"If prisons aren't fit for purpose then the prisoners should be set free."

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“If prisons aren’t fit for purpose then the prisoners should be set free.”

I will be sharing my standpoint on prisons. This is an important topic because Jose Adolflo Macias Villamar, who is known as “Fito”, is the leader of a powerful gang in Ecuador. On January the 7th 2024, Fito was discovered missing from his cell. It is said that Fito was allowed electronics and weapons although they are supposed to be banned from cells. In a video footage, Fito was relaxing in his cell (which featured murals and was very spacious.) Fito has escaped prisons before but he was captured again three months later in 2013.

Some people might agree with this statement because if prisons aren't secure then what's the point if prisoners can break out anytime. In addition, prisons are supposed to keep prisoners out of public spaces, so if they can't do that, then they might as well let them go free because they are not responsible for making the prisons secure enough. Also, if Fito can escape from a maximum security wing of La Regional prison, then that means the prison guards and workers definitely aren’t doing their jobs properly, which means they will have to recapture him again and again. However, he will probably escape again because if can get out of a maximum security wing, he can probably escape from any prison. Also, if the police staff know the prisoner can escape they can probably send them to another country where the prisons are much more secure and have better work staff.

On the other hand, others may disagree with this statement because prisoners still should get punishments because even though they committed a crime, they need to learn about what to do and what not to do. In addition, prisoners should be kept away from areas of the public because they are dangerous people and could do terror attacks at busy places. Even though they can escape (just like Fito) it is still good to recapture those criminals because then they will learn their lesson in order not to escape again. Criminals should also be captured because the victims will be scared because their enemy might attack them again.

I agree with this statement / quote because if the prisoner can escape from prison they might as well escape because there is no point if policemen and policewomen keep on recapturing them as they will just escape from prison again. For example: We would not send our children to an irresponsible school.

And we would not send our pets to an irresponsible vet. Would we? Which is why I believe that we should not do the same to prisoners. The prisoners should not be put in a really, really bad prison, especially if they are fierce because then they will just break out of prisons like nothing ever happened. Also, if prisons are not doing their jobs properly, then what is the point? If prisoners can escape because of the staff, then shouldn't the prison be closed?

By broadminded_aspect Boutcher CofE Primary School.

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  • I do not agree with you because even though the criminal has found a way out of jail and into freedom they are still criminals meaning they did something wrong and need to be punished. Prisons were built for people to be punished, learn their lesson, know what's right and what's wrong, and overall that's where I think criminals should go since it was made specifically for them. Prison is also a place where people change their mind set where many people need to go.

    1. Interesting points. How do you think people can change their mindsets in prison?

  • First of all, this is a very controversial topic, but I think that even if the prison is not working, the prisoners should not be released because they are still monitored, even if they are treated differently in the restricted area. government influence and control so we don't have to . I accept that while penitentiaries act as spots for discipline, they ought to likewise focus on restoration to address the main drivers of criminal way of behaving and work with positive change in detainees. As Nelson Mandela once said, "Training is the most remarkable weapon which you can use to impact the world." Giving instructive open doors and professional preparation in detainment facilities engages people to get what it takes and information expected to construct a superior future for them as well as their networks. Also, I think helpful mediations, like directing and mental social treatment, are fundamental for tending to psychological wellness and substance misuse gives that frequently add to criminal way of behaving. By cultivating a steady climate that empowers self-improvement and responsibility, we can assist prisoners with really impacting their mentalities and become useful citizenry upon discharge.