Enhanced Games

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The Enhanced Games are similar to the Olympics but in this competition the athletes are allowed to take drugs for having better results. There are people which agree with the competition and do not care about the infuence of drugs meanwhile others refuse and care about the physical and mental health of competitors.

Those games is a planned international sport for the future where athletes will not have to pass drug testing. Mainly the opinions towards this project are negative and many people had been scared and talked about why probably is not a good idea and what are the risks. Enhanced games is planned to be set up by 2025.

The purpose of this game is to remodel Olympics as it has been before a lot of times, according to the Australian businessman Aron D´Souza. The aim is to attract more people and to get over popular competitions like the Football World Cup or the Superbowl.

The competitions would be unfair for those who prefer to work without drugs. Many sanitary services will be needed for taking care about the health of competitors as consequences might be bad. However, it can cause a great disorder and in the worse of situations even death. Is important to mention the addiction of drugs.

If I was aan athlete I would be concerned because my health could be at risk maybe not now but it could in some years harmful. In the other hand, spectators would have a new source of entertainment.

As I see it, deppends on your perspective of seeing things but without any doubt I am sure that it wil change the competitive spirit we have.

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  • I think enhanced drugs should not be allowed in sport as I may train all my life for boxing and someone who takes steroids they may take one year to train for them to be ten times better.Someone may be allergic to take steroids and other types of drugs which may help in sports but they cant so that gives a massive disadvantage when comes to boxing and other sports which envolve strengh and ability and the affects that can give on their health

    1. Hey, creative_tomato!
      I agree with you because yeah, someone can train for about 4 years for baseball, but someone with P.E.D in their body can really be better than the guy who's been training their whole life. They have an unfair advantage over the guy who's been training.

  • I agree that games are good for humans and its good that it can stop drugs

    1. I agree because... doping is not fair and I practice for soccer just in case I can't get a job but I can't win because people are doping.

  • Enhanced games are a terrible idea. In my opinion it's just a bunch of lies preformed by 'athletes' who are just on steroids. The entire economy has no idea what is real in the Olympics if people are taking these life threatening drugs. That's another con to this preposterous activity;they are extremely dangerous when the dose is to large people could die.

  • I think that enhanced games should not be allowed because they do not check for enhanced drugs so that anyone could take them and win the race. On the other hand, some people could have been training their whole life to be in this race and then someone else takes the steroids and win the race with no effort and no hard work. The drugs can also include harmful chemicals which are not healthy for your body

    1. Hello thoughtful singer;
      I think your comment is almost entirely valid. I think that drugs used in enhanced games will only help an athlete win the competition. But, in the future, these agents may cause deadly diseases like cancer in the body. As a result, the athlete may die. Not only this but also it can spread different types of virus which can make other players sick as well. Also, in my opinion winning a competition using drugs can be a sign of a bad player. All I want to say is that laws should be made not to use drugs in enhanced games. That would be good for everyone. Also players who take medicine may have families. This can worsen both game life and competitive conditions. What is your opinion about this? Do you agree with my views? And if not, then why? Hope you understand my questions and opinions?

  • I think that doping shouldn’t be allowed because I could be the best footballer in the world and train for twenty years but then somebody who has taken something like steroids could suddenly be better and take my title when they are nowhere near as good as you

  • I agree with what most have said: it’s not fair. We don’t know the health risks that come with performance enhancing drugs can bring! We’re supposed to watch this and watch by where someone could potentially get hurt? Also we don’t know if the athletes are showing talent or the side effects of steroids. I just can’t trust or agree with the idea

  • I don't think it's right for one team to use performance enhancement if the other doesn't want it to use. Two types of matches should be held. Matches where it is mandatory to use performance enhancement and matches where it is prohibited to use them. The association should decide when there will be matches with the use of supplements. In matches where they may not be used, mandatory checking or testing of the use of supplements should be introduced to see if they are all fair.