Our strike is neither a solution nor an answer; rather it is a warning

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Strike: The most exciting and complex topic in this festival for me, because I had not heard much about it, and we used to strike, but without knowing what we mean. Strike at this festival developed my skills, as I learned about the blindness of the strike, its causes, results, and solutions..Indeed, my colleague and I, who was in the same competition, devoted themselves to telling and explaining This topic is on our school radio..because most of the students are ignorant of the meaning of the strike...and we are happy to convey this topic in the name of all of you, dear scholars❤...

But the strike is not good, as its negatives are more than its positives, so it is not permissible to strike always, because a strike will not succeed every time the employees want the government to fulfill all their desires.... The government must provide everything from the beginning for its employees so that a strike does not take place, as mastery from the beginning does not lead to To trouble....

This remains my opinion.


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  • I agree with you because strike should not be the only solution to get better working conditions because in most cases, the demands are not met. For example ASUU are consistently going on strike without achieving their goals till date no permanent solution has been reached.
    I will suggest using alternative methods like protest, dialogue etc

    1. I'm not sure about this because...You said that it is not the best solution, but it is possible to protest and dialogue...
      Why do workers strike?
      Because the government does not listen to their demands without taking any action from the workers...
      The employees used dialogue, but the government only listened to them when they went on strike.
      Moreover, a protest is somewhat similar to a strike or more serious, for example... People do some demonstrations during a protest, which may cause accidents such as/
      - fabricating problems.
      Someone may be imprisoned
      Someone might get killed
      I believe that a strike is safer for the workers, but on the other hand, it is dangerous for the people and country and their products...
      Are there other ways besides the ones you mentioned?