Standpoints by students of Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
caring_dove Hi everyone, I think that it would be amazingly fun to learn more about media and election more... Suggest a discussion 28/3/24
creative_tomato I think the lesson went amazingly as our class was in a very heated debate also we tried the... How did the lesson go? 28/3/24
allowing_acorn The power of AI is very powerful because the AI its self can be able to take over the world.... The power of AI 28/3/24
funny_fish I agree with serious melon, because AI can help you develop your learning.As an example of this,... AI in education 28/3/24
jolly_outcome It is not always the same because people have experienced it in many different ways. Some have... Eco Anxiety: Is it the same for everyone? 28/3/24
quickwitted_frog YES i believe that gender equality will solve poverty and all of these problems. Because... Can Gender Equality Solve Poverty? 28/3/24
daring_goat I agree with you because eventually this could become more life threatining then it already is. Eco-Anxiety 28/3/24
observant_plum I think AI is bad because it limits the possibilities of our future, it stops us doing the jobs... Ai in Education and Life: To be or Not to be? 28/3/24
daring_goat I think people should have the right to protest about eco-anxiety as long as it doesn't affect... Eco-Anxiety 28/3/24
loving_seed Hello caring_dove, I am in the same class and I truly agree with you.It was interesting and so... How did the lesson go? 28/3/24
pioneering_meerkat I think the first post system isn't fair because 60% of people didn't want party c. A better way... How does the Indian election work? 28/3/24
outstanding_petal I agree because I love my teacher and if there was an AI teaching me it wouldn't understand any... AI can not outdo the human teacher 28/3/24
forgiving_avocado i think haveing a companion is great due to them helping you it is like a teacher assisstent... AI companion 28/3/24
forgiving_avocado i think we should not make people go to prison insted we should send them on a island with 30... What if prisons aren’t working? 28/3/24
successful_market The age to vote should be 18 because if you were younger you wouldn't know what to do.If... Age restrictions 28/3/24
powerful_guitar I personally am not really agreeing with this because your just punishing them and its not... Are prisons actually working? 28/3/24
lucky_hummingbird I agree because it is characterized by feelings if helpness and despare but the future climate... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 28/3/24
funny_editor hello, I really appreciate all that I have learnt in my past months of using topical talk.It has... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
humorous_piano AI has made significant strides in various fields, including education, but it still faces... AI can not outdo the human teacher 28/3/24
humorous_piano Introducing AI into orphanages could potentially offer benefits such as personalized learning... AI In Orphanages 28/3/24