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In business the main goal is money because a business that can't produce money is not a very good business to be in but some businesses aren't doing anything to help the environment and I'm writing this to show why they should take part in the care of the environment.

Some positives if businesses get involved in the environment is that if they increase their popularity and get more customers which helps to get to the main goal of money like coca-cola or most plastic bottle brands encourage recycling or trashing the wrappers after eating. another positive is that if the planet is not able to improve its going to be very hard to get natural materials that might be essential for making a product for example if you run a fish and chip business and the water is contaminated fish wouldn't be able to live and fish would be very scarce in that area and no fish means no business and to get fish from other countries would be very expensive.

Some negatives to this is that it might cost some money to change ingredients to make it more eco-friendly but what's a few hundred dollars when we are talking about saving our planet.

In my opinion no matter what, whether you are a lemonade stand or multi-million dollar corporation, you should always do our part to take care of the environment even if it’s the smallest deed to help our planet.

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  • I totally agreed with you. It's true that the main motive of business is making money but definitely not overlooking the future. A businessman plans the future of the business as well. But what's the point of making more money now if we are not able to ensure the future of the business? If we are not aware of the environment and take steps to protect it, then our business will also be greatly affected by it. So, I think that it is better to ensure the future of the business by investing a few hundred dollar more to make it eco-friendly. In addition, it's our very one's responsibility to protect the environment. All we need it to switch our lifestyle into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also, if the business is not careful about the environment, then from where will they collect their raw material? It clearly shows that no business will be successful and stay a long-time in the competition if they are not protective about the environment. As a customer, it is also our duty to protect our environment. So. we will buy product of those business more who is eco-friendly. If we are not aware of the environment now, then it will be too late to take any measure. If all the people together work to protect the environment only then our future generations will have a fresh and green world.