Eco-anxiety what are people worrying?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Worryingly, Eco –anxiety is occurring when people and especially children have extreme issues where they are anxious, fearful and petrified about the world and their future.

Because today in this world we are facing all the disruption that we have caused, such as global warming, rising sea levels and melting ice caps. These awful events are increasing rapidly. The planet is getting hotter and hotter and causing heat waves, droughts and extreme weather such as floods, which are demolishing people’s homes and even taking lives.

Some people think that eco-anxiety is unusual for the world but I think it is normal because nearly half the world has eco-anxiety at some point. Surprisingly, some people think that eco-anxiety is not normal and it is an overreaction because they are not used to it and have not experienced terrible things themselves. Others feel that global warming is just too scary to think about so they block it out.

In my opinion I think we should hang more posters to educate people about eco-anxiety and teach people how to calm down that have eco-anxiety. Also, I think we can spread more news on environmental issues so people can be more aware of the world because if that happens eco-anxiety would reduce and we can do little things to save the world such as using less gas houses and less cars or even less electricity all of those would be helpful for the people who have eco-anxiety and also the world would be a better place for us al

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  • People are worrying about Eco anxiety because the feel that it can bring to the breakdown of the earth and its ecosystem.But I think instead of worrying we should try to work on what we do to avoid worrying.

    1. Worrying doesn't really make a difference; after all, our actions show our faith and feelings. If we truly cherish our planet and are worried about eco-anxiety. Why is there just a little impact to stopping the effects of climate change? Why do people still litter and participate in activities that actively contribute to emitting green gases? People should be truly enlightened on the effects of our actions on our planet and ways to reduce these effects. More efforts, especially by governments, should be put into such activities such as sponsoring programs on eco-anxiety. People who go against these principles should be fined or punished into community service to reduce these effects. This way, they are learning, saving lives (including theirs) and putting what they've learned into practice.
      Be among the first to make a difference, be an example; protest, enlighten and act. Keep our planet green.
      Thank you.

  • People are worrying about what's going to happen to our planet in the future because of climate change and are scared they think the world will be in despair after years of it going on with no one helping to stop it and I think a way we can help people with eco-anxiety is by as a punishment we make people clean up our and earth and try to request other people to help clean out earth up by making more ads about it and putting up signs and posters everywhere so they can know out planet needs up

  • People are worried about the death of the people in a place like Antarctica to. Climate change is currently melting the glaciers and that will lead to the death of the people in Antarctica because if the glaciers melt then,
    Antarctica will melt than that will cause floods to those people that live close to there. And if Antarctica melts than the people all over the world will die due to the lack of water in the world because antarctica is the place that keeps the water supply of the world to keep going.
    To stop climate change and save the world and everyone we have to stop using firewood, bush burning, using fossil fuels, using fuel, diesel, and petrol to power our cars.
    We need to start using solar cars, electric stoves, using the physical method of agriculture to weed our farms and so much more.