My standpoint for Eco-Anxiety.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The topic I am most interested in is Eco-anxiety and how it can affect our planet in a massive way. I also learned how to reverse climate change by doing small actions that can make a big change. Although climate change can be fixed, it can cause depression and it can affect your mental health. This can make people give up on saving the planet.

Some people might think that climate change doesn’t matter but it has a massive impact on our planet. Many animals are close to going extinct (some are already extinct due to Climate Change) and the weather is getting hotter slowly over time. They might think that climate change is pointless and it’s too late to do something about it so they might give up trying. This could also bring other people down which means there could be less chance that climate change will be fixed. Other people might think that climate change is really important and that people shouldn’t give up so there can be results that can save the planet.

In my opinion, I think that climate change is something to be worried about. It is slowly destroying our planet and we have to do something about it before it gets worse. If everyone works together to reverse these problems then our planet will be a safer place and less animals will die. Spreading awareness can help. If people are more aware of what's happening they can try to change the mistakes that they have made and think before their actions.

In conclusion, people should take care of the planet more carefully and be wary of people's choices and their own choices too before it gets worse.

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  • Switch on the TV or read a newspaper it is full of bad news about the environment. Climate change is a huge problem in today's world and the fact that it is affecting our youth and our present generation is very upsetting. The constant changes in our environment are not only affecting the planet, but also affecting human mental health. Mental health is a very important and critical thing for us all to consider. Eco-anxiety is not something we should joke about, it is a serious issue and I feel like it is not too late for you today to take a step forward and start paying attention to terms like eco anxiety and start taking action to address issues surrounding self-anxiety echo anxiety may seem Like a small thing right now, but if we don't focus on it, we won't have time to change and free ourselves from all these distractions . That's why I think it's important for all of us to work collectively to save ourselves in the planet we live in because it is our home.

    1. Dear fantastic_song,
      I must agree with your statement, that action taking immediately is more than necessary. What strikes my eye when reading mindful_cheeta’s standpoint and your comment, is that we always demand for people to act, but don’t give concrete examples. I want to point this out, because I also notice this in the news. Anxiety is spread, but no solution is given. If we all were to participate and aim to produce less waste, I believe the world would be a better place. Only the US wastes 60 million tons of food, every year. If each and every household would eat their leftovers, buy local foods, this number could be reduced by a significant amount and we wouldn’t waste our resources as much. The same thing goes for clothes, plastic bottles, energy etc. Therefore I am convinced, that more people, including the government should share their knowledge on how to be less wasteful. Then everybody would have access to that knowledge and the possibility to actively steer against climate change and do their part.

  • Climate change is currently a big issue around the world, and people should start being more careful with what they use, because of things such as air pollution. There is currently a lot of air pollution near me, and that adds a lot to climate change. However, no matter how bad things may seem, we should not give up trying to make things better and trying to reverse the effects of climate change. It is very important that we take good care of the planet so that we can all enjoy fresh air and good weather. It is never too late to start making changes and care more about our environment.

  • Eco anxiety is something that is really widespread. Statistics show that three quarters of young people are reporting worry about climate change which leads to mental health issues, especially in adolescence. And because of the fact that younger generations are most affeced by climate change, it is super important to talk about eco anxiety.

    Professor Doctor Sara Schwartz, a therapist, acknowledges that being worried is legitimate and that climate change is an issue. Climate changes are clearly visible through forest fires, heat waves and hurricanes as well as many animal species are becoming extinct. The expert also says that eco anxiety is an appropriate response to those real threats because they will have a huge impact in the future.
    Another point why people are justifiably worried about climate changes is that infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases such as allergies are increasing. And this means that the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases can also increase significantly.

    But still there are many people who deny climate changes, especially Donald Trump who describes those issues as a "money making industry". I don`t think that this is the best way to face climatic problems or to connect with people dealing with eco anxiety.

    For me personally, denying a problem is not equal to solving it, so I think that everyone can be part of saving the environment, for example by taking the bike instead of the car or trying to produce less plastic. If we all do our best to protect the environment I don`t think that being anxious is necessary.

  • I personally agree with the first paragraph in this standpoint. As you said "Although climate change can be fixed, it can cause depression and it can affect your mental health". The important word in this sentence "Eco-Anxiety can affect your mental health". You were true when you said that. I think that if we want to solve this massive problem, we must make people aware from this problem and we must suggest some solutions for this problem. For example, we must support people to use eco-friendly materials. I finally have to say that every problem has a solution and if we support people to solve this problem, this problem will be solved easily.