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The one change I would prefer to be passed on to future generations is keeping clean at all... #37 - One change to keep 27/5/20
my headline is LOCK DOWN AFFECTING COUNTRIES ECONOMY AND LIFESTYLE OF THE PEOPLE, I think that... #36 - Head to headlines 22/5/20
I also think who is supposed to wear the masks the affected ones or the healthy ones? 😷 #36 - Head to headlines 19/5/20
i think the best skills when reporting news is speaking up and scepticism. speaking up makes the... #35 - Skills for success 12/5/20
communicator who joins conversation pending on the news. He makes point in an order that makes... #35 - Skills for success 12/5/20
Very True so choice of words is important in communicating correctly the intended message #34 - Global Connections 04/5/20
The most important thing I have learnt from someone else in the hub about extreme weather is... #34 - Global Connections 04/5/20