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In class today we talked about Drug Enhancement Games and had to make our own rules. In my... You make the rules! 12/3/24
I feel there should be a hub discussion on How to Improve The Security in Certain Prisons Where... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
I agree with letter A. In my opinion it is important for women to be recognized for all the... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 28/2/24
It is important to listen to other people's opinions because after you listen to so many of... Why so divisive? 20/2/24
In my opinion I would want to withdraw my business in Country A. I say this because when you go... Countries behaving badly 06/2/24
I feel the company should have some control over the celebrity because in public if the... The “face” of a business 06/2/24
In the United States I feel there is a mix of picture A and D because we have drought, severe... Climate change in your country 31/1/24
I think there should be a hub discussion about world hunger it is something that is actively... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24