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The prison escape, has made the prison owners become aware that the prisons need to update the security features. The very dangerous gang leader know as Fito has escaped a high security prison in Ecuador. He hid his controband in the murals he hung up on the walls of his cell.

In my opinion the prisons in Ecudor should focus on how big of a problem it is with a very dangerous gang leader just roaming around on the streets. I think that the first priority of the government should be, to find him and get him back in prison. They should also focus on getting the prisons safer and more secure that lets the prisoners have the bare necessities but keeps them safe and secure so they don't want to escape but even if they want to they can not exit the prison. On this note we can not make these prisons to comfortable because these people are in prison because of their actions, and they need to rethink what they did and have to have the punishment as a punishment not a holiday. That is the problem some prison owners are facing because they don't want the prisoners to loathe it and escape and then wreak havoc across the town or cities they are being held in. A solution to this is if you make the prisons more secure and more security procedures to make sure the prisoners can't escape even if they want to.

The very dangerous gang leader Fito is loose in Ecuador. In my opinion the Ecudorion government should shut the airports down and put arm soldiers around the border of Ecudor so they can find Fito and place him in a maximum security prision so they can make sure he remains in prision and then one by one, they can shut the prisions down and transfer the prisioners into another prision while they incorporate extra safty precautions then repeat. this means the prisions can upgrade the safty precautions while Fito is locked away so they dont need to think about the troubles he has caused and they can make safty precautions in the prisions that he has escaped from in the past.

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