Is it necessary or is there another way??

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First, let's know what a strike is A strike is the refusal of workers or a group of them to work in an organized manner and for a specific period linked to claiming their rights, and the strike is considered one of the mechanisms that workers use to defend their interests, which is to stop working in an intentional and collective manner aimed at putting pressure on the employer to reach the goals.

Reasons for the strike: _ _Improving working conditions

_The employer's refusal to pay the wage or the delay in paying it.

_Encourage the employer to raise the wages.

_Loss of job security or continuation of unequal work relationships.

When looking at these reasons, we find that the striker is claiming rights that the employer has not fulfilled. The latter is the real reason for the strike, and the material damage and losses that the worker suffers due to his obligations and the damage caused to him because of his circumstances.

Some believe that the strike is a means of expressing an opinion, as the worker uses this method to make his voice heard to his employers or to the guardian, when work conditions so require, and when he finds no one to listen to him or when he is unable to make his voice heard in other known ways. on her .

Others believe that the strike is a manifestation of protest against what the worker deems appropriate in terms of working conditions, or a protest against an injustice that occurred to him during this work.

And we see that the matter is the same, when the strike is a means of expressing an opinion or a manifestation of protest, the goal is the same, which is to announce the workers’ dissatisfaction with a matter related to their work, whether it is in wages, working hours, or anything else.

There are effects of the strike on many things:

The economic effects of the strike: When workers go on strike, the employee is likely to lose his job, and therefore he will not have income, and it is possible that he will not be given his salary because he did not do any work, which in turn leads to delays in customer service and loss of production time In the end, the business owner starts losing money .

Effects on the work environment of the strike: In many cases, the strike is friendly, but taking into account the feelings of hostility that resulted from the strike, it may greatly affect social relations in the work environment, in addition to the great damage to productivity, profit and teamwork.

Effects of the strike on the employer: The rate of labor production is affected by the strike. Therefore, employers must know their rights and labor legislation in these cases, and it is possible for the company to hire alternative workers and increase shifts if the strike continues for a long time.

Effects of the strike on the employees: The striking employees who belong to a particular union are obliged to strike when the prosecution decides to do so. Their wages and depriving them of many job privileges such as medical insurance, vacations, and others.

Effects of the strike on customers: The relationship between the business owner and customers is based on trust and loyalty, and the business owner is expected to obtain customer satisfaction and provide services to them. Consequently, customers will look for other sources to fulfill their needs and demands, and in many cases, customers stand in solidarity with the striking workers and provide them with support.

So, in the end, we must control the strike and reduce the damage resulting from it, but how?? Employees must allow the company to work to avoid closure, which in turn could lead to employees losing their jobs. Employers must also seek the services of a reputable labor broker who can provide alternative employment during the strike period, while ensuring that all parties act in a professional and civil manner towards each other.

Finally, it is never desirable to let the strike continue for a long time, because of its negative effects on the various parties, and for the worker to obtain all his rights so that he does not have to strike again.

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  • It is not necessary because we have a government that we can speak to if there's any problems. Also, some jobs don't necessarily need to strike, compared to others, it's quite a lot of money.

  • It is really necessary that we meet all the requirements of a worthy employee however
    There are other ways instead of striking, because the strike negatively affects the way of life and the high rate of unemployment. This is really not necessary if the place where you work did not fulfill your desires. Try to set up a meeting with the employees, the manager, and tell the problem. Develop logical solutions that can put a solution to the pressures.

  • Good question are strikes necessary for workers to be heard well the answer is indefinite you see they are various reasons and situations that are present that will make workers strike or not and when employers are not fulfilling their roles and obligations as employers the workers are now unhappy and annoyed and with that state of mind we now see profits and productivity declining for the business and when they try dialogue in order to bargain with their employers about their concerns and problems they face while working in the organization and that also fails of course they fall on strikes as the last legal platform on which they can voice and bargain with their employers about their concerns but let's be real and actually ask ourselves this question if the employers are responsible, open minded and know their roles as employers and fulfill it will there actually be any case of strikes? and the obvious answer is NO. You see people term workers that strike as being greedy and unreasonable but the fact that everyone is avoiding is that the employers most of the time are to blame or question as they are expected to give their workers fair pay and create conducive working conditions and environment for them but when they fail to give such and the workers try to convince them to and they do not of course they should they are not animals neither are they slaves they are human beings with needs that also need to be met and they won't be able to if their employers are being foolish.
    So, in essence all I am trying to say is that whether or not it is necessary to strike lies on the decisions and actions the employers take and decide as if they good ones they won't be any need to strike but in case of vice versa of course they should!!