My View On Woman In The Media

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Women in the media is an important issue that I believe isn’t taken seriously enough. There needs to be more positive discussion and understanding on feminism and the life of women. The media is a place where anything can be posted, stereotypes can be portrayed. In my opinion, women should be allowed to do the same jobs men can do. Both in the media, and real life, women aren’t treated equally, and I want to discuss and share my opinion about this topic from this standpoint.

Luckily, over the past few years, women have been able to get more jobs, and more rights, and are getting supported more, women are also treated much more fairly then they were in the past. Women are now also able to create more gender equal societies, and become inspirations for young girls who are insecure about themselves, and young girls who are unsure about what they want to be in the future. They are also much more respected in some parts of society, unlike before. A lot of women are more happy with their jobs and lives than they were in the past.

The negative things about Women in media is that they are sometimes presented in a very stereotypical way. A lot of people believe that men are better leaders than women, although that isn’t always true, and men and women should not be better than one another, and they should all be treated equally with respect. Something that I find quite unfair is that women only got the right to vote in 1918, while men were always allowed to vote. I believe that women should have been able to vote since the start. Women also are sometimes also treated very unfairly by other men in Media. To add onto that, only 22% of women get jobs in the media, while men get around 63%.

In conclusion, I believe that people should start noticing the troubles of women in media more, and should start to support and respect their actions, effort, and hard work. To this day, women are still discriminated against, even after years of protest and effort, to this day, women still are not equal to men, in jobs, they still don’t get paid the same amount, how is that fair? Woman should be getting paid the same amount for they effort they put into their hard work.

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  • It's commendable that you're highlighting the importance of addressing gender inequality in the media. Your points about the need for more positive discussions on feminism and the portrayal of women in the media are valid. Promoting gender equality not only benefits women but society as a whole. Keep advocating for change!

  • I believe that this an outstanding piece of writing that deserves to be celebrated and maybe even considered as a winner for future competitions. I think that it is absolutely amazing that frank trumpet and many others now realise how horribly some women in the media are being treated. I hope that people like frank trumpet and many others will able to help to make a big difference to how women in the media are treated and I hope that we can all make a change and strive to build a brighter and better future together as friends as piers as family

  • Hello, I just wanted to say based on the subject, I think Women should do anything they want! They need to be able to protest, work in certain jobs and more. Girls can do anything like playing football and basketball, I’m sure girls can beat boys in a football match😏.. I have nothing else to say, say , but I have a question, what other things were women not allowed to do back in the day? Answer the question in your free time.Goodbye world!

  • Also, girls are as sophisticated as boys. They are equal [even though some boys and girls do not get along] they should BE ABLE TO DO WANT! DO YOU HEAR ME PEOPLE! GIRLS AND WOMEN IF SOME BOYS TELL YOU YOU CAN NOT DO SOMETHING, JUST HAVE THE COURAGE AND SHOW THE BOYS YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

    1. I think that everything has two sides and both of them have their own struggles. Both genders experience issues. Men also face unequal treatment such as men can't cry. This stereotype can make it difficult for men to show their emotions or may be they will face judgment by others. To conclud, I believe that everyone has his or her unique personality and abilities and no one can be better than the other.

    2. Also, most of women can cry and show their emotions in front of people, while men crying inside because other people think that crying makes them seem weak and they have to be strong all the time. So that not just women must have courage to face the society, also men must have courage too.