The Enhanced Games: is doping fair?

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  • Doping is not fair because anything can happen while taking the drugs Doping has in them. The athletes can overdose on them if the Doping is laced which can lead to many issues such as being hospitalized, dying, or any long term issues. Secondly, athletes that don't take part in Doping might not feel appreciated because they're other athletes taking drugs to improve in their sport while some of the other athletes are all natural. Lastly, Doping can have long term effects on your life and your peers by many things. Doping can get you hurt which can have long term effects to your life, you might die, and you might hurt your peers based off what the laced drug might do to you.

  • It is not fair because if you dope you are cheating and a lot of people are doping are getting kicked out and some people are staying which is cheating and now if you dope you are getting kicked out and are never coming back.
    If you dope you have a lot of energy but if people are playing fairly you are going
    to loose and if they don’t get found they will carry on doing it.

    1. Personally, I disagree with you. I think doping can be fair if the competition allows it. To put it into perspective when it comes to running certain shoes are allowed and some aren't, but what is important to remember is that it is different for each competition. This is the same for doping. As long as the athlete follows the rules of where they're competing and look out for their own safety, then it should be allowed.

  • Doping is the use of a substance or technique to improve athletic performance and that is typically banned in competitive sports. In competitive sports, doping is the use of banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs by athletic competitors, as a way of cheating.
    We all know that every competition is meant to be fair enough and competitive but it is becoming more and more unfair to us In a match or a competition an opponent takes a drug and the other didn't Don`t you think that there is a higher level of possibility that the drug taker can overpower the other
    To stop this I think that athletes are to be checked before participating in an event so that the competition is fair as fans might not like to see the fall of an opponent or they might not like to see an unfair competition.