Is AI a curse or a blessing?

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Today I am going to discuss a very important topic AI or Artifical intelligence. As we all know, AI is the most talked about topic in the world today. Al refers to the ability of machines to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks that typically require human cognition,such as visual perception,speech recognition, decision-making and problem-solving.There are different types of AI like reactive machine, theoretical mind, self aware AI.the future of ai is exciting,with continued advancements in technology and increasing adoption across various industries.


AI has both good and bad sides. Let's talk about the good side first. Artificial intelligence has become a constant companion of our daily life. At present, Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in almost all fields. There are many jobs that artificial intelligence can do much better than humans. Like bookkeeping, manufacturing etc. Apart from this there are various apps of artificial intelligence such as bird ai. Bird ai is a type of chatbot that is based on Google's dialog application. It will answer the questions of users while connected to the Internet.The benefits of ai are efficiency and productivity, personalization, customer service, innovation, safety and security.


From the good side of AI, let's move on to the bad side. The way AI is playing a gravitas in all areas is creating fear in people's minds. People think that if you don't get a good job after studying so much, what will happen? Many people have already lost their jobs. Experts estimate that 30 crore people will lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence in the future. More to think about, what happens when robots begin to develop feelings? Meanwhile, in Asia, Microsoft has developed a program that can express human emotions called Shawies.


As with everything there are pros and cons, artificial intelligence also has pros and cons. I think artificial intelligence is a threat to the human race because of the way it is bringing everything to its own. And I also think that artificial intelligence is a blessing to the human race because there are tasks that artificial intelligence can complete faster and more accurately than humans. So it can be said that artificial intelligences a confusing subject.

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  • I think that AI is a curse and a blessing at the same time, it has both good sides and bad sides, for example one of the bad sides is that AI can go against humans. A good side is that AI can help people in many different ways. I don't really have an exact thing to say about them but I don't think that they are a good idea. At this exact moment a lot of people use them, especially students. Most students use it to do their homework. For example in the UK most schools use Sparx Math. Those websites are operated by an AI.

  • Hi there I'm dedicated strategy and I think AI is a curse because its trying to take people's places in jobs like teaching but even though AI could replace humans in jobs like the army's because ai can't get hurt but humans do it'll be better if Ai replace humans with such jobs and not by teaching
    Teachers can interact with students better because they also have emotions they can feel the problems or pain we are facing so Ai should replace jobs that are highly risky

    Thank you