AI- is it the rise or downfall of humanity?

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AI. A thing that may improve humanity, or take it down. I hold onto my opinion that the amount of power AI has is too much. We have to make sure it does not go into the wrong hands, or we are destined for an apocalypse.People can use AI to get a little helping hand with getting started on something, but can be trained. Trained for evil or good. And I am going to share my opinion within this standpoint. I feel it needs to be addressed.

I support AI. It can make the world a better place. It can make blueprints. Help people find out things they never knew. It may make flying laptops. It may save humanity. That is what someone that supports AI may say. It is perfectly okay if you have that opinion. But beware the fact that AI is not the future of anything and everything.

Some people think that AI is the thing holding humanity back, and should cease development so better things can be made. With the recent invention of Sora AI, the future of the legal system is unknown as the AI can make hyper-realistic videos, and can be used for fraud. Now, AI can be the downfall of humanity if it gains too much sentiance, or we have wasted our time developing AI, and when it is finished it takes control of itself. ‘But if we make it’s power less, we won’t be at risk!’ is what a person that hates it may say.

But in conclusion, we may have to accept this risk may be good for humanity. Some risks are good. Some may be bad. After all, take this with respect that I have just told you my opinion. Its power needs to be controlled. But it may help the emerging world develop.

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  • Yes I agree with you there are many risks that could hurt and affect humanity. There are many ways AI could hurt our economy but there are many ways we could stop it but for now we are safe as is with AI

  • Hello, if we talk about the behavioral pattern ( processing of data and giving suitable output of A. I) it depends on the ethics of the developer as A. I as basically a creation therefore it acts depending on how it is programmed an example to support my point would be as follows suppose a person is sitting on a self driving car in the backseat or maybe in the front seat doing some work like eating a donut or perhaps using a digital device and the car is moving on autopilot suddenly a bikers rushes in front of the car leaving the algorithm two choices either hit biker or stop the car immediately making the passenger sitting in the car get injured, the algorithm would choose either of the choice depending on how it is programmed .There may be various scenarios where A. I may have to take complex and a controversial decision based on its programming and algorithm therefore it is a must to make sure that the developer is ethically correct while writing a program or an algorithm of an A. I to act in a way which doesn't harm any humans. I thank you for reading the post.