How can businesses help to stop climate change?

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  • In my opinion, as the protectors of this planet, it is our responsible to care for our home, earth and that even includes businesses. Most businesses produce tons of pollution across the planet, causing water pollution , deforestation, illegal mining, burning opening, dumping trash on the streets etc. Businesses must find effective to help stop climate change. Businesses should using eco-friendly equipment, for instance, when an employee uses bottles reusable bottles like theremoflask or alkaline bottles. Businesses should use natural resources like sun ☀, water 💦 and wind 🍃 to power these businesses this can help reduce carbon footprints. Businesses should fund money into projects that can help regrow forests and help recycle plastic and reuse them. Businesses can also sponsor in adverts that help show people that caring for the planet is worth everyone's time. Businesses should create more electric vehicles and it is that people around should rather walk and ride bicycles more often.
    In my opinion businesses are responsible for the care of the planet because it is everyone's home and prepare a better place for the next generations .

    1. How important is government regulation in your opinion, i.e. nudging businesses toward sustainable practice?

  • I think businesses can help to stop climate change by encouraging their customers to do so, and making their products more eco-friendly. We should all help to stop climate change, however, businesses, and especially the bigger and more popular ones should play one of the biggest parts in stopping climate change because the more they advertise it the more people will want to help the planet and wildlife. Big businesses have some of the most influence on society, so they should be an example to their customers, and everyone else might follow behind. If more people are influenced to stop climate change, there will be more good news about it, and eco-anxiety might start to go down.