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Hi In my opinion, AI can destroy the world if there are installed with feelings, for example,... A.I apocalypse. Is the end near 27/3/24
Hi In my opinion the prison should be where can criminal can live. the prisoners should have... Make prisons better for better people! 15/3/24
Hi In my opinion The enhanced drugs should be illegally forbidden from all can... Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 13/3/24
Hi AI can be used to fight in war because it can the the soldiers that the child will feel that... AI: and the future of war 12/3/24
Hi In my opinion the drug are not medicine because medicine used to help hell our pain.the... Drugs: Are They Just Medicines? Should They Be Consumed In Any Case? 12/3/24
Hi In my opinion the enhanced drugs are not safe and fair.the enhanced game can affect their... Are the Enhanced Games really fair? 11/3/24
Hi I agree with you that the first past vote was fair elections to the citizens of... How does the Indian election work? 10/3/24
Hi I agree with you that elections should not be held at war can cause injuries and... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 09/3/24
Hi In my experience prisons should be clean, some prisoners may have diseases that can affect... Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons 08/3/24
Hi In my opinion the young people want is to focus on the at hand.young wants the problem... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 08/3/24
Hi, agree with you that the citizens have the power because without voters who is going vote for... Who has the power? 06/3/24
Hi I will go for option A because if there were more people that voted in election it will... How would you respond? 05/3/24
In my opinion news can help election because the people will now the person their voting for.... The media and elections 05/3/24
Hi In my opinionThe person who has power is the leaders because the people voted for him/her... Who has the power? 05/3/24
The topic I am passionate about is on immigration because its demonstrates how a country can... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 01/3/24
Hi incredible message I agree that enhanced drugs should be announced to the public because the... Should people know? 01/3/24
Hi I agree with you that enhanced drugs should be known to be the will feel that the... Should people know? 29/2/24
Hi The enhance drugs be illegal because it can affect their health.the athletes should be... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 28/2/24
Hi I will choose option C known as nutrition and food. athletes should be taken food and... Unfair advantage? 28/2/24
Hi everyone 👋. In schools it should be 90%of teacher of women in schools if women Will feel... Competition #6 winners 27/2/24