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The Crown is very important as it has been worn for many monarchs. Royalty isn't just luxury... THE CROWN IS MORE THAN JUST A FANCY HEADDRESS 17/5/23
King Charles III has a BIG responsibility to over from his mother (Queen Elizabeth II) as she... The Coronation Of King Charles III 17/5/23
These AI can cause quite a lot of problems: • People cheating in art contest like Boris... Photos and voices 17/5/23
I don't really think AI is an artist because they copy other artist without their permission... Is AI an artist?? 16/5/23
It depends if Nepotism is bad or good because if I wanted to become a Baker but my friend's mum... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 16/5/23
The easiest thing to do to lower your carbon footprint is: •turn the TV off from the switch... Climate change in your country 24/4/23