Our mess to clean up

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  • I agree with you because many people are polluting the air because when we burn 🔥 things like bottles and so on we polute the air and it can break the ozone layer and when we break it we will be in great danger and when it happens people will now start saying we are doomed so it better late than never.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • I think so too, this is clearly our mess to clean up because in the first place it was us who made it. I think that this mess was created due to the thinking that our small actions wouldn't lead to big outcomes. We might think that "just using one plastic straw wouldn't do much" but the other 8 billion people might have also thought the same, so now there are millions of plastic straws polluting the ocean. Now, when it's time to clean this mess, I believe we shouldn't be thinking like this. We should understand the big outcomes of our small actions, and do our part to save the planet. If the other 8 billion people would also start thinking that their small actions will help save the planet, we could clean this mess quickly with united efforts.