Standpoints by students of Boutcher CofE Primary School A | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Boutcher CofE Primary School A | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
awesome_speech I think PED's shouldn't be used as although it can increase your ability . you arent performing... The Enhanced Games - Both sides of the story 27/3/24
awesome_speech I think prisoners should have a right to good food education and welfare and probation as it can... How can prisons make prisoners better citizens? 27/3/24
shining_atmosphere I believe that this an outstanding piece of writing that deserves to be celebrated and maybe... My View On Woman In The Media 21/3/24
shining_atmosphere I think that these results are very accurate as i am sure a lot of people would be very curious... The future of AI: poll results! 19/3/24
awesome_speech I think stereotyping is something that happens a lot for instance women and men having certain... Stereotypes 18/3/24
blissful_hummingbird I agree with easygoing ladder because we never know what will happen next with AI also How should we deal with AI? 13/3/24
blissful_hummingbird We should have more International women’s day because technically everyday is international... the women in the media 13/3/24
jolly_dragonfly Option A is the right choice in my opinion. For starters, the environment is our responsibility... Businesses v the environment 08/3/24
blissful_hummingbird it would be a bad thing because what happens if people had to be AI now we would not recognise... AI bots on the Hub? 08/3/24
quiet_literature I think that reminding people about climate change is not enough as some people just ignore them... Why we need climate change reminders 08/3/24
blissful_hummingbird AI could be really bad for the planet for the planet and i think AI should not even be in this... AI and the planet 08/3/24
awesome_speech I think there should be a hub discussion if companies and organizations should be able to say... Suggest a discussion 07/3/24
jolly_dragonfly So the country I live in, the UK, has had some very infamous Prime Ministers who have ruled over... Your country in your hands! 07/3/24
blissful_hummingbird i agree with option C. because they are responsible of controlling the AI because if they... AI accident: who is responsible? 07/3/24
awesome_speech I think AI soon will have the reliability and power to change aspects of our world from... Will AI transform the emerging world? 06/3/24
selfreliant_maths I feel like they should increase the pay because these staff are offering their time protecting... Prison staff 05/3/24
blissful_hummingbird AI might be useful because they could actually do the work for you and in Tokoyo there is this... AI and the future of education 05/3/24
quiet_literature I think that Joe Biden's policies are fair because to many immagrants can cause a lot of trouble... Fair or unfair? 05/3/24
awesome_speech Perhaps if they were all taking the same drugs yet different ones could have different side... Should people know? 05/3/24
vivacious_engine I agree with Option A because it is up to everyone to save our climate crisis - even if it means... Businesses v the environment 05/3/24