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  • Hi my opinion isScience fiction books and movies feature machines that are more intelligent than humans. These genius robots and computers can be either a blessing or a curse, but what powers them is artificial intelligence.

    Artificial Intelligence is part of reality now, and we already use it in our daily lives. Large companies also benefit greatly from it.

    What about small businesses? Does AI play a role in your company? Can your small business benefit from it?

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Small Businesses
    What is artificial intelligence?
    Artificial intelligence needs machine learning when it comes to processing information without the help of a human worker, as it can then sort the information, and this is the result of integrating machine learning into artificial intelligence.

    What is machine learning?
    Machine learning means the process of teaching a machine how to deal with some types of data. This process is considered simple, but it may become complex when more information is added.

    How can I benefit from artificial intelligence to improve my small business?
    Imagine that you own a flower shop, and that you have a website for the shop. If a customer searches for your website with words like, “red flowers,” you can teach your website how to respond to that search. You can train it to show the customer roses, tulips, and gerberas.

    What if the search is during the holidays? For example, November or December. You can also show the customer a Christmas star plant, a Christmas cactus, and a Christmas lily by marking your website to show the customer that you make custom Christmas wreaths.

    The machine can't do any of that until you program it with the appropriate information. The machine thinks differently, responding to statements like “if” and “if not.”

    How does artificial intelligence think?
    AI programs “think” this way:

    If the client is looking for red flowers, you can show him roses, tulips and gerberas. And if he's looking in December or November, show him holiday options. If he is not looking at these times, show him other types of flowers.

    More complex AI operations involve a huge number of “if” and “if not” calculations. If you ask a GPS device to tell you the quickest route to a location, it will quickly look at many data sources. If you take the main street, will you encounter traffic, difficult road conditions, or weather-related delays?

    The GPS system will ask other AI systems, such as government transportation databases and weather information sources, what they know. These sites will also respond based on the “if then” and “if not” information you have provided.

    These artificial intelligence systems feature cameras that show the speed of traffic on the main street.