From a Woman's World Perspective.

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  • I agree with you because, most men enjoy the results of the hard work women have done. women are believed to be less capable in performing some tasks than men. people also think that there are women based jobs and men based jobs. But as we have recently seen those barriers are been broken.

  • HI!!!,secure_outcome
    I agree with what you said because women are not ordinary they are strong ,brave and they are smart. I agree with what you said that men get more opportunities than women in most places men think women are better in the kitchen and taking care of children washing clothes and taking care of the house but women are more than that women are special and they are hard working and nations that fail women fail.

    1. It's true, in my opinion, that even men who argue that women should be in the kitchen, caring for children, and handling household chores do so because they are also human and capable of doing so. Therefore, I ask, why don't they work in the kitchen and take care of the household? Fulfilling household and kitchen duties is something that women choose to do, and it shouldn't be a barrier to their ability to pursue their goals and careers.

  • I agree with you because woman are just as good as men. Woman are strong,smart, and talented. Everyday we use things that women created such as dishwashers, home security, and GPS systems. We use all of those back to back in our daily lives. Some people think that woman are not as good as men when it comes to certain jobs which I disagree with as a whole. Hopefully that phase of men bashing women and valuing them less then men will come to an end.

  • Hello secure_outcome!
    I strongly agree with you because picking up this point of yours that says men do the opposite of staying at home and caring for young children they completely feel the opposite way because they are given more opportunities to do specific tasks and they have to much joy in them that they begin to act bossy and rude which can sometimes, lead to injustice.
    So yes i totally agree with you.

  • I agree with you! I agree because men don't take into consideration all the work women have contributed. Women are labeled as less capable, weaker, and useless when compared to a man. So, I really like how you made certain points stand out and, as a woman, are able to take pride in who we are.

  • Hi there!
    From a woman's perspective, eco-anxiety is shaped by gender roles and responsibilities as caretakers, leading to concerns about the health and well-being of loved ones amid climate change and pollution. Women's roles in resource management and caregiving make them vulnerable to environmental degradation, particularly in marginalized communities. Despite challenges, women's eco-anxiety drives resilience and collective action, with women leading grassroots movements for environmental justice. Centering women's voices and leadership is crucial for building a more equitable and sustainable world.