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The expert that I learned the most from was Clover Hogan. She taught me that even small things... Competition #6 Expert learning 19/5/23
I disagree with you because, the reason people go on strike is to make a change. Most people... Which situation is best? 15/5/23
I think nepotism starts at step 10. This is where I think Ema starts using her privilege from... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I don't think strikes that don't cause difficulties will be effective. A main reason strikes... Can everyone strike? 08/5/23
I think everyone should be able to strike because it will in the long run benefit everyone. I... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
I think "Metaverse: a new realm to rule?" topic and the "Earth day: tougher climate laws?"... Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
One of the biggest things that has affected the U.S with climate change is wildfires. Some of... Climate change in your country 21/4/23
I think things that can help a doctor practice surgeries and other medical tests without having... Metaverse poll results! 20/4/23
I mostly agree with you that the metaverse can be used for STEM learning and other technology... Metaverse poll results! 20/4/23
I joined a discussion in "The metaverse: marvellous or madness?" topic and I saw a comment by... Competition #2 Global discussions 18/4/23
I think that the metaverse isn't that serious. I have been interested in technology for all my... Metaverse poll results! 14/4/23