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Women are an important part of society but often don’t get recognized as such. Women have been treated unfairly in the past and still are and I believe it is time for that to change. This is essential because women are as equal as men and should not experience or be treated as less. Women in the media have experienced things men have not such as unequal rights and payment, harassment and potential bullying and this is due to the fact that they are women. Women are treated unequally in the media and in real life and I will discuss about this in my standpoint.

Fortunately, the amount of women that work in the media has increased and it is creating more gender- equal societies and provide realistic role models for young girls. When women work in the media, it creates social benefits such as a better work-life balance and improved corporate culture.

Women are important in workplaces such as media because of their effective communication skills, ability to analyse in great manner, and to negotiate tactfully. Women are essential to everyday life and should not be treated as less.

Women are not presented fairly in the media as they are sexualized very often and portrayed as objects and not people. They are also often linked to gender stereotypes, particularly those related to housework or motherhood. Their appearance is more focused on than their actual abilities.

The media portray men and women in vastly different ways. Men are viewed as strong, hard-working, dominant, adventurous and highly intelligent while women are seen as submissive, quiet, motherly and even unintelligent. I believe they should be portrayed equally and positively.

In conclusion, I believe that women should be valued for their abilities and not just their body and should receive equal treatment as their male counterparts both at work and everywhere. Women should be seen as an integral part of society and should be appreciated.

Women should not be afraid to chase their dreams and people should recognize the fact that to this day women are still being discriminated against. Women need more rights and more freedom.

In my opinion, although they have freedom, it is not as much as men and this needs to change. Both genders should be equal

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  • Your stand point on imprtance of recognizing and valuing women's contributions and rights is clear and well-articulated. It's indeed crucial to strive for gender equality in all aspects of society, including the media and workplaces. Women's benefits not only womem themselves but society as a whole. Efforts to challenge stereotypes, promote equal opportunities, and eliminate discrimination are essential steps toward achieving this goal.Keep advocating for equality and positive representation!

  • Women are known to be the best at what they do. That it is even said that "what a man can do a woman can do better" The media is not a place that should deprive women. Because women in the media will bring diverse perspectives, experiences and talents as any other gender even better. Besides,it encourages equality and ensures a balanced representation of the society from different angles. It important to respect and celebrate women as much as men to promote an equitable society.

  • I see that women in meadia have advantages and disadvantages there is 34 persentage of women in meadia theres women have an important content and another women she gust have fun and these could be harmful for children's but let us foucs in the advantages and leave the disadvantage

  • I agree with your stand points and I believe that woman are still not shown enough in media. Even when they are shown it's unequal and often sexualised. It's important for young girl who may not have a female figure in their life to have someone at least in media to have for their realistic role models