The Enhanced Games

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An area that I am passionate about is “The Enhanced Games” because I enjoy many different sports and this could affect my future in sport. It is similar to the Olympics Games but you are allowed to take drugs. These games will be first held between now and the end of 2025. In the news, people believe different things but there are many things that could simply change their minds. Others believe that this is a terrible idea and some people think completely differently. In my standpoint, there will be two arguments about if it should go on or should not go on to be an incredible or a total disaster.

To begin my first point, people may say it's unfair because some athletes may have worked a lifetime and trained for decades whereas someone taking performance enhancing drugs may be at the same level with less effort. Even though you are allowed to take drugs, it would be unfair. In addition to this, your country may be a poor country providing you with one drug but your competitors may have more due to being a rich country; drugs are expensive and can harm your physical and mental health.

On the other hand, athletes could push themselves to a new limit and discover many new skills to explore. To add to this, you could achieve your dreams faster and easier. In this particular competition, using drugs are allowed to help you to enhance your performance. This is what is being debated. Some people think it is unfair and there is no reason for it to move forwards into the world but some people think the opposite and that it would be an amazing spectacle to watch, explore and discover.

To conclude, my opinion is that we should stop this at once before damage is done to one or even many. Though it might be fun to watch athletes push their limits and make new skills, this could potentially kill talented athletes .People can always go too far with drugs as their coaches could tell them to take too many. My question is what do you think the sports world could turn into? Or even how do you think this will end up?

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  • Hello creative_elephant, your standpoint really is consistent in contextual learning of "The Enhanced Games", I would like to share my thoughts comprehensively:
    So, the concept of "Enhanced Games" showcases a contentious topic within the sports industry, eliciting different opinions and worries. Well, it's true some advocate for the possibility of surpassing athletic boundaries and achieving dreams with more zeal, some others argue that it would promote unfair competition and present significant health risks. The likelihood of athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to even the odds raise decent questions concerning fairness and the probable exploitation of athletes. However, intricacies in access to drugs based on a country's financial status could aggravate inequalities. Despite the temptation of experiencing athletes reach new skill levels, the potential implications on athletes' health and the integrity of sports competitions justify careful thought. In contemplating the future of the sports industry, it's important to consider the disadvantages and advantages of such initiatives. For me innovation and showmanship may allure to some, the conservation of fair competition and athlete overall conditions must remain prior. The direction of the sports industry could rely on the choices made concerning the regulation and rules surrounding performance-enhancing drugs.

  • In my opinion, doping is totally unfair because,a game should ideally bring out the real potential of a sports person.Using drugs in any game will totally spoil the idea of true sportsmanship. More so, it can destroy the entire future of a sportsperson as we all know that drugs are extremely harmful to the human body and the mind. For example, a sportsperson would have put in enormous amount of hardwork in winning a particular match,if the very same goal is achieved by another sportsperson with the help of drugs, then the people who are interested in a particular sports would obviously opt for the easier way of taking drugs rather than trying to know the techniques involved in that sports.

  • I agree with you creative elephant! You are right when saying that it could harm the athletes and potentially kill them. To answer your question, if the enhanced games go ahead the younger generation will look up to taking drugs for success. Those are my reasons why I completely agree with you!