Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality, is a controversial topic in our society,in which there’s not a middle point of view about this theme,you can agree that inequality exists or is just a belief of some women.

It´s a fact that we can observe differences in how we treat the two genders,in which male have more benefits for just being a man.

Maybe,if you didn´t suffer this problem,you wouldn´t realise how this affects to the femenine gender and how it can harm women‘s future.

Women have experienced this for thousands of years, we cannot keep treating women as we were in the middle ages,we had avanced a lot since then,in transport,or technology in general,why can’t we advance on our thoughts about this topic and change our social biases?

Gender is not a problem on the inequality we have in our population,our thoughts are.

We can change this,and we are evolving but we have to do a long journey till we reach the absolutely equality,we are not changing the world in a few years,women needed thousands of years to just be consider a person and to people to change their old-minded thoughts.

That’s why we need to work on it,it’s imposible to change all wrong ideals of people all around the world,if you are focus on the wrong idea you would’t like to listen what is against it.

But if we keep making people aware,and how a woman is treated less than a man for its own gender,eventhough they are available to perform absolutely the same thing a man does,and how unfair is this,when you are not even responsible for this inequality,you are just being judgegd and idealised for being born as a woman,we could completely changed this,and get to a point where we even talk about inequaliy as when we talk about whan happened in prehistoric times.

We are working for next generations to have a fair future and with the same posibilities for everyone without taking in acccount men or woman.

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  • I agree that certain things women are degraded in, but maybe it still happens because of the modern feminists who want to have more power than men than equality who make the situation worse by insulting men

  • Hello, topical talkers.
    Gender inequality around us has proven to be a very prominent issue in the society. It can be defined as the process in which access to rights and opportunities are affected by another gender. A popular quote says, "Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim". We should learn to set our differences aside as we could create an unnecessary barrier of not achieving certain goals due to unequal gender. We are all humans; both male and female are capable of contributing majorly to the development of the society. Though our capabilities may differ, in our personal distinct manner we all hold something very important in us in which we should not hold back as all genders are special.
    In conclusion, unity and progress will only come when we set away all differences and work together.

  • I think that women don't get the same equality like men like football basketball but only thing that women get to do are things like beauty competition. But I still do not think that women are equal to men but we can still change that by being equal to all genders.

    1. I see your point of veiw. I think in sports, men get an advantage women don't usually get especially when it comes to football. I always use my mom's phone a lot often reading about trending newsand a lot of time I see it talking about a football match which is always for men. I believe women could also participate in this wonderful games with greater visibility.

      1. What could help to make women's football reported in the news?