The power of AI

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The subject of AI provokes controversy; whether AI causes a positive or negative impact in our world is always in the news. AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is computer systems capable of performing complex tasks that historically only a human could do, such as reasoning, making decisions, or solving problems. Only recently, people had been investigating how AI could, perhaps, change the work of the future. AI has been mainly used for jobs, but, however, the flawless abilities of computers have led to job losses in various fields.

From my perspective, I believe AI contributes massively to our technology today and the aftermath of not having them will lose us a lot of opportunities. There are lots of things about AI that I think are valuable. AI helps us with information about anything, entertainment and best of all it’s efficient. There are some people, people who are stuck in the past, people who themselves cannot adapt to change, who will say people coped perfectly well before AI had flourished. To such people I say that things are invented to be used. For example, before phones were invented, people had to write letters to contact others from far distances. Now after phones are innovated, do we still post mails to our relatives? So now AI is invented, why don't we just embrace the new modern technology to give us a more simple life?

Without technology, we wouldn't be able to have most of the clothing we have today: most companies use AI to help make their clothes and also the majority of the packaged food we have would have deescalated very quickly. Therefore, it's crucial for us to adapt to these changes and use AI to solve big problems like climate change and healthcare disparities. We need to make sure AI is used responsibly and that everyone can benefit from it. By working together, we can make sure AI helps everyone and makes the world a better place for everyone.

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  • The power of AI is very powerful because the AI its self can be able to take over the world. Without you realising as a person they wouldn't be able to because then they wouldn't be able to out smarten us unless they were the smartest person on earth and listened in school but that probably would never happen but the fact is do you think that AI is that powerful that they can even take over the world?