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Comments by students of Thurgood Marshall Elementary School | United States of America

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steady_studio I agree that eco-anxiety is a big issue and needs to be discussed more often. Eco-anxiety is a... Eco-anxiety how it affects us and our wellbeing 28/3/24
steady_studio I think businesses can help to stop climate change by encouraging their customers to do so, and... How can businesses help to stop climate change? 28/3/24
steady_studio Hello Topical Talkers, I do not think making more prisons will help with this issue. I think... Are prisons actually working? 28/3/24
steady_studio I think AI will be both good and bad because it has its pros and cons. Some of its pros are that... Because of Ai, will the world turn good, bad or good and bad. 28/3/24
steady_studio I do not think AI will completely replace schools in the future, however, AI will continue to... Will AI replace schools in the future? 26/3/24
steady_studio I do believe that agriculture can help to resolve climate change, however, climate change has... Is agriculture a potential solution to climate change? 26/3/24
steady_studio Everyone does deserve a second chance in life, so I do agree with this standpoint, however, I... How can prisons make prisoners better citizens? 25/3/24
steady_studio I agree that the Enhanced Games should not be allowed, because it's technically not a legit... The Enhanced Games : are they fair? 25/3/24
steady_studio Hello Topical Talkers, I agree that people should start addressing eco-anxiety more often. I... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 24/3/24
steady_studio Climate change is currently a big issue around the world, and people should start being more... My standpoint for Eco-Anxiety. 24/3/24
steady_studio I do not think the Enhanced Games are fair because the athletes are using the effect of the drug... The Enhanced Games: are they fair? 22/3/24
steady_studio I agree with this standpoint, and steroids are very unhealthy. Steroids have long-term effects... The Enhanced Games - Both sides of the story 21/3/24
steady_studio I agree that steroids hide the real performance of the athlete. It's like wearing make- up,... STEROIDS: harmful or useful for athletes 21/3/24
steady_studio I think the systems can make the prisons better by treating everyone equally, keeping the cells... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 19/3/24
steady_studio Hello everyone, I believe that AI such as chat gpt will always have its pros and cons, and we... Chat gpt 19/3/24
steady_studio Hello Topical Talkers, I agree 100% with this statement. Climate change is becoming worse and... Do you want your kids to have a world tomorrow? 15/3/24
steady_studio Thank you, impartial desert for this reply. I also agree that all companies should put in effort... Profits or the planet? 15/3/24
upbeat_temperature Hello and I agree With A because The company made the robot so they should be responsible for... AI accident: who is responsible? 14/3/24
stupendous_snow I agree with (B) the most because if there is already a serious crime and mental, health, and... What if prisons aren’t working? 14/3/24
upbeat_climate I 100% agree with you chatty_knowledge because AI can't express their feelings and emotions,... AI bots on the Hub? 14/3/24