that he might translate into a smaller political group than the members of the royal family, the King and Queen Camilla and Prince William and his wife Catherine.

        And in a previous interview with the BBC, the historian of royal affairs, Kelly Swapp, said that the royal family must be seen as aware of what is going on in the country in these difficult times, and Swaab indicates in her talk about the change in the perception of the monarchy that things have changed a lot since 1952 (the year by which Elizabeth II became queen) and says there is less support for the monarchy these days with demands for more scrutiny of the royal family.