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enthusiastic_buffalo I agree with you. You're absolutely right! Climate change is a global issue, and everyone has a... Climate action Broadcast 28/3/24
reliable_lobster 😊 Thank you for sharing your opinion! I understand where you're coming from. While 🤖 artificial... Unemployment 28/3/24
reliable_lobster 👍I completely agree that businesses and politics should not mix. While both are incredibly... Business and politics 28/3/24
astounding_petal Your standpoint couldn't be further from the truth, diligent penguin. The essence of games being... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 27/3/24
astounding_petal Upon looking back at the festival from the very first week to the last, I've been motivated by... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
enthusiastic_buffalo Hi everyone, You all made great points. You can definitely agree that AI can be a powerful tool... AI: Education and the Future of Work 27/3/24
enthusiastic_buffalo Hi there, Henrietta, I think there are some ways that women can effectively protest against... Smashing those stereotypes 27/3/24
astounding_petal I disagree with your comment, although it is true that AI is a powerful tool. This powerful tool... Unemployment 27/3/24
zestful_artic_fox I'm not sure about your comment, in my opinion I strongly believe there is hope for the future.... Is there any hope for the future? 27/3/24
reliable_lobster Hey there! 👋 I want to share some thoughts on leadership 🤔. It can be a tricky role to take... Future leaders: poll results! 27/3/24
reliable_lobster Hey there! 😊 I understand that you have some concerns about the impact of AI on the job market.... Unemployment 27/3/24
approachable_wolverine Hello diligent_penguin Your perspective adds depth to the discussion surrounding this topic... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 27/3/24
approachable_wolverine Hello careful_trombone I deeply acknowledge the concerns raised about the well-organized and... India’s voting system 27/3/24
reliable_lobster Hi there! Thanks for your message about the importance of taking action to address climate... we are killing the earth 26/3/24
fiery_lute I agree because, AI doesn't have feelings to confirm the understanding of how a person feels... AI bots on the Hub? 26/3/24
reliable_lobster Hey there, I am excited to share my thoughts on how we can make sports competition more fair... Unfair advantage? 26/3/24
enthusiastic_buffalo Hi everyone. I don’t think performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in competitions... Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 26/3/24
enthusiastic_buffalo Hello, all. For a while now, the war in Ukraine has been making headlines. Even though it is... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 26/3/24
zestful_artic_fox Firstly, wonderful standpoint, In my opinion I strongly believe that trees can help a lot to... Is agriculture a potential solution to climate change? 26/3/24
fiery_lute I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "AI bots on Hub?", because it will make a... Suggest a discussion 26/3/24