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Comments by students of Kassie Braun Memorial Schools A | Nigeria

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prodigious_globe Hi topical talkers, I solemnly agree with this standpoint because off its efficiency in... Immigration: Divisive Policies, The Way Out 27/3/24
nice_eagle Hi, i solidly agree with you because i think AI teaches accorsjng to what or informations that... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 26/3/24
passionate_reindeer I disagree because... AI robots are been coded which means you most not tell them what to do... Advancement of technology in businesses. 24/3/24
passionate_reindeer I will not say that Ai will take over the world or not take over the world but I think it will... AI taking over the future - a huge chance or a high risk for our society? 24/3/24
passionate_reindeer I will say that AI is the most intelligent thing humans have ever made so far it is so... AI and Robots!! 24/3/24
bright_philosophy Hi topical talk Yes AI has a lot of benefit like It can automate tasks, provide personalized... AI and the Benefits it has 24/3/24
bright_philosophy Hi topical talk Yes AI has its potential because AI has better potential to form the future in... Navigating The Future: AI and Its Potential 24/3/24
witty_cheetah But don't you think that, for those who don't have enough internet can't go into the virtual... Will schools exist in future? 22/3/24
bright_philosophy It will very good that AI will help the tackle of eco-anxiety in the country, for instance, when... AI and Eco-Anxiety 22/3/24
passionate_reindeer I will say that it's completely fair for athletes to stay in politics even as an athlete because... Sports and politics 21/3/24
nice_eagle Hi topical talkers, According to my own understanding and opinion, I believe and agree that it... Who has the power? 21/3/24
bright_philosophy Hi talented cicada I am in actual accordance with your point because I believe that AI could... The Indian Elections: E-Elections 21/3/24
enigmatic_singer It's actually my first time participating in the topical Talk festival and it has being great... Topical Talk and YOU 20/3/24
enigmatic_singer I would like to say to prevent crime the government should help in preventing crime, because if... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 20/3/24
prodigious_globe Dear active_coconut, do you think that E-elections are being controlled by humans? They... The Indian Elections: E-Elections 20/3/24
prodigious_globe I’ll say ‘Prisons aren’t working’ because they really don’t understand the purpose of Prisons.... Prisons in Ecuador 20/3/24
passionate_reindeer It is possible for AI to change the world, and it can change the world in so many ways such as... How can AI change the world of jobs and education? 19/3/24
prodigious_globe Prisons nowadays misunderstand the fact that prisons are correctional centers and not petting... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 19/3/24
educated_harmonica In my own understanding, prison is a correctional center. It is a place where some people who... History of prisoners and improvement 19/3/24
prodigious_globe I believe that Athletes shouldn't be blamed to some extent because most athletes do have special... Should Athletes be Blamed? 19/3/24