Should we do anything about Eco-anxiety?

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Eco-anxiety is a topic on most peoples mind. Like me, you've problem noticed the massive reports of rising temperatures and extreme weather, so, should we do anything about Eco-anxiety? The number of young people trying passionatly advocating for climate action has increased worldwide over the years, also, many people have started to succumb to despair for oursevles and children's future. This shows that Eco-anxiety has different effects on different people.

Due to Eco-anxiety having different effects on different people, this makes Eco-Anxiety a massive problem. Some citizens like young people, try to make the world better and stop climate change, on the other hand, others like adults suffer with eco-anxiety and make them fear for theirs and their children's future. its easy to feel worthless when your at home but many believe even the slightest things help Eco-anxiety, the school education system also teaches young children of the many ways to reduce climate change and help people with Eco-anxiety. Although many believe we can do stuff about climate change and Eco-anxiety, others believe there's no point, the reason why people believe this is because if climate change has been here for years, why worry and panic so much now? Now many disagree with this arguement but theres a lot to say about why we shouldn't really do anything. People say that the things we do aren't really helping the climate, even though we try, people will always have Eco-anxiety, maybe not forever, but for a long amount of time. People like adults agree with this side of the agruement due to the government not doing enough about the plastic polution, floods, dramatic weather changes and many more. Though many say its humanites fault that we have eco-anxiety, others believe its the governments fault. So, should we do anything about Eco-anxiety?

In conlusion, you might still want to do something about climate change but it will always be here no matter what we do unless big changes begin now with united countries working together, but eco-anxiety will stay as long as climate change is here.

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  • Hello kind_music, your standpoint is really informative, and it inspired me to give my thoughts and opinions.
    Eco-anxiety has emerged as a widespread concern affecting individuals around the world, with different impacts relying on age and perspective. However, many young individuals fervently advocate for climate action, while others, specifically adults, struggle with despair over the future. This discrepancy emphasizes the intricate nature of the topic 'Eco-anxiety', showcasing a significant obstacle. Actions to address Eco-anxiety consists of programmes such as school education programs to strengthen youths and individual efforts to alleviate climate change. However, scepticism exists concerning the efficiency of these endeavours, with some people questioning the line of action amongst persistent environmental challenges. Even though we humans may possess differing viewpoints, the necessity for collaborative global action to fight climate change remains profound. Simultaneously, the ongoing tenacity of Eco-anxiety implies that it will continue as long as climate change persists, this signifies the need for creative strategies to address environmental problems.