Eco-anxiety, will it affect are future?

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Today I will be looking at eco-anxiety and the impact it could have on the future. Eco-anxiety is the feeling you have when you are worried or concerned about the health of the environment, and the consequences from human actions.

Already we can notice the effects, for example droughts, floods, or wildfires. Another would be that the ten warmest years on record have all taken place since 2005. These natural disasters will occur more frequently, and in more places if we don't act soon, and in some places eco-anxiety is surprisingly being discouraged, as it is making people worried and scared. Even if now countries like Britian may not be experiencing the effect as much as others, this could possibly change if we let this eco-disaster slide. This problem could result in people dying, plates bare and entire ecosystems collapsing until are world will be utterly unrecognisable. And in my opinion, eco-anxiety will let us acknowledge the problem blocking are way, and help us slowly find a solution.

Although it is mostly bigger influences like burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests and farming livestock that are causing climate change, little things like your use of power, how you move around and how much you throw away also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The environment is no small problem, and about 40 countries have declared a state of emergency, so this needs to be sorted out now or we might not have a healthy world to live in.

Despite the fact that it's not everybody's fault, I still think it's everyone's responsibility to help out, even if it's as simple as turning off the lights or recycling useful objects. In conclusion, the future is depending on us to do all we can to save are delicate ecosystem, and we can't expect the younger generation to carry this huge burden by themselves, especially without the help of eco-anxiety to guide the way.

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  • I think eco anxiety will affect the future if we don't do anything about it and it is even worse for children because they will grow up I'm still have to live with it while grown-ups now will eventually get old and die. But I think we can still make a change maybe just by using cars ,less or picking up rubbish ,or even just talking about eco anxiety with your friend.

    1. thanks so much for replying! that is a very good comment by the way, and i totally agree with you! I think you put it in perfect words!

  • was so moving, it breaks my heart to see the earth like this. Your comment has really shown me what people must do.

  • I believe that eco anxiety will affect the future because there are many people who isolate themselves in their homes or to do any improvement. Although there are people who try, there's also harm by not doing anything. A contribution makes a difference just the same as not doing anything to improve. Its never too late to try and doing something. It does not cost you a lot to recycle, preventing pollution by changing your mode of transportation, and using less chemicals a day. If people still do this, it increases the chance of eco anxiety hurting us. Let's help this environment together!