Eco-Anxiety: How can different people help?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

  • Everybody in the world experiences eco-anxiety differently. Be it for location, ignorance, or personal problems, people who have witnessed climate change will be more anxious about climate change than people who haven’t. Some people who have experienced climate change may get scared for the future, or they might use it as encouragement ro stop climate change. However, people who have not experienced climate change first hand may be less concerned about climate change, and therefore not help.

  • Even if we are in different circumstances, everyone should still help climate change. It is most important now than ever to help stop climate change, as it is getting worse by the minute. According to data from the Pew Research Center in 2023, 54% of US citizens were concerned that climate change would negatively impact them. Moreover, the last ten years in the record have happened since 2005. Due to the increasing severity of climate change, many people have been focused on climate change and global warming. Many brilliant young people have shared their thoughts and opinions on climate change on the Topical Talk Festival, and I think that this is great to help younger people learn about climate change and its effects, specifically right now. If temperatures continue to rise, the chances of wildfires occurring will only increase, causing worse damage to the environment. An example of a wildfire would be the recent Canadian wildfires. These wildfires have burned 18.4 million hectares of land in Canada, destroying the habitat. Along with that, the fires have caused massive air pollution, causing the sky in New York to turn completely orange.

  • Due to eco-anxiety, many people have started to try to stay away from the news on climate change. Hearing the news may only stress them out even more, causing them to feel helpless about climate change. However, I believe that eco-anxious people should stay informed about what’s happening to Earth. In order to stop devastating natural disasters, such as heat waves, wildfires, flooding, and so on, we have to help stop climate change.

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