Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions?

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We already know that drugs are bad for our body but maybe pushing our body to its furthest could be the worst. Now what are performance enhancing drugs? Performance enhancing drugs work in multiple ways (like mimicking natural testosterone) that potentially not actually improve your performance in different sports. Sports are meant to be played with a competitor's full strength to show others what they can do but it can also become a game of strategy or stamina. All of these rely on a player's natural talent but taking drugs could change everyone's perspective on that matter.

If drugs were allowed in competitions it might cause controversy between different olympic competitors. Some might agree, some might disagree .For example, if old olympic gold medalists heard about the news they might feel some sort of jealousy. This might be because they EARNED their medal, whilst others can take a specific type of drugs that would allow them to either break a record or allow them to complete the competition more easily than others. So naturally hearing about this news would make them mad. But there would be some that wouldn't be mad about this at all, like olympic competitors from the future because this could already be an optional rule for them. However they might have drugs that could be even better than the ones we already have, so they'd probably not be bothered.

Now if we’re talking about the competitors that are playing the actual games they’ll be at a very large advantage in reference to disabled players, since taking drugs won't help them that much it could be unfair. In 1928 the first rule against doping was enforced by the IAAF (International Association of Athletes Federation) they were the first to prohibit drugs.

In my opinion, I believe that drugs should not be allowed more specifically performance enhancing drugs. It would be wrong to allow drugs in the Olympics. However, if there was another competition that allowed performance enhancing drugs then I'd be fine with that. I strongly feel that if drugs were allowed in the Olympics it would be like mocking the other gold medal competitors in the past since they worked so hard to try to earn their medal with raw talent. This would also mess up the world records meaning they would have to create a separate table for drugs.

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  • Hi
    In my opinion The enhanced drugs should be illegally forbidden from all can affect their health, for example when playing football The player can have injury or loose their lives. the games can be dangerous to All Athletes and young one.the enhanced drugs should be not to be taken by athletes and young ones.
    Thank you for your response.

  • . Hi! I totally agree with you. Personally, I am pretty concerned about what would happen if all athletes would take enhancing drugs. In my opinion, allowing enhancing drugs could determine athletes, one by one, to use them just so they won't fall behind. In addition to that, I don't think that just because some people cheat and don't get caught means that others should be allowed to do the same. In my opinion, it would be more effective to provide information about why it would be better to respect the rules. People could be taught how big of an impact their cheating could have on the people that respect the rules. For example, there are people constantly working in order to participate. They are sacrificing time and money. All this, so they get the chance to show their worth to the world and to get recognized for their efforts. I think that it is devastating for them to see that they were not "good enough" to win. I am sure that the people who use enhancing drugs are working a lot too, but if they really were training hard enough, then why would they be needing extra help? I am wondering if it is because they are feeling unsure of themselves.