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I think the lesson went amazingly as our class was in a very heated debate also we tried the... How did the lesson go? 28/3/24
I disagree because it is unfair for people who may be allergic to these specific drugs.Also if... The Enhanced Games 24/3/24
I disagree because as women may have the same amount of skill as men they still have a... Women's sport 12/3/24
amazingly put precious swan but as government havent done much to support and fund womens... Women's sport 12/3/24
I think enhanced drugs should not be allowed in sport as I may train all my life for boxing and... Enhanced Games 11/3/24
I agree because that is a good opinion but could that also take away their opportunities for... Businesses v the environment 18/2/24
I would recommend option A for businesses as a customer would rather choose a business that will... Businesses v the environment 18/2/24
I agree because AI is an amazing futuristic producer but could you think of any downsides of this AI and the planet 04/2/24
I think AI will be a positive impact on society as climate change is getting worse but they're... AI and the planet 04/2/24
I disagree because as people are put into prison for doing wrong it puts other innocent people... What if prisons aren’t working? 01/2/24
I would recommend upgrading the prisons so people cannot get out until time also I think that... Prevention or protection? 01/2/24
I disagree because as global warming is progressively getting worse as malfunctioning AIs are... AI and the planet 31/1/24
I disagree because people who have done wrong do not have the right to escape with no real... What if prisons aren’t working? 31/1/24
I think AI will develop further jobs in the future as will raise the average intelligence rate.... Jobs of the future 30/1/24
I think a reasonable idea for the end of climate change is banning petrol and diesel cars as... How to make a change 30/1/24
I agree because if people copied some amazing work and got the credit for it it would fill the... Balanced discussions on the Hub 30/1/24
I agree with this because it shows our confidence and get to know us I think this helps me get... Tell us what you think! 26/1/24