STEP THREE: make your Standpoints


From the week 5 of the Festival, you will be able to submit Standpoints on the topics that you feel the strongest about.

A Standpoint is your final view about a topic. You should pick a topic that you have done the Topical Talk lesson for in class.

You should work on developing your Standpoints in class before submitting them. Your teacher should work through our Topical Talk Standpoint lesson with you.

You can only submit one Standpoint per topic.

How to submit a Standpoint

  1. Go to MY WORK
  2. Click on
    Create a new Standpoint
    This will only be possible from May 5th!
  3. Select a topic
    You can only submit one Standpoint per topic
  4. Choose whether you want to create a written, audio or video Standpoint
  5. If you picked writing, add a title and write your Standpoint. If you picked audio or video, write your title, record you video or audio live from your device. Then submit for approval
    For audio or video Standpoints, you will need a device with a microphone and/or video to record. Videos will first be approved by your teachers before being sent for moderation. You can upload pre-recorded videos or film them live through your device. All audio must be recorded live.

Need more help? Watch the video below!

Comments (6)

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  • I want to thank you very much for these very beautiful topics from which I learned a lot of things. I learned that climate change comes from us, humans. We are the main reason, and the government must set laws for people to abide by, and climate change does not occur.
    As for the strike, I knew that the employees were right in their request to strike, because they are like slavery to the boss, with fatigue, hard work, and a small salary that is not sufficient. for a living And that it is not possible for all employees to strike because it affects our lives. If the police are struck, crimes spread, deaths and theft increase, and corruption spreads. If doctors are struck, the patients die because there is no one to treat them. We are the losers in this way.

  • I want to thank everyone for these amazing discussion i have learnt a lot from here but the one the gave me motivation is the facts about the AI which has proven to be more than reliable and useful to us in ways like E-Payments, social media, self-driving cars, smart assistant, marketing chatbots and so much more

  • I want to thank everyone for this discussion, from which I learned a lot of things, but what gave me motivation are the facts about artificial intelligence, which also have proven to be very reliable and useful in many ways, such as electronic payments, social media, and self-driving cars that drive themselves and are fast , smart assistants, bots, marketing chats, and so much, much more. Thanks . 😻🌼

  • This festival has brought up many interesting topics for students including me and I found one topic most interesting which is:Strike.
    Strikes should be strictly discouraged as the damages it causes are more than the advantage.When people or government worker goes on strike,they are indirectly risking lives,studies and also futures of many individuals,if a teacher goes on strike,the students will be absent from school and these can lead to crime, such as theft or robbery cases,idleness and sometimes worries for some parents as their children are not in school.Also applicable to medical workers,if a pregnant woman Is in labour and is being rushed to the hospital,there are no doctors or nurses to attend to her,and as a result can cause damage to her health.
    I suggest that government workers should be highly rewarded and compensated for their work and labour.

    1. I agree because strike can also affect those on strikes in ways like loss of jobs, financial problems, guilt of ruining someone's life for example teachers going on strike can attract bad conduct and idleness, lonely which result in bad company and another example is if doctors goes on strike an emergency patient may not survive and a pregnant woman who is in labour for too long can result to death of both child and mother or loss of the mother womb all these be avoided if workers are provided with suitable conditions

      1. You raise valid points about the potential consequences of strikes on the individuals involved and the broader community. Strikes can indeed have significant impacts on both the striking workers and the people who rely on their services.

        For the workers on strike, there can be financial hardships due to loss of wages during the strike period. This can lead to various difficulties, including financial instability and the potential for job loss if the strike prolongs. Additionally, the emotional burden of participating in a strike, which may include feelings of guilt or anxiety about the consequences, can also affect individuals.

        On the other hand, the community can also be negatively affected by strikes, particularly in critical sectors such as healthcare or education. In situations where essential services are disrupted, it can have severe consequences for individuals who require immediate medical attention or for students who are unable to access education.

        It's crucial to strike a balance between the rights of workers to advocate for suitable working conditions and the need to ensure essential services are provided to the community. Open dialogue, negotiation, and finding alternative solutions to address concerns can help mitigate the negative impacts of strikes on both workers and the broader society.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter, highlighting the importance of suitable conditions for workers while considering the potential consequences of strikes on various individuals and the community as a whole.

  • The skill that I will focus on is speaking to others through writing, as it allows me to know their opinions, read their ideas, and communicate with them through that skill. Expressing opinions, understanding and perceiving points of view, deepening them, working to find solutions to issues or problems, or carrying out individual or collective projects, all of this is done by acquiring this skill, and we do not forget that there are individual differences. Skills are a bridge to communicate with others, especially English speakers, as it is the language of social communication, the language of the media, and a basic language for more than 85 international organizations...and let's not forget that speaking skill ranks second among skills. It is worth owning it with fluency, flexibility and originality

    1. That's a wonderful skill to focus on! Developing the ability to communicate effectively through writing is indeed a valuable asset. It allows you to express your thoughts and ideas clearly, engage in meaningful discussions, and understand different perspectives. Writing provides a platform for exchanging opinions, sharing knowledge, and collaborating with others, regardless of physical distance.

      By honing your writing skills, you can deepen your understanding of various subjects, engage in critical thinking, and develop your creativity. Effective writing enables you to articulate your viewpoints, present logical arguments, and support your ideas with evidence. It also helps you explore different solutions to problems, initiate and participate in projects, and contribute to personal and collective growth.

      Moreover, English is indeed a widely used language for global communication, media, and international organizations. Being proficient in English allows you to connect with a broader audience, access a wealth of information and resources, and engage in cross-cultural conversations. Fluency, flexibility, and originality in your writing can make your communication more impactful, engaging, and influential.

      Remember that writing is a skill that can be continuously improved with practice and feedback. Reading extensively, seeking opportunities to write, and actively seeking feedback can help you refine your writing abilities. Embrace the power of written communication, and it will serve as a valuable tool throughout your personal and professional endeavors.

  • I'm so upset that I make a standpoint, but I don't get a notification that it's accepted
    I've recorded the audio twice but I don't know what's going on
    I hope the moderators will accept it
    Because I'm so tired of it

    1. We've emailed your teacher to see if we can get to the bottom of it!