To Drug? or Not to Drug?

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To drug, or not to do drugs? That is the question. In my opinion I feel people shouldn’t use drugs to be better at sporting events like the Olympics. I say this because drug substances have many side effects. Another reason is because everyone has different bodies. Everyone will have different side effects to the drugs they’re taking. For instance, someone with asthma might have a different side effect to the drugs than someone without it. Also, the person with asthma might get a better benefit from the drug because of the side effects. Someone without asthma might get a side effect that isn’t as beneficial as it is for the person with asthma and that also isn’t fair.

The risks you need to take precautions of.

Drugs or performance enhancers that people may take for the enhanced games have many different risks. For example, if you take anabolic steroids you can have harmful side effects. The side effects for women are: getting a deeper voice that may not be able to change with treatment; losing hair on their head and it may not be able to grow back. Everyone that uses anabolic steroids may experience severe acne, liver tumors, and problems with heart and blood flow. There are so many other side effects from anabolic steroids.


A girl in class also disagrees that people shouldn’t use drug enhancement because it’s not fair for other people and everyone has different bodies.

A boy in class disagrees with the girl because he thinks it would be nice to see people go past their limits and do cool tricks and it’s like they would be superheroes.

I feel that something should happen about drug enhancement. For example, people could just win regularly and at the end of the day it's about fun. If people use drugs they can get addicted and use them when games are over with and will make them stronger for the next olympics and that isn’t fair for other contestants in the game.

Yes, I understand that people want to be themselves and use the drugs or things they use on a regular daily basis, but it also isn’t good and can have many harmful side effects.

In conclusion, I feel that the enhanced games aren’t good and people shouldn’t abuse them for the Olympics and should be determined and make an effort to win with their own strength and skills.

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  • It is crucial to handle medication with responsibility. Using drugs without a prescription can have serious consequences such as academic failure, loss of life, and dizziness. It is important to refrain from taking medication that may have harmful effects or worsen our condition. It is essential to exercise caution and only use medication when it is truly necessary in order to prevent harm.