People should be able to go on strike.

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Strikes, what are they? Well, strikes are when workers boycott their work, usually for better working conditions and wages. Some prominent examples of strikes are the Writer’s Guild, all writers in film and TV in America, and the truck strike in Canada. A big reason people go on strike is to get better working conditions in the workplace. The Writer’s Guild has gone on strike two times in the past twenty years. One big reason for these strikes was to change the way writers get paid. The main reason writers in films is that they write the script and get paid for the script. This is a problem because the writers can not make any edits to the script when filming has started. This makes movies overall worse because the directors and writers could see a line differently in their heads. For example, if someone was jumping out of a big red car. The writers could have a different way of seeing the car than the director sees the car. So, the writers went on strikes to get paid more, and so they can be on set while filming. This will overall improve movie quality, it will also make the higher-ups people in the film industry more money. I think people should have the right to go on strike. All people should be paid well and have good working conditions, if they think they don’t have that they should be able to protest. In my opinion, strikes are a form of protest against corrupt higher-ups in businesses and government. People have tried to ask nicely, but that doesn’t work. One of the only ways they can make a change is to go on strike. Strikes in my opinion are a great way to get things changed in a job environment, they force people to make a change if they want their workers to well work. Strikes should not strike fear in people, people should stand with the people that go on strike to get their terms meet.

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  • Hello everyone .
    I am not really sure whether I am for or against the strike.
    Where I am with strikes in the event that the employers are wrong and did not give the workers their rights, here I am with the strike.
    While in some cases employees may be unreasonable when they come to claim their rights but they are not responsible at all in performing their duty.
    (students, professionals and unskilled workers all) In this case I am against strikes.
    But I would like to tell them that a person should be aware of his rights as he is aware of his duties.
    As for the loyal workers, I would like to tell them what John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what the state can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.”
    I am not against them because they demanded their rights, but we must learn to act responsibly for the common good of the nation and the common good of the country.

  • Sometimes, going on strike is the only way for workers to improve their situation. It's important for people to be able to go on strike when they don't have good working conditions when they want more money, or when they are not being treated fairly.
    Going on strike means that workers stop doing their jobs until their demands are met. This can be a powerful way to get the attention of their bosses and show that they are serious about making changes.
    It's important to listen to workers' opinions and try to understand their concerns. When workers feel like they are being heard and their needs are being addressed, they are more likely to be happy and productive.
    In summary, strikes can be an important tool for workers to improve their conditions and be treated fairly. It's important for everyone to listen to workers' opinions and work together to find solutions that work for everyone.