Religion- A Political Tool!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Politicians frequently seek support from religious vote banks during elections, sometimes at the expense of larger social goals. For example, political parties have always catered to particular religious populations in order to win elections in a diverse nation like India. Although this strategy works in the short run, it exacerbates societal tensions and diverts attention from more important problems like social welfare and economic progress. Consider the 1992 destruction of the Babri Masjid. These kinds of instances serve as a warning about the perils of putting religious vote banks ahead of society's general welfare. Voters and policymakers should instead concentrate on inclusive policies that promote harmony and advancement for all individuals, irrespective of their religious affiliations.

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  • Yes I agree with you India being a diverse country has its both pros and cons India has a vast population each corner of the country their a essence of new culture and religion..but with all this political leaders always try to misuse this in India Hindu religion is a majority so such leaders always aim to get attention of Hindu people by doing religious works like building a temple, promoting specific religion etc this alll makes him gain trust of people but on other face this is the leaders strategy to win elections..I think this situation is really wrong in a democratic society where a country should be on the path of secularism that is respecting all religions equally and I think the day when this will be true that day our country will be called independent and diverse!!!

  • You made a very good point and I agree with you. It's not right to collect vote through hurting the sentiments of the people. Religious matter is always seems to be very sentimental to people and the leaders usually take the chance of this emotions. They want to pursue people by promoting and building some religious institution and trying to be a good leader. But once they got the position, they showed the true color. Secularism is one of the bases of a country and by doing this they are going against secularism. This will create anarchy and chaos among the people of different religions. So as an individual we must not support it. We should not be biased while giving vote. We have to choose the right candidate and give vote democratically without thinking about religious topic. We need to be respected to very religion.

  • I totally agree with you fascinating road because as India has so many people and also it is the the country with most no. of people so obviously there will chances when the politicians seek to get the votes from a particular religious group or community . Though it is not allowed but some where or the other it happens .
    Even the religious group think that the particular politician is working for them and will enhance their condition of living . So in this sense they give there votes to the politician , but they do not think what will be the consequences. Even the politician tries to attract the religious group which are in majority in order to win the elections