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smart_goji I have always wondered why topics like ‘Pretty Privilege’ only ever involve women. Women who... Women online - more than just a pretty face 28/3/24
distinguished_morning I agree with ur take on this. Artificial Intelligence is very useful to human beings and is a... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 27/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello kind_music, your standpoint is really informative, and it inspired me to give my thoughts... Should we do anything about Eco-anxiety? 27/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello humble_sheep, i really admire your standpoint, it explains the problems of eco-anxiety... Eco-anxiety how it affects us and our wellbeing 27/3/24
distinguished_morning I strongly agree with this. Yes, There are specific roles which men and women play in a society... Stereotypes 26/3/24
distinguished_morning Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming one of the greatest parts of our lives... Because of Ai, will the world turn good, bad or good and bad. 26/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello joyous_piano, your standpoint is really informational in this contextual topic. The... Individuals' responsibility to ensure a fair election. 26/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello creative_elephant, your standpoint really is consistent in contextual learning of "The... The Enhanced Games 24/3/24
awesome_conversation I disagree with the notion for E-Elections. It's got its perks, like being all high-tech and... The Indian Elections: E-Elections 24/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello humorous_piano, I agree with the thorough overview given about the First-Past-the-Post... What system would you want? 24/3/24
tolerant_hummingbird Yes they have to reveal it to others. There are athletes that train every day, working hard to... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 24/3/24
tolerant_hummingbird It is what I expected because human beings in general have been putting out ideas,on what AI... The future of AI: poll results! 24/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello triumphant_snow, I'm really impressed by your standpoint, so I'm going to share my... ELECTION: CELEBRATION OR WAR!! 24/3/24
smart_goji It's exciting to see the passion around the concept of Enhanced Games. While some see it as a... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 22/3/24
smart_goji There is so much to consider about potential health risks associated with the use of... The Enhanced Games. 22/3/24
authentic_weaver In own opinion I feel AI will do more bad than good to the planet Why? as we can all see the... AI and the planet 22/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello diligent_penguin, I really cherish your standpoint and it has made me come to a conclusion... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 22/3/24
trustworthy_music Hello humble_flower, your standpoint is realty informative, and I would like to give my views... The Enhanced Games. 22/3/24
trustworthy_music In a democracy, citizens have the right to select their representatives, simultaneously they... Who has the power? 18/3/24
trustworthy_music In a democratic system of government, determining the distribution of power among the leader,... Who has the power? 18/3/24