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  • On my opinion, strikes should be allowed but controlled. Reason because it is the worker's right to strike if they are maltreated at there work places, but that does not give them the levity to organize strikes as they please or for a minor mishap, which might lead to the disruption in the flow of the economy. That is why the use of strikes should be only as a last resort.

  • I believe strikes should be allowed but should be restricted. It is a right for workers to strike but it is also considered as selfish when he masses are left unattended to. In some states it is illegal for public school teachers and medical workers to strike, in others it isn't. It should be a last resort and only used when the employer refuses to negotiate. Removing strike action for emergency workers is not right, if they can not strike then how do they stop governments from repeatedly eroding their working conditions. Firefighters, Nurses, Police are paid abismisley low wages for the work they do. If the government won't listen, strike can cause disruption, forcing them to listen.
    Though in situations whereby public safety is threatened, strikes should be banned. Worker's money and proper working conditions are important but when the safety of the masses are threatened, strikes should be banned. In my opinion, It is not strike that should be banned but the misuse of this right for irrelevant issues as well as for any petty grievance.

    1. I agree strikes should be restricted because some people take advantage of their employers and claim to go for strike every time They use strike as an excuse for not going to work and this is not good.Workers should be allowed to strike but not all workers, people who serve as emergency workers should not be allowed to strike because their decision to strike has a lot of negative impact on us.

  • Strikes are a way for workers to protest against their employers when they feel that their rights are being violated or that they are not being treated fairly. Strikes are legal in many countries, including the United States, but there are often rules and regulations that strikers must follow.

    Some people believe that strikes should be allowed because they give workers a voice and help to balance power between workers and employers. Others think that strikes should be banned because they disrupt business and can hurt the economy.

    whether strikes should be allowed or banned is a complex issue with pros and cons on both sides. It's important to consider both perspectives before forming an opinion.

    1. I agree because you first point lots of people might not be comfortable with the people they are working with.

  • I think strike’s should be allowed because it is a chance to speak out to the public and government that the conditions or money that the get are not happy with it they should think about it and my Thursday and Friday teacher miss Dixon talks about the teacher strikes all the time and she said something about that caught me and she said “teachers work from about 7 or 8 till 6 to 7 at night and the amount of money we earn is barely any money and on our paper is says that they have been working for 6 hours etc and they give us how much you would earn in 6
    hours when we have been working for half a day” so that’s why I think strikes should be allowed♥️

    1. It's great to hear your discussions in class are relating to real-life experiences!

    2. I agree because in my countries, teachers are under rated to the bearest minimum. A teacher who works in a government school can be considered as poor because sometimes the government skip some months of pay and due to the imcompetence of the government even strikes are not considered as something that requires attention and thereby the teachers are left with no other option but to leave the teaching industry to get other well paying jobs. This causes enemployment in the country. For this reason, the masses should be actively participating in strikes that seem ineffective. When the masses join hands to help the workers, the workers get encouragement knowing fully well that there is hope for them.

    3. I completely understand your perspective and agree that strikes can be a powerful tool for workers to voice their concerns about their working conditions and pay. In fact, throughout history, there have been many successful strikes that have brought about positive changes for workers.

      For example, the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike in 1936-1937 led to the creation of the first union for automobile workers and improved working conditions. In addition, the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike in 1968 brought attention to the low wages and dangerous working conditions faced by sanitation workers, ultimately resulting in higher wages and better benefits.
      Strikes can be an effective way to get the attention of those in power and demand change.

    4. I agree because... strikes should not be banned but rather controlled. Not every workers shouldn't have the right to go on strike. You see in my country there is a university called Kaduna state university and their strikes are caused by ASSU and it always happens in government universities. Strikes has been going on for a long time and also affects our working industries, universities, hospitals and schools. What causes strikes? well strikes are mostly caused by the following:
      *Low wages
      *Political issues
      *Unfair labor practices
      *Poor working hours and so on
      so all the things that I have mentioned are the causes of strike, and I believe that if we try our best to fix these issues we just might be able to control strikes.

    5. I agree because... strikes help workers get better pay and working conditions. Sometimes when workers ask politely for better things but nothing happens, they go on strike to make their voices heard. It is important to remember that strikes can sometimes cause problems. They can make it difficult for organizations to run smoothly and inconvenience people.
      In my country teachers are the least paid in both public and private sectors that is why teachers are consistently going on strike in the public sector. The last strike teachers went on under the national union of teachers (TUC) was in the year 2018 where they demanded for salary raise, better working hours and good infrastructure. This action made school days to be lost as a result the government listened to their demand and the strike was called off.
      Though their aim was achieved but there was also a negative impact. This is why strikes should only be used when nothing else works.
      I agree that strikes should be a way to ask for better pay and working conditions when other methods don't work but It is important to use strike responsibly and as the last resort.

      1. Thank you for all of your lovely replies

  • I think strikes should be allowed as people deserve their say and workers deserve better pay.
    Additionally, people should be allowed to strike for better working conditions for the workers and costumers.
    For example:train strikes are happening mostly for money to upgrade conditions for the workers and passengers.

    1. Do you think strikes can go too far?

      1. strikes can go too far when they become violent, disruptive, and harmful to innocent parties. For example, if a transportation strike prevents people from accessing essential services like medical care, education, or emergency response, it can cause serious harm to the public.

        Therefore, while strikes are an important way for workers to advocate for their rights and needs, they should be conducted with respect for the law and the well-being of others. Peaceful protests and negotiation with employers can also be powerful tools for achieving change without disrupting the lives of others.

        1. The right to strike is a fundamental right enshrined in international human rights and labour law. Do you think that protecting that right must come above the possibility of potential public harm, in order to ensure a just, stable and democratic society?

          1. Hello! Great question!

            The right to strike is indeed a fundamental human right enshrined in international law. It is important because it allows workers to negotiate with their employers for better working conditions, fair wages, and benefits. However, protecting this right must also consider the potential public harm that may arise from strikes.

            For example, imagine if all the teachers in your school went on strike because they wanted higher salaries. As a result, the students would not be able to attend classes, and their education would be negatively affected. This kind of public harm can have long-term consequences on both students and society.

            In such cases, it is essential that the right to strike is balanced with the need to ensure a just, stable, and democratic society. This means that while workers have the right to strike, they should also ensure that the strike does not cause harm to the public and disrupt critical services like healthcare or transportation, or endanger people's safety.

            In summary, protecting the right to strike is essential for ensuring that workers' rights are respected. However, it is equally important to balance it with the need to maintain public safety and order.

            1. Hello! Thank you for your insightful response to the question.

              You've touched on an important aspect of the right to strike—the balance between protecting workers' rights and considering the potential public harm that can arise from strikes. While the right to strike empowers workers to negotiate for better conditions, wages, and benefits, it is crucial to ensure that the exercise of this right does not unduly harm the general public.

              Your example of teachers going on strike and the resulting negative impact on students' education illustrates the potential consequences of strikes on public services. In situations where critical services like healthcare, transportation, or public safety are at stake, finding a balance becomes even more vital.

              Respecting the right to strike while also considering public safety and the overall well-being of society is a delicate challenge. It often involves striking a balance through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration to find resolutions that meet the needs of both workers and the public. This ensures that the right to strike is exercised responsibly and does not cause excessive harm or disruptions.

              In conclusion, protecting the right to strike is crucial for upholding workers' rights, but it must be approached in a manner that respects public safety and minimizes potential harm to society.

              1. I agree because... In my country civil servants have been requesting for government to increase their salaries but their pleas have been ignored. In 2019, the national labour congress (NLC) and the trade union congress (TUC) along with civil servants organized a nation wide strike to demand an increase in the minimum wage. As result of the strike the government paid attention to their concerns and raised the minimum wage. This shows that strikes can be effective in achieving better working conditions.
                However it is important to note that strikes can also have some draw backs. They can disrupt the normal functioning of businesses and cause inconvenience to people who rely on certain services. Strikes should be used as the last resort when other methods of negotiation and communication have failed.
                I feel strike is important because it provides workers with the platform to voice their concerns and fight for better pay and working conditions.

      2. Yes strikes can go too far because you find that at times the other party has refuzed to respond to the people's or worker's conditions so they take it far in a way that they start destroying the person's property, they cause disturbance for example here in Uganda whenever there are strikes you find that the police force comes in to try to stop the strikes but they use force in a way that teargas is used and it will end up hurting even the innocent people and most people are shot to death. But let's not forget about how it will affect the school going children, You find that most schools will close down because of the strikes meaning the children won't be learning and the teachers will lack employment for some time. Some businesses end up being closed because of the strikes and when they are closed some people will lack another source of income meaning that person and his or her family might as well just sleep hungry. So yes strikes can go too far and may have very many negative impacts.

        But to prevent this people should use the proper ways of striking to give an example those in Kenya first gave their president a period of time(100days) to make sure that the price of goods should be reduced or else they would strke andwhen the 100days elapsed when he had done nothing that is when they decided to strike. Then also those that decide to strike they should do it ina plce where there is a large population because many iinnocent people may end up getting hurt. But all in all stikes should be allowed but with conditions or regulations to follow so that an area/country can still remain peaceful without any problems at all.

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  • I think that strikes should be allowed because workers who have unsatisfactory working conditions should be able to make themselves to be heard.
    For example:
    Most strikes are made because they think that their pay is too little for all the efforts they have made to the surprise of an organisation.

  • Everything in life has a bright side and a dark one. Likewise, strikes have a bright and a dark side, and they have positive and negative ones. One of its positive aspects is that through it a person can claim the right to pay wages and negotiate their contracts, and the workers do not stop working. Among its negative aspects is that it negatively affects academic achievement. Through it, he cannot follow the curriculum according to the study plan, and as a student, I demand an end to the strike policy.

  • I think that it is imperative that that people should be able to strike. I think that they should because the majority of people work. Different jobs bring different skill sets and essentials to live and for life to continue. For example, Doctors and nurses treat patients and give them things to help them get well again. Teachers make sure that the future generations have the knowledge and skills which they need to get jobs in the future. If they are unhappy with their working conditions or don't have the money that they need to live or even have families of their own, then I believe that they should definitely have the right to demand higher pay. I feel that strikes are a great way to do this if the problem gets too bad because it makes a big statement which people, including the government will surely notice, and puts them in the position where they must do something about the problem.

  • In my opinion strikes should be totally allowed for some set of worker and should be regulated for some. Workers like emergency workers should have regulated strikes while another minor workers should have the opportunity to strike when they are treated unfairly. When emergency workers go on strike, they live the people at their mercy and I don't think it is fair.
    I think the principle of collective bargaining can be applied to reduce the rate at which workers strike.. It is defined it as the process whereby the working conditions and employment terms are negotiated between an employer or a group of employers on one side, and one or more representatives of unions on the other hand. In other to justify the reason why emergency workers should have regulated strike, the government should have a special budget for their welfare throughout the year.
    I also think constant flow of information between the employers and the employees can reduce the rate at which workers strike. This is yet another important fact that every business owner regardless of the nature of their business should keep in mind. There should be a constant flow of information between the employee and the management, which will not only improve the operations of the company but it will also help the management to notify the employees regarding any important business information and vice-versa. It will also help workers to understand the situation that the organization is in and reason it out with them.
    I think this last point can be of good advice for the employers...
    Employers must take seriously the feelings of employees as the possibility to eliminate a strike depends on it. If there are already some irritations or labor disputes in your company, you do not want to create an illusion of interest – it will only make things worse.
    Prepare a list of changes your workers expect from you, examine it, and deal with the primary ones right away. Next, you can prepare your response to the demands and discuss them with your employees to find a solution that will satisfy everyone. The aim is not to do anything employees come up with but start a conversation that will only affect your company in a good way.