The Metaverse a marvelous wonder

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  • I also agree that the metaverse will be a marvelous wonder but it will also have some very big downsides such as:
    1. High equipment cost: some schools may not have enough money to purchase the metaverse. Many schools would like to purchase the metaverse so that it can be used as a learning experience but because some schools may not be well funded they wont be able to purchase it.
    2. Increase in addicts in the real world: in the metaverse people might become addicted to the amount of fun the metaverse can give us, it might even come to a point that the metaverse would people to forget about their daily activities like studying for exams and sometimes even going to school.
    So in conclusion I believe that the metaverse will be a marvelous wonder and it will also have some big downsides.

  • A ''marvelous wonder'' the exact description I will give about the metaverse. Personally I really admire the metaverse and it's advancement but I would have preferred it better if they made it's transition stages gradual. With their rapid rate of advancement I don't think there will be a real world in the nearest future. They should think about the future, if they want to make almost all our activities to be run by AI now what will happen in the 30th century. It simply means by then most humans will become inferior to AI and useless, it is basically handing the world we worked for to what we created. That does not make sense, even if we will not be alive to suffer it think about your future generation, do you want to be the cause of their suffering? When a baby is born it relies solely on it's mom for movement, gradually, it begins to crawl then it walks with support then it walks well then it runs but after all, there comes a time after walking that it goes back to depend on other sources for support to walk. From this, humans should learn that progress in life is gradual but even after it reaches it's pick of success there is a time you go back to recognize what took you there, the metaverse is not bad but after enjoying it, go back to your origin(the real world) once in a while, never forget what took you to where you reached.