Do prisons do their job?

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I think that prison do not do there jobs. I feel criminals go to prisons because they have commited a crime however they often stay in prison bored. This is not statistically shown that once criminals come out of prison. They are good citizens and never commit a crime after their return to the real world. Statistics show that most people in 2020 / 2021 24.9 percent of offenders who were released from custody in England and Wales went on to reoffend. This piece of data automatically shows that people do go on to commit crimes and do not learn their lesson.

Also, due to the conditions in prison not being strict enough, making it extremely easy for people to make connections with other criminals, many criminals leave prison with more knowledge on how to get away with crimes. Moreover, the awful, harrowing conditions in prison often leave offenders with resentment, resulting in criminals feeling an immense sentiment of freedom when released: this often leads to them getting overly-excited and committing crimes soon after release.

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  • Hello poetic wallaby, well, for me I will be using my country as an example and to be honesty prisons are not doing their work because, when a prisoner is done with his/her sentence we are meant to be expecting a rapid change in that person, but we only see things getting worst every single day. Why is that so? For me a prison should learn how to be friendly to prisoners but at the same time strict because they can use you since your friendly and a prison is meant to be big so they can have so recreational activities that can help in reformation so activities like chess, football, skipping, etc. And also, in a prison there should be no bullying involved and fighting because it makes you enemies when they are trying to make them friends, and a prison should also be well guarded so prisoners may not escape.

  • Yes prison do their job well, if prisons are not doing their job will prisoners change from their bad deceit to a good one?For me I will say that prisons are doing their job well because prison is a place where they discipline those that commit in the society and make life miserable for the citizens. They give different punishment for different crime like murdering, The punishment for murdering is lifement imprisonment, but if is crime that is not that serious, they will give you like 7 years imprisonment.
    So prisons are doing a great job, if the people that work in the prison are willing to help they prisoners to become a good and useful citizens in the society, so if the people that work in the prison are doing their jobs well then they prisons are doing a great job.