#37 - One change to keep

29 May 2020

Openmindedness for competitions

Thank you for all your suggestions this week - and throughout the Global Conversation!

Stars have been awarded to the most original and thoughtful answers that looked beyond basic hygiene measures and considered the wider changes to society.

Our first winner this week is artistic_tambourine of Rimal prep Girls School, Occupied Palestinian Territory, who spoke up for our appreciation of the healthcare workers and how this should continue in the future.

Our second winner is sociable_squid of Baptist Junior Secondary School, Nigeria, who argued for greater co-operation between nations and gave excellent reasons.

Well done to both of you, and to everyone who took part.

As we come towards the end of the Global Conversation, this competition asks you to look to the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused governments, businesses and individuals to make a lot of changes that some think could make the world better in the future.

What one change would you like to remain in the long-term, and why?

Although it's important for hand-washing and social distancing to remain in place for now, we're asking you think about big changes to society that you would like to see stay once things return to closer to normal.

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  • of course quarantine is a bad thing for us because we are trapped in our homes all the time but have we thought about the environment?
    in these bad weather we have reduced the use of cars, this most polluting means of personal transport and the cause of a large part of the emissions of Co2 into the atmosphere.
    The car in town is in some cases slower because of traffic jams. These traffic jams are the cause of frustration and stress for the driver. We should not forget that this machine drives inactivity and is therefore a cause of increasing obesity in the population. Walking and cycling consume calories, while the car, and not only that, the car is one of the leading causes of accidental death.
    You must therefore learn to use your car only when necessary and prefer walking or cycling for daily trips.
    in conclusion the coronavirus pandemic is not so bad and i really hope the reduced use of cars stays long term

  • The change I would like to see remain in place is: people staying in the house I don't mean all people but we just have to go out of necessity as the Corona virus has resulted in a ban on unnecessary movements and through satellite imagery published by the NASA and the European Space Agency, a retreat is monitored Most countries have witnessed emissions of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, thus reducing the rate of global warming in the world, which will reduce the occurrence of extreme weather in the world.

  • The change that I would like to see remain in place is: reducing tourism, where studies have been conducted that eight percent of the world's emissions are caused by tourism activity, so the global warming rate will decrease as researchers say that stopping the use of planes for transportation or reducing the use of this method In travel, it is the most effective move that we can take "to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and with a huge difference in its potential impact, from any similar move on this front.

  • The one change I would like to remain in place is that of sanitation and keeping the country and everywhere around you clean and healthy
    As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic , streets are being cleaned every week or day in order to keep surfaces that are vulnerable in holding the virus to be clean
    Therefore I believe if good hygiene is maintained the occurrence of diseases would be minimized

  • The one change l would like to see remain in place is using our transportation less than we used to,because when the quarantine started and people stop using transportation alot ,alot of scientists,experts and normal people noticed that nature is healing and the weather is better than usual,this the only change I want it to last for the future because it can help to end the extreme weather crisis

  • FEAR IN LIFE (unsatisfactory Conditions)
    The most important long-term change in our life due to the corona virus
    It could remain for twelve months, people are going to badly upset and they are also
    worried about their life and safety.we must think abou the global criesis in our life and safety mearsures.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is all the time we have for different activities because it is easy to get our school work done quickly and properly, so we have lot's of time, off a screen, to do things at home that we had no time for before.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is cleaning hands and keeps the personal hygiene because it makes our life better .Every thing became clean and people realized how is it easy to protect you and your family by simple actions. Using soap and water and alcohol became a habit in our community. We keep our eyes on every corner in the house .We have a shower after coming back from markets.
    This change is the most wonderful thing we gained from Corona virus. I hope this positive change will continue and people realize it's good effect in our general life .

  • The one change I would like to see remain is eating healthy food to support our immune system .People begin to realize the importance of eating fruit and vegetales and good meat .After we discovered that snakes and bats are the causes for this fatal disease. I hope and pray for Allah to help people in China and all the world to stop eating all that it moves and to stop eating snakes and bats because these animals is the source for this epidemic. I hope this positive change will continue people now aware of how eating wild animals can cause disasters.Our experience wit Covid19 is hard and we lose too much .Every thing was affected badly economic, tourism, agriculture and people who died and left our world .We are sad for this big loss .I hope this change will remain .People don't eat all that it moves please.

  • The one I would like to see remain in place is the observance of enhanced hygienic protocols. This has got to do with maintaining high degree of personal and environmental cleanliness. This is an obvious change that has surfaced in our attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Now, in my country, everywhere you go, there are containers of water and soap placed at the various vantage points for people to wash their hands. People now wash their hands frequently with soap under running water. It is believed, by so doing, the virus will find it very difficult to stay on your hands to cause infection. This has really helped to improve our health status and has significantly minimized the rate at which people fall sick. When we allow this change to remain, our economy will see massive improvement because we will have large number of people to offer productive labour. The government will also spend less, providing health care for the people.
    We should never allow this enhanced hygienic protocols to die with Covid-19 but rather make it remain unchanged. I buttress my point with the popular saying, "Cleanliness is next to godliness". So we should stick to this change, improve upon it and keep it forever with us and we would never regret we did.

  • The one change I would like to see remain is social distancing
    because this social distancing creates a safe and comfort zone. It is the true resort we run to it to protect from more spread of the Covid19. It is good to stop over use of hugging and kissing of no need .It's good to stay one metre away from each other in the que.
    This social distancing helps to much in stopping this epidemic in many situations . People can contact healthy without over crowded .It's dangerous for children and infants to keep the old bad habits of crowding before Covid19.

  • The one change I would like to see remain is the true appreciation for the doctors and nurses and giving them their right precious value because they are the white army that stands to fight against Covid19. They sacrificed their lives .They left their children and homes to help infected people The made a big adventure which may take their lives . Doctors before the epidemic were treated an ordinary treatment as employees but now they are our super heroes ,they are our defenders, they are the white army .
    I hope this change of respecting doctors will remain after Covid19 .Doctors really deserve all the honour and respect.

  • The change is hygiene, social separation, and taking the necessary precautions
    I think that this change will last for long because people have become aware after the Corona Virus pandemic and taught them that hygiene is the key to a disease-free life.
    Also, this situation will last because we understood and knew the seriousness of peace
    It is possible that the hand is the person you are going to hand over filled with germs, or if your hands are not sterilized, these germs will be transferred to your hand.

  • The change I would like to see remain in place is, "social distancing" because
    As cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid -19) continue to spread like wildlife across the globe, the term "social distancing" seem to be flooding social media feed and news stories. So what then is social distancing and why is it important? Social distancing is putting space between individuals or it's the practice of purposefully reducing close contact between individuals. Now why it's important. It's important because it helps reduce the spread of some viruses. I say this because for example if someone is sick and there are no people around,the virus can't spread. It's also important because if everyone gets coronavirus at once and ends up in the hospital at the same time, our health care system would be overwhelmed. We need to 'flatten the curve'. Why you must practice social distancing even if you're not at risk? While those at highest risk seem to be those over age 60 and those with chronic health conditions, the best thing everyone can do is adhere to strict social distancing measures as outlined by the CDC and your local government. Even if you feel you're young and healthy and think you're probably not going to get sick,we all have parents, grandparents and elderly neighbours in our circle and we are we are doing this for them. "Because if you give it to them,they could get really sick. So even if you are not worried about yourself, there's somebody in your life who you want to protect".
    Thank you.

  • The only change I'd like to see
    Non-use of factories in large quantities; Because it reduced pollution levels and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 100 million metric tons, which is equivalent to the amount emitted in China annually and low consumption of energy produced in coal plants, as well as a decrease in air traffic contributing 2% of carbon dioxide emissions, which led To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which shrink a small layer of ozone, while the global economy is heading towards recession, which means that the planet is the main beneficiary of this virus.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is Work from
    example, farmers and construction workers are forced to leave their homes to perform their jobs, but for many, who do office work, the house is now their new office and I think they can cope with this status quo and if the Corona virus disappears they will be able to work at home in opportunities New work ..
    Companies around the world have been forced to ask their employees to work from home. The list includes major companies such as Apple and Microsoft.
    Work from home was a popular trend, before the virus appeared, but according to Libby Sander, an organizational behavior expert at Bond University in Australia, the Corona virus "could be the turning point that makes teleworking the norm." because if a person is accustomed to something he will remain on him, then this person who does work inside his house during the ban period will be able to work in his home if a new job opportunity is available for him on a site or in a company and this thing will make him qualified for many opportunities that may be profitable and make him millionaire..
    I wrote this comment twice because an error occurred the first time because English is not my mother tongue, so I am sorry about this thing and I think this comment, including that it is one of the changes that will last long as I mentioned earlier ..
    May I win the competition?
    Good luck everyone ..

  • The one change I would like to see remain is The ozone layer is changed for the better because : The ozone layer mainly helps protect our planet from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are dangerous to our health and harmful to our environment. And in the event of a hole in the ozone layer, the risk of our exposure to this radiation will be greater than it entails great risks to the health of all living organisms on the surface of the globe and also have damage, including: The ozone layer leads to skin cancer, sunburn and aging and weakness in the immune system: as some results indicated that exposure to large amounts of ultraviolet light may have an effect on the human immune system and limit its work, and this may lead to an increased chance of skin cancer.
    It is also good that the weight layer begins to close its opening economically when there are no diseases and the exchange of money decreases.

  • One change I would like it to remain is countries that are producing themselves instead of exporting items. Because it would help the country grow better than before.

  • The change I would like to see remain in place is washing of hands and using hand sanitizers because respiratory viruses like coronavirus disease (covid - 19) spread when mucus or droplets containing the virus get into your body through your eyes,nose, throat. Most often happens through our hands. Hands are also one of the most common way that the virus spreads from one person to the next. I don't think if these virus hadn't come people will be washing their hands like this. They will start eating without washing their hands. Here us every thing you need to know about how to wash your hands the right way:
    To eliminate all traces of the virus on your hands,a quick scrub and a rinse won't cut it. Below is a step by step process for effective handwashing.
    1.Wet hands with running water.
    2.Apply enough soap to cover wet hands.
    3.Srub all surface of the hands - including back of hands, between fingers and uncler nail - for at least 20 seconds.
    5.Dry hands with a clean cloth or single - use towel. This method is a very good method I would like to see remain in place.
    Thank you

  • Corona virus is a virus that invaded the whole world and taught us many of the lessons that we were ignorant of in life and made us make major changes to face it from these changes that I hope will remain for life in the whole world:
    1- To remove the term difference and racism from the minds of people because the Crohna virus did not differentiate between (poor and rich)
    (Big or small) (black and white) These are the positives of the Crohn virus, making the world equal.
    2- That there are alternative plans in the event of an emergency, because these plans prevent the occurrence of losses, especially in the economic field and developed countries.
    3- Maintaining hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water with continuous sterilization, to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.
    4- Setting priorities: Corona virus made us realize the importance of many things that were not among our priorities, as many believe that work is the basis of life and with it we live, but after this crisis we realized that there are many things more important than work such as health and family because the order of priorities makes Our life is organized and beneficial.
    5- The world unites to confront crises, so I hope that other global crises, whether health or economic ones, must occur. The world must unite without any difference to confront these crises.
    6- Increasing interest in health fields more than other areas, such as entertainment, because in the event of health crises we turn to hospitals and medical centers, not to recreational areas, so the health field is more important than the entertainment field and other areas.
    7- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have noticed since the beginning of the Corona crisis, the industrial field has stopped, and we have slowly noticed the prosperity of the environment, and we have seen animals walking in the streets of a major state such as the wild deer in the British city of London, and the peacock animal in the Spanish city of Madrid, and there are animals on the verge of extinction, but this crisis prevented their extinction. . We all saw the waters of the Italian city of Venice, which was heavily polluted, but now completely pure, as well as flamingos in the Indian city of Mumbai, where they multiplied and increased after the crisis of the Corona virus.
    This is one of the changes that I hope will continue throughout life in the whole world, and I think it will help to maintain balance on the ground.

    These are the positive changes caused by the Corona virus, which everyone ignores. I hope you will look at things positively before the negative, because the negative side provides us with pessimism and despair.

    I hope that this crisis will end soon, God willing.😊😊

  • The one change I would like to see remain is The ozone hole that was spreading ultraviolet radiation, harmful to human life, closed because People protected from automobile smoke that caused the ozone hole to open and the spread of ultraviolet rays that were harmful to humanity However, this virus caused the ozone hole to close, as well, reducing car smoke, which leads to suffocation and air pollution It also had many benefits. We must not be pessimistic about this virus, as it will have a good start over our lives as well In caring, we must be optimistic about everything that happens to us, because of course, it has good benefits for us ... Thank you

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is the act of washing hands and sanitizing because it is very hygienic and helps to slow down or stop the spread of germs.
    Most people don't even make it important. From the restroom to the dinning room without washing their hands!! This is how most illnesses begin ; from bad hygiene and keeping this will be very good.

  • Payment of taxes should remain so that the government will be able to rassess enough money to buy the required facilities to treat theach affected victims of the Corona virus, so as to encourage scientists and others to find the cure to the Corona virus pandemic.

  • Since the outbreak of the pandemic people, governments and businesses have made adjustment to their normal routines. Governments have tighten their border patrols-in some places there is total lockdown, businesses have reduced the cost of of their products and services and people as well, have been made to observe some dos and don'ts including personal hygiene. All these measures are aimed at containing the pandemic.
    One change that I would like to see and to continue to remain in place is the cooperative attitude and the urgency with which data on the disease is being handled. This is because on daily basis the general populace is updated on the global number of confirmed cases, recoveries as well as deaths. This has made people realize the continuous increase or decrease in the spread of the disease. In that regard people can make informed decision as to whether to observe protocols or come to the aid of the vulnerable and the needy in these difficult times. When people become aware of the global situation they begin to think twice. The way the general public has been educated on the disease through the mass media is very commendable. This , I think should remain in place even after we have sailed through this pandemic. The same approach should be adopted as we educate and try to find preventive and reactive responses to the impact of extreme weather after this pandemic. If this is adhered to I think it will go a long way to help us to win the fight against extreme weather events such as global warming, wildfire, flooding and drought.

  • Growing up as a Ghanaian child, hygiene was part of the the school curriculum and it stood alone as a subject. With changes in school curriculum, it was integrated into General Science together with other subjects. In those days our teachers ensured that our hairs always kept low, checked our teeth, finger nails and prompted us of bad odours from our armpits. Today, the average school child is conscious of the need to keep themselves clean.
    One thing that is enphasised today is regular hand washing so in most basic schools Veronica Buckets are placed in front of classrooms or on block corridors to ensure pupils maintain clean hands. Even though this was a practice, the onset of COVID19 and the need to wash our hands regularly has drummed home the essence of what we were doing. If there's one thing that would remain and strengthened after COVID19, it is not just washing hands but washing them properly. Every school-,going child now knows how to wash their hands, ensuring that our palms, finger nails, in between fingers are thoroughly washed. I believe that this practice will go a long way to reduce a lot of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses and promote good health which is a recipe for performance in our classrooms.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is - washing hands,sanitizing and social distancing because since the pandemic was realised and the country gave the prescriptions and we agreed and followed,the virus like flu is no more. And it will be good if we keep distance because it will help to control some disease like Tuberculosis. I would like this prescriptions to continue even after this corona virus is gone .

  • The one change i would like to see remain place is the personal health care, regular checkups and eating healthy food that strengthen immunity like fish, orange, lemon, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, to stay healthy and safe from any virus and any disease.

  • The one change i would like to see remain place is to take care of these animals that came from wilds and jungles to humans houses and the streets to find some food to eat and to find a good place to live in..., i heared lots of stories this month about people that take care of these animal even if they are savage like foxes and bears, it's a very good thing to help others even if they are animals!

  • the one change i would like to see remain place is having fun with our families like playing together, making challenges, trying not to waste time on our mobile phones, reading nice stories you like, waching films, practice playing on a new musical instrument and lots more!


    The one change I would like to remain in long term after the pandemic is keeping social distances. I would like it to remain because social distance has reduced the over crowding in shop, markets, hospitals and other busy areas of activities in my Country. One important thing most of us don't know is that there are other diseases that one can contract through spit, sweat and sneeze so if we keep social distance it will help reduce the risk.
    Secondary it has maintain peace because for the fear of security officers one don't engage in a fight or quarry since if seen you will arrested for not observing social distance.
    This one thing I would like to remain

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is washing of hands because if you don't wash your hands germs can enter your hands and make you sick and you can affect your self with other viruses like Ebola, lasser fever etc. And let it be our habit. Let us take this for an example, if another virus comes and it is already our habit we will not suffer a lot. And also the best part is you don't need any special soap for the washing of hands you just need ordinary soap for the washing of hands because soap kills bacteria, viruses, fungus etc. Some people will think that if the soap kills bacteria or viruses or fungus so if you use water it will wash the soap so it should dry on your hands NO because if don't wash it away with water it will form again and harm you.

  • The one change I would like to see remain is personal hygiene and the ligh value of doctors in our society becauce their high value and price
    Corona emerging virus had its disadvantages, but that does not mean it is free from the pros now let's talk about one of the most important positives of this virus
    1)He had a reason for the height of two things, namely the value of high cleanliness and high value of the doctors in this community
    It showed us this virus is the importance of these two things in the community and that these two things their value is priceless. Without doctors and their research and their effort when we arrived that the causes of virus Corona is eating Acaia forbidden fruit such as bats, and also not hygiene was the community in the biggest crisis of the existing crisis, which is currently Dzil Vhkuraa on These two Alnamtan

  • One change I would like to remain in long term is; TRAVEL LIMITATIONS

    By the time Covid 19 crisis abates months from now,we will have learned technology to virtually travel and that technology effectively is likely to both advance and become more interoperable.i think people will have become more comfortable with attending meetings from remote locations,and we already know that video conferencing is both far less expensive and far safer than physical travel.physical travel also opens people to sickness and injury. working on a plane is suboptimal when compared to working from a home or office. So why not take benefits that have been achieved by requiring people to video conferences rather than travel and revert them?let's make it stick for healthier and less stressed out.

  • Yes a lot of changes have been made by governments, business and individuals concerning the corona virus.Some of which include; Wearing of nose mask, face shield, applying alcohol based sanitizer on hands,covering mouth or nose when sneezing with tissue or elbow. With above mentioned preventive measures to changes, I would like covering of nose and mouth when sneezing with tissue or elbow. this will not help reduce the spread of corona virus pandemic but to also prevent the spread of other airborne infections diseases such as tuberculosis, whooping cough, swan flu,Spanish flu in ect in the long run.I believe strong that maintaining such as precautionary measure or change I will do a lot of good in the long run.

  • The manufacture of large numbers of gags and equipped with artificial respiration and vaccination continuously since childhood against serious diseases
    The reason: To avoid and respond to any epidemic affecting the world in the coming years and to protect ourselves and the ability to control quickly and control the world

  • The one change I would like to see remain is reducing gas and air pollution from factories because the Ozone whole has shrunken. Covid19 has closed factories and car gases in most over crowded cities,this helped the earth to breathe and clean her lungs. Closing factories helped recover the ozone layer The hole was the result of a record depletion of the ozone layer over the Arctic this winter, which experts described as an unusual situation in this region of the planet, according to what the European News Network quoted from the agency. The agency pointed out that the usual is to form holes in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, every spring. According to the European Agency, the ozone hole over the Antarctic is mainly caused by man-made chemicals including chlorine and bromine that migrate to the stratosphere; It is a layer of the atmosphere located 10 to 50 kilometers above sea level. Similar holes formed in the same area above the Arctic during the winter of 1997 and 2011, but to a lesser extent than this year

  • The world will be less open and less free
    The Corona pandemic will contribute to strengthening the state and strengthening patriotism, and that governments around the world will adopt emergency measures to manage the crisis represented by the outbreak of the epidemic, but many of those governments will not want to abandon the new powers when the crisis ends
    The spread of the epidemic is expected to accelerate the shift of power and influence from the west to the east, and that China's handling of the epidemic was good despite its initial stumbling when the virus was discovered. The slow and frustrated response in Europe and America is one of the things that has distorted the aura that has long surrounded Western engagement.
    .The current epidemic will not contribute to changing the prevailing global politics characterized by conflict, but the epidemics that passed on mankind before did not put an end to the rivalry between the great powers and were not the starting point for a new era of global cooperation.

    He concluded that the battle against the current epidemic will clear its dust from a less open world, less prosperous and free due to the combination of several factors, including the deadly virus, inappropriate planning and inefficient leaderships, which puts humanity on a path of concern.

  • One change I would like it to remain after this is the hygiene protocols, disinfection of schools,market and other places this would help reduce malaria and cholera and other diseases.

  • When Corona came to the world changed it and for the Palestinians nothing has changed because we are in siege and the only change is the clouser of mosques Corona has not changed us nor will we change us

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is making the family relationship much colser because before coronavirus pandemic , life was busy. Everyone was busy working , studying or worshipping but while coronavirus pandemic , everyone starts to see his family and to spend time with them.
    In my point of view , after coronavirus pandemic finishes , we should not make ourselves away from our families regardless of working , studying or worshipping. We should specialize some time for them.

      1. Stars are not awarded until the competition is judged - which is happening today!

  • The one thing i will like to see in place is the use of sanitizers with more percent of alcohol than its scent because sanitizers with more alcohol kills much gems and also if a person beside you is an asthmatic patient and you are using a sanitizer with a strong scent what do you think will happen to this patient.We must maintain the way we avoid over crowded places because over crowding can cause heat which can make people faint.

  • ::Rapidly Changing our Social Life::
    Coronavirus has been changed our social life and we are fear from each other
    and we must keep social distancing approximately 6ft from one person to another person;
    it disturb our social life and we feel alone and we could not interect with each other socially like before.
    1.we could not buy new dress and clothes from the market.
    2.Traveling restrection from one place to another
    3.Outgoing recreation and visits are limited
    4.Learning must be online and virtually
    5.Arts and muscian places totally closed.
    6.we could not help the neighbour as like before.
    due to all the folloing we change our life and could not live like before.for more detail you must visit the news website is as under;


  • The family rapprochement has become more secure and the family's relationship with each other has been strengthened due to the corona, as the whole world is seized in his home for fear for his safety and the safety of others. And we can say that the virus has helped the mother to have more time and play with her children and help them spend their day in understandable things like reading stories and the mother may help her children in developing their skills and discovering their new talents, and the mother can after spending all the time with Her children can thus know how to think about her children and help them with their problems, that many children do not tell their parents about the problem related to them, given that they are at work all day or out of fear of them, but then the stone will of course tell the children their parents about their problem because they have shared with them their true side and Is the bright side of them.

  • Education System Totally Changed in Future
    I think that our education system will totally change in future due to the coronavirus and the threat of death. if we follow the social distancing and other rules and regulation of COVID-19 then it is best for us to use the online and virtual education system in all over the world. Education system will have the positive impact in our life due to the virtual learning and it must change the learning skills, less cost , less time and the traveling resources. All will be reduce in future.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in Ghana is PRIVATE BURIAL of the dead.... In Ghana funerals are very expensive events for which cannot be controlled due to our tradition, belief and customs. Mostly about 80% of funerals come with a lot of cost. Many families lend monies even from the banks with high interest rate and later run at lost (debt). Mortal remains of the dead are kept in the morgue sometimes over 6 months to a year but currently immediately someone dies, it takes less than 2 weeks to a month to be buried. Interestingly, dead bodies of our traditional rulers could be kept in the morgue sometimes over 1 year as minimum and 18 months, maybe as maximum. Death incidents that have legal suit and injunction due to a peculiar issue might take indefinite time until the court brings out its verdict on the matter. A typical example was my grandfather who was kept in the morgue for about 3 years due to chieftaincy dispute.

    Coronavirus pandemic preventive guidelines here in Ghana has brought a significant change in our funeral and burial events. Currently not more than 25 family members can gather for burial rites of the deceased. It is with constitutional backing signed by the President of the republic of Ghana.

    Defaulting families so far in some places like Obuasi and Koforidua were caught by the police and immediately they were prosecuted to the court and fines ranging between Ghc10,000.00 to Ghc18,000.00 were put on them to pay.
    Indeed this measure has so far controlled our unnecessary spending and stress to organise funerals. It has actually controlled people from travelling far and near thereby significant reductions of road accidents. Road accidents were very rampant almost every weekend due to the numerous funerals organised in almost all the parts of Ghana for which people need to travel from far places under stress.
    I strongly have the conviction that, the government would enforce and regulate our funerals with private burial measures where the deceased are buried within 10 days or a month during this COVID-19 pandemic. PRIVATE BURIAL SHOULD BE MAINTAINED for it has a lot of economic and social benefits on the citizens. No printing of funeral accessories, no hiring of musical instruments, no hiring of pallbearers, no radio and TV publicity, no catering contracts and many more. This practice of change on funerals should remain in Ghana with strict monitoring.

  • "Biggest Business impact due to coronavirus"
    Coronavirus is boosting the business of Medical industry in all over the world specially
    in china, they make masks, sanitizers, hand wash,and other type of soap and chemicals for virus.
    they also make testing kits and instruments for testing coronavirus.they have big advantage from all over the world.
    many big companies from USA and British sale out the share during coronavirus time in china, now china start big business in medical and other industries.
    The world economy is in china hands,technology, emarketing, healthcare and ecommerce all increase globally.

  • Need of 5Gs technology
    The developing requirement for remote collaborations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic has featured a requirement for 5G innovation, possibly quickening reception in the long haul.
    3-Digital Media
    4-Social media

  • Meetings and conferences will Replace by Online
    during coronavirus meetings and conferences could not conduct face to face,
    it will change the trend and they adopt technology and start live session with the people from all over the world
    I think we are all developing new ways to work virtually and online;because it is necessary for the current situation.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is taking care of environmental resources, because ever since this pandemic started, interactions with nature has risen considerably. This new reciprocation should be a key part of life and should not be altered in any way. As flora and fauna has given us everything we need to cope during difficult times, we should look after them in return. Who knows, the cure for COVID-19 might be a certain plant that can relieve you of the disease the moment used.

  • The one change i would like to see remain in place is social distancing.
    Because the longer you spend in close proximity with an infected person,the more your chances of catching the virus go up.That is why the UK government say that," where face-to-face contact is essential,this should be kept to 15 minutes or less wherever possible".The distance agreed by The World Health Organisation is two metres because the majority of droplets that comes from a person infected with covid-19 would land within one to two metres.That is why it is said,the greatest risks come from having the virus coughed at you from close range or from touching a surface-and then your face-that someone coughed onto.It is safer to be indoors than outdoors.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is the close of schools and learning of home because children can easily be infected by the virus if they aren’t taking the precautions seriously and as kids we will not listen to advice and also it will help children learning from home do more research and learn lot on their own so when school resumes they will know how to learn and research on their own

  • I would like us to remain with the law of avoiding overcrowded places and social distancing. I want it to remain this way because even if corona virus is over there will still be people with contagious disease or infection that will spread in crowded places such as the bus, churches, schools ,mosque or market places etc. I know it is impossible to not be in a crowded church ,mosque or school but at least there should be distancing at least 2 metre ,example in church the chairs should be set 2 metres away from each other. In schools we should stop the practice of which two kids share a desk whether in class or out for break, because some children go to schools whiles having a contagious disease called chicken pox which will spread without anybody noticing it until it has spread to every part of the body.

  • Pay more attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to psychological and household sterilization, exposure to sun from time to time, and eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body.
    To be immune to diseases

  • the one change i would like to see remain in place is curfews and quarentine this involves closing bars because some people here in Kenya have been anounced in the news walking at 12:00am drunk and this can lead to poor health because drinking alcohol can give you diseases like stomach cancer and can lead to death and this also leads to less population in kenya.

  • Recently , The quarantine made our planet better as it reduced pollution and brought back life to nature in addition to improving the ozone hole so this is the once change I want to remain .
    About the consequences of Corona virus in economic , entertainment and education.
    In the first , about economic , Corona virus stopped many companies and this reflected in a negative result on the individuals daily income .
    About my city "Gaza strip " We are in a city besieged by the occupation so if corona virus spread the consequences will be very bad , we will found most of people infected because of the small size and population density ,also we do not have adequate and appropriate treatment for this problem .
    About the education, all schools closed and start the online education , and it didn't fit all the students.

    Hand washing was first recognized in the 19th Century by two pioneers of hand hygiene, (Ignaz semmelweis and Florence Nightingale). They believed that infections were caused by foul odors called miasmas. In the 1980s, Foodborne outbreaks and healthcare-associated infections led the United States Centers for Diseases Prevention to more actively promote hand hygiene as an important way to stop the spread of diseases. The outbreak of swine Flu in 2009 and the Covid-19 in 2020 have led to the increased awareness in many countries about the importance of washing hands with soap and water to prevent oneself from such infectious diseases. Alcohol has been used as antiseptic sanitizer since 1363 which has been evidence in use in Europe since the late 1800s. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has been commonly in use in Europe since the 1980s and it is part of the World Health Organization's list of essential Medicines. Hand Sanitizer is a liquid, gel or foam that is generally used to decreased infectious agents on the hands. In most settings, hand washing with soap and water is preferred because there is a view that hand sanitizer without alclholic content is less effective because it can not kill germs such as norovirus and clostridium difficile, unlike soap and water that removes all harmful chemicals.
    To start with, hand washing and sanitization is the process throught which an individual get rids of germs, virus and bacterial which causes diseases so as to prevent illness and spread of such micro-organism that causes infections.
    First and foremost, I think hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer will be good to practice after the pandemic,because it will help citizens around the world to prevent the spread of other harmful viruses that are in existence in our environment.
    Furthermore, hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer can also help others in their communities to be mindful of their personal hygiene. It can also help the world to be a healthier place as everyone observes the health protocols.
    Moreover, keeping our hands clean as the newest public norms will be a good health practice that reduces germs or prevent the spread of germs through handshaking which is a universal norm of greetings. Many people forget to wash their hands or uses sanitizers before and after using the restroom, touching garbages, helping someone else through body interactions, or after sneezing, coughing, taking care of a sick individual or playing, that is why the world has witness the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide.
    In conclusion let me state that today we have all learnt from our mistakes and have tried to correct them by observing the health protocols, but which is important is the washing of hands with soap and running tap water regularly and also using hand-sanitizers to keep them clean. Washing your hands can also assist in removing some substance like stains, dirt and oil that are harmful to the body.
    There are also other ways of cleaning your hands if soap is not available, you can use the following; Alcohol-based sanitizers, ash and salt-water.

  • Our Habits and values changing quickly
    during the Covid-19 the people see back and in old time when things were changed in their lives.
    A lot of our lives are habitual, and habits are frequently effective with helping in work, our families lok after and pursue our goals.
    now the system does is chande those values and habits.people travel and work in a different way, their daily life and routines work change.
    they things includeing eating, and how to communicate with other families.This pandemic is like a war, but it need pulling together.
    when people feel what collective task can achieve,it also be change how they relate to others life, and greater sense of community.They are bound to be downsides.the peopl have poor quality of relationship with others.
    manny people who have mental illnesses such as depressio, obsessive, compulsive disorders and paranoia etc and they are also face very hard situation in life.
    when people sit in home then they also face health problems, like high cholesterol and blood pressure etc.

  • The Muslims worship changed
    due to coronavirus all muslims badly affected their religion and culture worships.
    such never done before in the history all the worship places of sunni, shia muslims closed in the world.
    The Hajj for sunni muslims , congregational prayers for chiristain, gatherings as thaipusam for hindus and the arabeen for shias willl be restrected.
    these group rituals provide believers spiritual experiences. and now without proper arrangement that experience not underminded.
    Religion one of the biggest source of culture for thuman being and the epistemology of our society will never again be same in the whole world.

  • 5-G and Wifi Brings lifesaveing connectivity to emergency healthcare centers:
    Covid-19 force the hospitals and health care centers systems around the world
    under big strain. the hospitals and health care centers treat the increased number of emergency cases in many countries with their temporary hospital facilities.
    for example in UK,London ExCel Exhibition centre-they make the lifestyle shows and business conferences, has beeen changed intoa temporary hospital with capacity for 4000 beds with oxygen and ventilators.
    and they needing medical equipment, doctors, nurses and disinfectant, these healthcare centere facilities need to be connected virtully with online system.This is the big impact of Wifi and internet connectivity. The internet and wifi revolution in the world and it increase the use during pandemic time of coronavirus.

  • that people help each other the same way

  • The effects of Climate Change Globally
    due to poor management of the environment and natural resources it can create a downward
    spiral of devastation. every year, it is approximately:
    around 175 Million people are affected by climate related disasters.
    up to 4 billion people remain vulnerable to effects of climate change
    over the past sixty years at least 45% of all intra state conflicts were linked to the disputes over the control and the use of natural resources.
    Climate change affect hardest hit to the poorest. climate change impacts food production, livelihoods and other water resources.
    People could not get the proper nutrition, health, access to safe drinking water, sanitation and education are negatively affected as a result of climate change.
    many other things happen due to climate change:
    natural disasters such as drought, floods and storms
    displacement and conflict
    malnutrition and hunger
    diarrheal, vector-bone and respirator diseases

  • Healthcare industry change due to Coronavirus
    COVID-19 has change the medical indsutry and healthcare system in all over the world.
    now we wash our hands and also use of Hand sanitizers is added in our dialy life.
    The following aspects due to coronavirus:
    Boost up Medical industry
    Medical innovation
    Medical Technology
    Healthcare Equipments
    Testing kits
    All are due to coronavirus in all over the world.

    1. Well there is a lot of things we think we need but really it’s not that complicated.Too be honest all you really need is medical knowledge,medicines,equipment,food,drinks and to remember even when your stressed at home everyday we are all in the same condition right now and we are supposed to make the most of it wherever we are or whoever we are!

      Thanks for reading,

  • The only change that I have previously adhered to is a doctor, due to the urgent need to of doctors especially in the Gaza strip, which is almost devoid of doctors, as with spread of the Corona virus, many lives are in danger not from Corona, but from the lake of diagnostic devices for the patients available in neighboring countries that prevents access to it with the spread Corona virus

  • The one change that is worth remaining in place is the ban on funerals. This is one of the social gatherings that attracted a ban in my country's attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Now, only private burial with an attendance of not more than 25 people is allowed. Before the outbreak of covid - 19, people were expressing concerns about the elaborate manner of our funerals. The funerals are characterized by profligate spendings. It was the wish of many people to have funeral celebrations cancelled. People spend huge sum of money to organize funerals at the expense of important things like health and education. Some parents have their wards sacked from school for non-payment of school fees, meanwhile these same parents have money to spend on funerals. So with this change, large sum of money and precious time which would have gone into funerals can be channeled to other productive and profitable ventures. This is why I would like the ban on funerals to remain in place even after the defeat of covid-19.

  • The change that I would like to keep is the cooperation the citizens of a nation and t he way other countries joined their their efforts wisdom and knowledge to fight against covid 19 and set aside their differences
    And also the way the teachers joined their effort and time to teach student online and the way the government of each nation find out what they do not know about their country ,the way children and citizens are suffering and things thet needs amendment and also the way unemployment have affected citizens of a nation which result to crime through the wrath of hunger from the wrath of poverty
    if leaders of a nation should heed to amendment the citizens would really appreciate because not everyone have the confidence to express themselves
    Cooperation of the citizens ,leaders and government is what builds a stronger nation

  • The thing that I would like to remain is the UK helping other countries, because of events such as Brexit and indiref2, the UK were trying to build walls around the country, and thinking only about themselves and what would make THEM a better nation. Coronavirus has shown that the UK can help different countries in difficult times, like this, or in small matters. After the virus is over, I would like to see a continued helping hand and support to different countries.

  • I have more time 2 study 4 my 11+ exams and the environment is becoming better. plants are growing and the air is becoming fresher. from these tragic events, we will also learn to be more cautious about what we do, put into our mouths and who or what we touch. good things can also come out of bad and I think everything most happen for a reason

  • The one change I would like to remain in place is that of sanitation and keeping the country and everywhere around you clean and healthy
    As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic , streets are being cleaned every week or day in order to keep surfaces that are vulnerable in holding the virus to be clean
    Therefore I believe if good hygiene is maintained the occurrence of diseases would be minimized

  • I will be happy if lockdown remains ,but just once in a while because some kids don't really spend time with there parent ,cause they work all day and by the time they come home they are all ready tired and even the weekends are not enough some parents even wok on Saturday and Sunday, example the doctors some of them work at night because they have night shift .So if there is lockdown for two or three days it would be a nice time to spend with your love ones .

  • The change I would like to remain is the unity the virus has brought to the world. This is because, ever since the outbreak of the virus, various individuals and other countries are providing funds for the poor and needy so they can cope with the present situation,even within countries, citizens are are all sharing their views on on how to avoid getting infected with the virus. Scientist are trying thier possible best to find a cure for this deadly virus. Other positive actions are being made in order to avoid the spread of the virus. This actions taken are not done individually but done with the help of others. During this time, I have experienced how much unity impacts positively in peoples lives. As the saying goes, 'unity is strength , we must continue this practice so we all can live better lives in the future.

  • The thing that I want to see to stay in place is to take care of our hygiene. We know that one of the things that prevents the spread of the Corona virus is hand washing and hygiene. So even when the disease is over, we must stay clean. This also will prevent us from being exposed to other diseases.

  • The thing that I want to see is to remain in the family bonding. In the course of the Corona pandemic, the relationship between family members increased by staying in the homes. Before the pandemic, we used to get out of the houses a lot and there was no time left for our families in our day so we must, even if the pandemic ended, to remain connected with our family, this affects Positively.

  • The only change I would like to see in place is to prevent the illegal immigration of our youth.
    To preserve and their lives, which migration may be the cause of death for many young people ...
    Which leads to the state losing some people with experience and thoughtful minds in all fields, which also leads to economic deprivation and the loss of many children to their parents.

  • The change I would like to want to remain it in place is the cleanliness of the country. In the course of the pandemic, many countries evaluated public places for fear of disease and also upon us, even after its completion, we continue to evaluate public places from time to time, this enhances the importance and value of cleanliness among citizens, which positively affects the citizen Thus, the state flourishes and becomes at the forefront of clean countries.

  • In fact, quarantine is a double sides sword ...
    The first side, which is the negative side, is the increase in the weight of many citizens, their inactivity and obesity, and this is because of sitting in the home, and not wandering outside.
    The second side, which is the positive side for the weather, “less traffic means better air quality.” I mentioned this in my own post , you can see it in my profile ..
    Because of the curfew, the movement of cars abroad decreased and this works to climate balance, Because cars emit harmful gases to the climate and the ozone hole , and this can cause global warming ...
    So the one change I would like to see remain in place is "low traffic" because this causes climate balance and makes the air better.

  • I liked helping countries to each other.
    Despite all the differences that exist between countries, we see them today helping some to prevent the spread of this virus, because one person can cause the death of the whole world ..
    So I hope countries will remain supportive of each other, because this leads us to prosperity and overcoming occupation.

  • The only change I want to see
    It is to use general prevention methods continuously, and everyone is keen to use their own tools, and not to use the tools of others: (such as towels, gags, toothbrushes, soaps, etc.)
    In the interest of all of us to protect ourselves from every threat to our bodies

  • Children are the youth of tomorrow and will protect the homeland in the future. Before the quarantine, the kids were busy with smartphones and electronic games, but after the quarantine they became bored of smartphones, they wanted to try other things and this led them to creativity and raise awareness for them, so they spent their time inventing new things like games, decorations and drawing Beautiful paintings.
    The only change I would like to keep is "creativity", because boredom in quarantine has led many of our children to creativity and this will make society sophisticated and advanced in the future ..

  • Reduced demand for fast food , whice leads to reduced obesity and healthy eating habits

  • The thing in society that I want to stay the same is the amount of pollution that we have caused for the Earth during Covid 19. We have not used cars as much, fewer factories going, fewer plane flights and we will cut down on the amount of plastic bags used and will use less than we do now. If this stays the same, global warming will not be anything like people have previously imagined and our beautiful Earth will not contain as much pollution anymore.

    1. Do you think its likely that the amount of pollution will continue to reduce after Covid-19, determined shrimp?

  • The only change I would like to see is "follow the cleanliness of public places" because this helps us to preserve the country and also works to protect us from all diseases and not only the prevention of corona virus and this positively affects the economy of the country.

  • The only change I want to see is:
    China has changed some bad habits that it was using, such as eating mice, snakes and other foods harmful to the human body.
    The reason: protect themselves from any harm or illness that may one day inflict them.

  • There are many things that I hope will have an impact on the whole world, but most of the things that I hope to survive after the Corona virus are the lack of use of environmental pollutants, because during the crisis of this virus people were quarantined in their homes and most of the work of the people in the world was disrupted, so the movement of factories was stopped and thus reducing Carbon dioxide gas and air pollutants, as well as less use of cars and transportation. Therefore, vehicle exhausts decreased, so the ozone hole was fixed, and the earth became breathing well. People also became interested in hygiene and disease prevention measures. I hope this will remain in the long run. Also, people are more interested in organizing time and also. There are a lot of people who discovered new talents that were hidden to them and also developed their talents. There are a lot of things that people consider a curse, but it is also a blessing like the Coronavirus.

    1. Have you discovered any hidden talents positive_lemon?

      1. Yes, I discovered the talent for drawing, as well as the talent for singing and writing stories and songs, and also developed my mental skills.

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Giving teachers courses on how to master e-learning remotely and include it in the school plan to teach students how to use it when any problem or obstacle stands in our face to ensure the continuation of the educational process ...

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Including information in the school curriculum about the Crohna virus, which invaded the world in a short period of time and led to the death of large numbers of people, which puzzled scientists in finding a suitable and countermeasures...

  • The only change I want to see is:
    International institutions should work to evacuate the prisoners from the Israeli occupation prisons because of the many difficulties we felt in the light of the Corona pandemic, difficulties in movement and bring the necessities and the need to return to normal life and the inability to adapt to the conditions of quarantine ...

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Staying abreast of a lot of knowledge and knowledge of many books on diseases that have spread in the past years and knowing their causes and how to get rid of them and see the news and knowing what's going on on our planet and more thought in finding a vaccine against this epidemic that Occupied the entire world ...

  • The only change I would like to see is "our support for the prisoners in the occupation prisons and our continuous follow-up on their case."
    Quarantine and curfews made us feel the value of freedom, which led us to reflect on the issue of prisoners. There are prisoners who have not seen the sunlight for many years, and this made us deal with them humanely and with their families, support them, pray for them, and follow their cause, and this leads to people cooperating with each other, which positively affects belonging to the homeland ..
    So I hope that after the end of the quarantine, we will remain concerned with the issue of prisoners and claim their rights, because this can lead to freedom, independence and the end of colonialism.

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Reducing the demand for fast food and encouraging the family to cooperate with each other in preparing healthy and beneficial meals with love and generosity, which leads to spreading harmony and cooperation between family members and preparing many foods with less effort and budget .

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Reopening schools and educational institutions, and working to prepare students for the start of a new year free from fear of infection with the Coronavirus, which caused widespread panic and fear for many children.

  • The only change I want to see is:
    People are more concerned with personal hygiene and eating foods rich in vitamins and salts beneficial for the body to have immunity against diseases and attention to sterilizing themselves and their homes and exposing them to the sun from time to time ...

  • The change I would like to remain is the eating of healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. Before the outbreak of the virus, health professionals educated people on their choices of food and a healthy way of living , but they were not at all concerned with it .Later due to the virus, people have now put it into consideration and adopted a new way of eating and a healthy way of living. I think this should remain because once you have adopted something that is beneficial to you and others, you must continue with it to maintain a healthy lifestyle but not return to the unhealthy lifestyle you lived before that causes harm to the body and environment.

  • The only change I want to see is:
    The increase in the demand for medical sterilizers and sanitary ware, as it is one of the important proposals for confronting diseases and viruses that may affect humanity and similar to Coronavirus ...

  • The only change I want to see is:
    Providing many precautionary buildings and health facilities, conducting first-hand examinations in a specified period of time, and working to sterilize cities continuously to avoid another virus threatening the world again ...

  • The only change I want to see is:
    The world returns to practice its activities in all fields (sports, political, economic) and others to increase its economy, build itself and return to normal life ...

  • The only change I've seen is: making large numbers of respirators, and constantly vaccinating since childhood against serious diseases
    To avoid and confront any epidemic, the world will spread in the coming years, to protect ourselves and the ability to control faster and control the world ...

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is to avoid touching our eyes ,nose and mouth with an unwashed hands. This is because an unwashed hand is full of germs and bacteria so if it gets into contact with these parts of the body, it can also attract another dangerous disease which will be very difficult to cure. So if we are able to cure this coronavirus ,we should advice ourselves not to touch our eyes,nose and mouth with unwashed or uncleaned hands to prevent any other infection.

  • One change that I would love if the world keep is that of inter country dependency. This is because during this pandemic or should I say as this pandemic is still on the world leaders of various country tried to solve this problem on their own but could not realising the need for others support. It is really good as country help each other cause of this will go a long way in helping the world at large as we need each other to survive.

  • The one change I would prefer to be passed on to future generations is keeping clean at all times since germs would still be there. Washing hands regularly would be very effective keeping in mind that germs are very tiny organisms which cannot be seen by naked eyes.So if luck joins us in wiping out this disease, its advisable to continue with the spirit of hand washing and sanitization to stop the spread of diseases and possible emergence of other new germs and bacterial infections.Remember that covid-19 is a burden all over the world and if eliminated people might care less about hygiene and sanitization.

  • the change which I will like to remain is personal hygein, people should always wash their hands to avoid being infected by germs,
    secondly buying of equipment like hospitals equipment to help develop the county's health care should remain,
    thirdly helping of the less privileged should also remain, loving of one another, peace and unity should also remain to help us build our country to a greater heights

  • The only positive change that I would like to remain is the family bonding bless .In the quarantine time and the shutdown we stayed at our homes.This gave us a wide time to be with our family sisters,brothers and all of us. We were playing video games,reading books,watch TV, singing,laughing and cooking .
    We built friendships in our families which we couldn't do before. This warm atmosphere is a positive side for Covid19. Thus leads me ro inquire why don't we be close to each other and feel love and care?Why do we need a disease to let us feel the bless ?Why can't we appreciate the bless our selves ,the bless of the family . This bless should be admirable and respected. We should give more time to our family sons, daughters abd all the memebers. Thanks Corona for our family bonding. We realized how we were in a bless and we didn't know untill you came.

  • Webinar online Sessions Trend
    Webinar are often use for the learning skills online free education workshop,Master Classes, Free Training sessions, Web-based Seminars, Interactive Trainings,
    Online conferences, and business meetings.This is the new trend in all over the world when coronavirus come in the world,we keep social distancing mean physical distancing so we must use the online session for learning
    There are many other platforms for learning live but most of the institutions and organizations using webinar live sessions.they have the live cam, audio video and chat room for the questions and answers.it is very effective and it gives results positively.
    at the end of each session live discussion with the administrator and the trainer, so he can resolve your issue and problems by providing the useful tacts and tips.
    In comming days, all the presentations and reading materials will be online and they conduct the online session for dicussion and give education online. The future of internet and the technology is bright and all the expert will get benefits from these skills.
    The most important and best is the Webinar Jam,
    1.Webinar (webinar platform)
    2.Demio (marketings software built in with teams)
    3.Click meeting (best tools for education)
    All the following platforms have most advance features with recording, etc.
    Before this we not use such platforms for learning and for education purposes, so these are the new trends for us.it give big change in our current situation when covid-19 pandemic.

  • SEVEN Positive Outcomes of COVID-19
    I have notice many positive changes during the coronavirus time but here I discuss the 7-seven positive outcomes. These are as follows:
    The environment (related with Weather)
    Peace (world wide issues and harmony)
    Corporate Responsibility
    Reimagined Education
    1.The Environment:
    The primary positive part of COVID-19 is the impact on the earth. Carbon outflows are down all inclusive and with assembling and air venture out coming to a standstill, the planet has gotten an opportunity to revive. China recorded a 85 percent expansion in days with great air quality in 337 urban communities among January and March. With voyagers gone from Italy, the since quite a while ago dirtied channels of Venice presently show up clear as fish and other natural life begin returning. Somewhere else, natural life is likewise returning in other significant urban communities and the biodiversity is gradually beginning to return in different pieces of the world.
    2. Peace:
    The coronavirus is additionally raising any expectations of less fights and less clash, bringing about expanded degrees of harmony. The United Nations called to end all wars despite COVID-19 as the world defies a shared adversary: "It's an ideal opportunity to put outfitted clash on lockdown," expressed Secretary-General António Guterres.
    3. Connectedness:
    A third positive result is a restored feeling of network and social attachment. Self-confinement challenges us as social creatures who want connections, contact and collaboration with different people.
    4. Innovation:
    COVID-19 is a significant market disruptor that has prompted unprecedented levels of development. Because of the lockdown, such a large number of organizations have needed to reevaluate themselves with another 'business as strange' theory.
    This incorporates bistros transforming into takeaway scenes (some of which additionally now sell milk or face covers) and gin refineries presently making hand sanitizers.
    5. Corporate Responsibility:
    Coronavirus is driving a new wave of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The global pandemic has become a litmus test for how seriously companies are taking their CSR and their work with key stakeholders: the community, employees, consumers and the environment.
    For example,
    Companies are donating money, food and medical equipment to support people affected by the coronavirus. Others are giving to healthcare workers, including free coffee at McDonald’s Australia and millions of masks from Johnson & Johnson (Dettol company).
    6. Reimagined Education:
    The 6th positive result is enormous change in training. Valid, its greater part was not by decision. With schools shutting down all around the globe, numerous educators are digitalizing the study hall, offering on the web training, instructive games and undertakings and self-drove learning.
    7. Gratitude:
    At last, the seventh blessing that COVID-19 is giving us is another feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. It has offered us another point of view on all that we have taken for conceded for such a long time – our opportunities, relaxation, associations, work, and loved ones. We have never addressed how life as we probably am aware it could be abruptly detracted from us.

  • Older People Affectedin the world from COVID-19
    The older people in the world are more susceptible to the risk of
    infection from coronavirus,especially the people who have chronic health conditions for example
    hypertension, cardiovascular disease,respiratory system, and diabetes.
    the older people are not just struggling with greater health issues but they are also to be less afforable of supporing themselves in quarantine.
    so they keep social distancing to reduce the spread of disease.
    this is the big problem in all over the world with old persons.

    1. So what would be the change you would suggest we keep?

  • The one thing I would like to see remain in place is keep washing our hands for 20-40 seconds with soap, no matter covid-19 or not, some people don't wash their hands after going to toilet and after touching dirty stuff, we should always wash our hands and keep personal hygiene to avoid getting contaminated sick and fever or even diseases.

  • The coronavirus outbreak is putting people's mental health
    COVID-19 has great impact on people mental health so the people should
    do the followings:
    1.be relax and stay home
    2.Be good to yourself
    3.connect online with your friends and families
    4.keep in contact with people you know who are living alone
    5.Think about your mental health if you are in self-isolating
    6.create daily routines to give your days structure
    7.Try to focus on positive news

  • It has been said by many people that the Corona pandemic will change the face of the world and turn it upside down; And that the world after this pandemic will not be inevitably as it was before before. The truth is that this statement is valid, but it is not without exaggeration at the same time.
    In this text, I will talk more about the topic of the changes that will remain after the Coruna virus and delve into the details that we have not always looked into before and contemplated.
    At a glance, our relationship with the home has radically transformed. Two months ago, the house was that dead space where nothing is ever new. At the end of a long day we spent working or having fun outside, our tired bodies harbored the couches to rest, then to the beds to sleep and prepare for another long day we spend most of it outside. For years, the culture of going out has been the dominant one. We have to get out of our safe spaces from our homes and discover the world. We learn, work, make friends, and embrace new experiences so that life lives to its fullest. You must always be in a state of movement, a movement whose area is the outside world. A person is a civil (social) nature who does not like isolation.
    For example, I am narrower in fear if I were to remain at home one day between four walls ..
    But the concepts have turned against it now. The house has become the place where we keep our health from that small virus that attacks our bodies, so we have taken shelter from that house from the house.
    This made us sit with our families more, know what they love, play with them, share beautiful moments, develop our skills, in short - be closer -
    This thing is the positive side of Corona, so its role was to keep us at home and compensate us for times and memories that we did not destroy next to each other. For example, the father is working throughout his day, we do not see him on holidays, and the mother is exhausted in cleaning the house and working outside while we are in school or clubs, so here is a small virus that teaches us how to organize everything time and that we have a time dedicated to staying with the family and carrying out multiple activities and Fun ..
    This is the change that I would like to see because the family is the warm place that we resort to in our lives so if we are exposed to a situation we turn to our people and they help us immediately and they stand by our side and it is the basis for the rise and prosperity of civilizations. And his morals.


  • The one change I would like to see The world is more open ..
    Because this will give a lot of information to a lot of the world in us, despite our development, and I have reached the moon and we have become in the twentieth century, and some people do not know about the Corona virus, how to take care of themselves and their hygiene, and thanks to the Corona virus, which made everyone know about it .
    It is an important factor in peoples ’lives because it is the way to achieve social communication and human coexistence as not only this, but it will also influence
    In lifestyle in all respects.

  • CORONAVIRUS changed the Film and TV industry
    All over the world cinemas closed and its revenues could fall by 17$ billion by may.
    Netflix and the straight to digital release fo trolls world tour have benfited.
    when cinemas open then social distancing and hygiene measures will be required.
    Media analysis struggle to gauge the right economic impact of coronavirus on box office and the TV advertising some countries have
    been wighing up the cost of lost production spending.
    for example,
    In canada, an estimated CAD 2.5$ Billion could be lost from a shutdown until the end ot june.

  • The only change that I would like to keep is good self care and protection from infection ,as wisdom says prevention better than cure

  • The change that I would like to keep in the long term, whether the Corona virus ends or because of any other epidemic is to show these slogans in the face of the Corona pandemic, and they are safe from the virus, by washing hands properly, respiratory and personal hygiene, be prophet and educate yourself be compassionate and support each other, because we If we apply these tips and slogans, they will not be affected by the virus because we sleep from the virus if we avoid crowded areas where people who are sick have educated ourselves, always by listening to the advice of trusted authorities.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is awareness, then awareness, then awareness, especially for developing countries. When a person is aware and aware of what is happening around him, he can collect the largest amount of information and ways to address and deal with the disease. Corona virus has caused a change in the world and society. Social divergence as a means to reduce or reduce the spread of the disease, oven through it has both pros and cons, has reduced interaction between people and also quarantine has been important in reducing the spread of the disease. Awareness first and last is the best way to protect against the Corona virus.

  • Social distancing : also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people In addition to everyday steps to prevent COVID-19, keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools we have to avoid being exposed to this virus and slowing its spread locally and across the country and world.
    Limit close contact with others outside your household in indoor and outdoor spaces. Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick, it is important to stay away from others when possible, even if you—or they—have no symptoms. Social distancing is especially important for people who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.
    Many people have personal circumstances or situations that present challenges with practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please see the following guidance for additional recommendations and considerations for:
    1. Households Living in Close Quarters: How to Protect Those Who Are Most Vulnerable
    2. Living in Shared Housing
    3. People with Disabilities
    4. People Experiencing Homelessness outside of your home.
    COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period. Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of people nearby. The droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs. Recent studies indicate that people who are infected but do not have symptoms likely also play a role in the spread of COVID-19.

    It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes. However, this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. COVID-19 can live for hours or days on a surface, depending on factors such as sunlight, humidity, and the type of surface. Social distancing helps limit opportunities to come in contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people outside the home.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is that they should ban selling illegal animals because the people who sell it doesn't really wear gloves and in the future, most illnesses might come from selling animals illegally like the Coronavirus. Also, they- before they sell the alive animal- they do something to it. It also seems people won't survive by eating that. That is what I want to change.

  • Corona virus caused many changes, including negative and positive, of positive changes:
    1. Learn how to personalize.
    2. Discovering children's talents (singing, swimming in homes, reading books, doing handicrafts, writing poetry, writing stories, learning to cook)
    3. Family bonding. In the period of quarantine and closures that we stayed in our homes, this gave us a wonderful time to be with our sisters and brothers.
    4 - Creating handouts through websites.
    5. The life of gangs and crimes stops.
    6. Decreased pollution levels in China and Europe.
    Away from all that has been said about the pros and cons, the greatest thanks go to the White Army who fought against the Crohna virus.

  • This virus came as a flood to destroy green and land But monitor that has positives: Providing state funds Some published pictures of heads of state and ministers, when they held presidential summits through video platforms, which resulted in saving a lot of high costs spent on their travel in addition to their delegations. "I personally hope that most of the meetings will be in this way to save the expenses of the lavish conferences and the complex protocols that we do not reap Including only memorial photos of officials. "

  • Despite the negative changes in the Corona virus that affected the world, there are some changes that have made the world better:
    - Precautionary measures and complete equipping of hospitals at all times. Sometimes there is a shortage of hospitals, which leads to the loss of many lives.
    - It affected the behavior of societies greatly because it witnessed radical changes and the creation of new values ​​such as the spread of hygiene behaviors, sterilization, social divergence, and facilitating distant life.
    The gap between the individual and the state apparatus has narrowed, and a kind of collective cooperation has emerged because of the common threat that has brought power and members of society closer.

  • For me, the Corona virus has corrected a lot of things, the most important of which is that it has not included many families and that it has shown many skills that we did not know we could do, but after the virus and quarantine we benefited many because we had started working a lot of skills from them ( Reading stories, playing football) and we developed a lot of our information and learned from our actions that we were doing before Corona and the busy adults have benefited, because they started doing things that they were not full-time and did not do because of their preoccupation with work and devoting their lives to work. After the virus, I think that All human beings have benefited from it because they started reuniting the family again, discovering new skills, and returning to do things, skills and talents that they have been busy with, but we really have to thank the Corona virus because it changed many bad things and has removed pollution from the environment.

  • We have benefited from the Corona virus many things,:
    including that we have learned how to learn remotely, so schools may disappear in the future and distance learning appears, as well as we have learned how to rely on ourselves in our studies and we have become more interested in our food, so we have eaten the fortified food for immunity in abundance.

  • I want us to continue raising funds like how some people do for corona virus , but when corona virus is over other people need help like those orphans . we should even start now because some children have already lost their parents due to covid-19. we also need to help amputated children and try to send them to school because most of them have potential to learn and be some one great in the future . So that they would not be amputated for the rest of their lives .

  • One change I believe we should all keep is the habit of being hygienically conscious. If there was no pandemic washing of the hands an maintainance of social distancing would not be as common as it is today Also the practice of caring for one another and words of encouragement should go on . I believe if these are implemented after the pandemic the world will be stronger and better prepared if another pandemic happens to take place. Please stay safe everyone.

  • Big changes are related to investing in health care and providing hospitals with better equipments. This I believe can lead to more sustainable health care

  • Among the positives of the Corona virus are students ’orientation towards technology:
    Corona virus led students, whether in schools or universities, to e-learning, which led to directing students to useful educational sites and not wasting time on unhelpful online browsing, so students increased their ability to direct targeted browsing via the Internet, and their ability to write Electronic research and scientific reports, and their ability to test themselves electronically (which increased confidence between teachers and students), and increased students' communication with their teachers, creating love and passion, which led to purposeful and beneficial technology exploitation.

  • One change I would like to remain place is quarantine. I know that not all people like quarantine but we have being quarantine to help ourselves because when someone is sick and you don't know and the person comes out it can affects you .

  • When you asked this question one thing to keep in long term l felt abit emotional .it has always been my dream that we embrace togetherness ,l have seen it happening people sharing food and helping in this time of crisis people assiting others who have been affected may this remain hudred years to come Also personal hygiene wash your hands daily before touching anything and before eating to avoid germs that may cause diseases.
    I wont forget our hereos allover the world who have worked with zeal to ensure the disease is not spread the doctors may you continue with the same spirit you have helpedpatients who have contracted the disease and
    have felt better you're true hereos and may this remain you have sacrificed alot your family others are staying in quarintine centres moved away from home to help your fellow people doctors we salute you .
    Even when covid19 is over continue with the same heart of giving not only today but thousand years to come .
    Continue keeping personal hygiene and staying together even when covid19 comes to an end .
    Also me being a studentl wont forget a positive impacts on education teachers have really worked tirelessly to teach through the Zoom meeting ,television for diffrent subjects ,Radio teachings and e_learning.this has indeed helped us may this remain you have done it indeed and continue with the same hardwork.

  • The change I would like to remain in place is:
    *Wearing of masks,this is because Covid-19 infections will decrease if we continue observing this rule and wear our masks 😷 the right way
    *Social distance,this is because the virus is an enemy of crowds and it will really help but then it's a negative change because pupils especially in public schools won't be able to observe this rule due to huge numbers.
    *Washing of hands, because it will help in maintaining hygiene amongst us.These are the changes I would like to remain

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is the global coordination in medical research in finding a cure because there are other “killer pandemics” such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc. that urgently needs a cure. In our current global pandemic, we have seen a global coordination by developed and even under-developed continents like Africa in medical research in finding a cure to COVID-19. Even though there is yet to be a cure for the COVID-19 pandemic, one can be optimistic that with so many hands now on deck, there is light at end of the tunnel. I would love to see this same global coordination in medical research translated in finding a cure to life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and even cancer. For instance, in my country Sierra Leone, malaria is killing quite a huge number people every day and the figures are likely the same or if not higher than our daily COVID-19 deaths. It is for such a reason that I believe that a continued global coordination in medical research will likely create a greater humanity, a better and safer place for all to live in.

  • Yes, Corona virus has many negatives, but we must realize that everything has a bright side, as well. Corona virus has a lot of positives, one of which improved the ozone hole. It is a big problem and was increasing, but Corona limited this development. Yes, guys, the lungs will relax and nature will return Many creatures will live. It is a very beautiful thing. Once you imagine it, it is very nice to keep clean to keep the environment clean like this.

  • Corona virus changed our lives
    Among the many positives of Corona Virus is that my family has become greatly concerned with personal hygiene and we have helped many people to resist this global epidemic. We have come to appreciate our normal lives that we lived in every day well without the painful news and not only my family but also many families and my relatives as well I hope that they remain These changes, even after the epidemic is over, I want everyone to have hope. Everything will be fine because we are strong

  • The only change I want to keep is minimizing the use of transportation The Corona pandemic has caused people to move out of their homes, thereby reducing transportation and transportation And this definitely leads to increasing the purity of the air and reducing air pollution

  • Global Art and English Learning Programs
    During this situation our Learning method change and our education system affected badly.
    so all over the world especially Britishcouncil start useful activities like arts and enlish learning langauge and online exams.
    In many countries many program paused and the government and health department guide to use the rules and law.
    Art council England start 160 Million Pound emergency package.
    This amount for Theatres , gallaeries,artists and museums in england who are badly desturb by the impact of coronavirus.
    this promote the Entertainment and Arts industry in England.

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Business Industry
    Our small industry down fall the business and they always in crieses and could not survive now.
    The latest trend of business companies change their way to dealing customers, supplying products and manufacturing .
    The workers at on risk and determining the effectiveness of risk, intervention strategies.They must improve the experience of customers, some become jobless and all other in uncertain conditions. As the reopening of economies contines across the much of the Europe and North America,its cost taking stock of the epidemiological situation and trends of treating business.

  • My best and favorite thing in this project is the Competition every week. so I always participate in this competition for learning more and new ideas. I feel that there are many changes in all over the world in all field of life, Environment, Entertainment, TV and arts, Business industries, Health and safety and much more .
    here I discuss one thing the big change in our health and safety measure, we have change the way to tackle the patients in hospitals and emergency situation. due to pandemic time our healthcentres and medical hospitals change the way to treat patients with online and tele-health system.
    Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services.
    For example:
    Telehealth includes health education services, remote monitoring of vital signs, ECG or blood pressure and remote doctor-patient consultations (telemedicine).

  • One change I would like to for people to line up to buy something from the grocery store, mall, or market .. This is from one of the points on the bright side of the Corona virus. It is nice to be organized on this issue. We are now in the twentieth century, and is it possible not to do that?
    We also take a distance between us and others, and this is what is called social divergence today. This term has become well known in light of the pandemic of the Coronavirus.
    I liked that this change would remain after Corona virus, because of course I do not like crowding this personally, not only this, but we assume that a person has the flu and I while he is in the same place there is no distance between us, it is normal for the enemy to be transmitted and I have also suffered that The enemy has been transferred to him, and he will pass it on to other people. As the Corona virus did today, the purpose of spacing is to protect and prevent diseases.

  • One long lasting change I would like is the establishment of nursing homes in every country. Nursing homes are establishments in which elderly people are kept and cared for. The elderly are the most vulnerable to diseases due to the fact that they have a lower immune system. As recorded,America has the highest number of cases and deaths and New York has the highest number of cases and deaths in America-most of which,happened in nursing homes. New York isn't the biggest state in America but the reason for this misfortune was that the governor of New York allowed COVID-19 patients who were still recovering to enter into nursing homes against the people's wish. The aged are supposed to be given the most protection so if these places were locked down properly,this wouldn't have being the case.
    My point is that adequate care for the elderly is needed. A good way to start up such care is through nursing homes and I believe that if this is done,a lot would be saved including lives, money and resources.

  • The change I would like to see remain in place is: people staying in the house I don't mean all people but we just have to go out of necessity as the Corona virus has resulted in a ban on unnecessary movements and through satellite imagery published by the NASA and the European Space Agency, a retreat is monitored Most countries have witnessed emissions of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, thus reducing the rate of global warming in the world, which will reduce the occurrence of extreme weather in the world and I would like to see remain in place is: reducing tourism, where studies have been conducted that eight percent of the world's emissions are caused by tourism activity, so the global warming rate will decrease as researchers say that stopping the use of planes for transportation or reducing the use of this method In travel, it is the most effective move that we can take "to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and with a huge difference in its potential impact, from any similar move on this front.
    Yes, Corona virus has many negatives, but we must realize that everything has a bright side, as well. Corona virus has a lot of positives, one of which improved the ozone hole. It is a big problem and was increasing, but Corona limited this development. Yes, guys, the lungs will relax and nature will return Many creatures will live. It is a very beautiful thing. Once you imagine it, it is very nice to keep clean to keep the environment clean like this.
    And the last thing i like to remain is Wearing of masks,this is because Covid-19 infections will decrease if we continue observing this rule and wear our masks 😷 the right way
    *Social distance,this is because the virus is an enemy of crowds and it will really help but then it's a negative change because pupils especially in public schools won't be able to observe this rule due to huge numbers.
    *Washing of hands, because it will help in maintaining hygiene among us.These are the changes I would like to remain

  • One of the most important positive effects that the Corona virus has caused is that it contributed to reducing pollution as if it gave a break to the planet from pollution caused by humans because humans are currently in their homes, which reduces water and water pollution and all forms of pollution

  • We realize that the continued spread of the Corona virus increases the number of infections and deaths and the closure of cities and entire countries, but amid these disturbing news, there are things that give hope and we hope that they will continue ever after the end of Corona, including a decrease in pollution, as happened in China and Northern Italy, where it recorded a significant decrease in second gas Nitrogen oxide also spread good deals and good intentions between people as happened in New York and Turkey from volunteers who provide groceries and medicines for the elderly and vulnerable in the city and many people donated money and sent encouraging messages to the elderly who isolate themselves and also from the beautiful images of interaction between people what happened in Italy from joining people from home porches to sing to raise their spirits and also with isolation in homes, many took advantage of creativity to read, sew, and draw. For all this was a positive change, and if it continues the world will become better.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is entertainment alternative ways. The consequences of the Corona epidemic is the risk of unnecessary movements and the imposition of complete closures, which mad it possible for us to monitor positive changes. Though satellite imagery published by NASA, the water ways in Venice, Italy have become more pure due to the sharp decline in the movements of tourist boats. Interms of clarifying the actual environmental impact of our choices we can reduce the total carbon emissions that each of us causes when visiting any part of the world by ensuring respect for our destinations environment and culture.

  • The change I would like to see remain in place is the interdependence between countries. During the Corona crisis, the countries helped each other by providing medical aid and medical personnel, as happened between China and Italy. I would like to see this love and affection among countries even after the crisis ends, even the world in peace.

  • In my opinion with the current situation of the Corona tips in the country, we have the family convergence more hope I could continue this even after the situation was calmed up and the faith and the faith became increasing among family members, the father saw his children and recognizes more fatth than others, Become the brothers who are intentionally think of it is very good ordering family

  • The one thing I would like to remain after this pandemic is the washing of hands under running water and use of sanitizers frequently because most people go out and use their hands to touch items but when they get back home they forget to wash their hand and use it to eat or prepare food and this can cause cholera and lost of infections which can cause People’s life too. So if this washing of hands come to stay it will help children to learn personal hygiene both as schools and at home to reduce cholera outbreak. Also I would like those quarantine and most factories closed not to resume because most people are quarantine and there are few cars on the road to pollute the environment and also most factories not working and so the pollution of the ozone layer has been reduced and this has reduced the Air pollution of the environment.
    Lastly, I would like the shaking of hands which has been abolished due to the coronavirus to continue because it prevents us from being infected with infections and reduce risk of cholera and sickness too.

  • Everything has a positive side and a negative side. We all know and realize the negative side of Corona virus
    But what we really do not know are the positive aspects of this event.
    Among the most important of these advantages is the family and international closeness in general
    We noticed how China stood with Italy and supported it, and how the Arab Gulf states stood with our beloved country, Palestine, and provided it with many medical supplies.
    In addition, we have noticed a decrease in the level of snow. In India, the curfew imposed in various parts of the country led to the pollution level due to nitrogen dioxide reaching its lowest level.
    In North America, one of the most polluted spots in the world, you will likely see similar developments, coinciding with the onset of a widespread economic downturn across the country.

  • Away from the Corona virus, it is important to wash hands properly to kill germs and microbes and clean hands, but most people did not do that or not care about it and now with this situation everyone is now washing their hands in the correct way and using the proper rules for cleaning I think it is very important and good resulted from Corona After this pandemic I hope to continue washing your hands the right way

  • The only change I'd like to see is: factory closings; Because when the Corona Virus pandemic emerged, factories closed; Reducing emissions and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, thereby closing the hole in the ozone layer and reducing the risk to the world; Because the ozone layer helps protect our planet from the sun's ultraviolet rays, which causes the risk of skin cancer

    1. Can you think of reasons why some might argue that factories need to stay open?

  • The only change I would like to see is: reduce congestion; When the Corona virus appeared and the world remained in the home quarantine, congestion was reduced, especially in public markets. Therefore, I decreased infection with the virus and many other diseases, including colds and flu, so I hope we will keep this change that will improve the life of the whole world

  • Appreciation of nature and movement

    Most of us see nature around it as natural. We are experiencing a beautiful scene that we cannot meditate on. But with most countries around the world sticking to household seclusion, many yearn for sunlight and sit in a garden or under the shade of a tree. When we leave home now, we inhale the air in a deeper way, and our eyes enjoy the colors of nature for a longer period of time.

    And if you were complaining before when you had to walk long distances, that may change after the end of the Corona crisis. Staying at home made many people crave daily movement, causing some to exercise at home or use a bike because it is the car to serve their needs during the period of home isolation.

  • A greater appreciation for the basic occupations

    After the virus turned into a pandemic that invaded the world , all non-essential services were closed, at which time many discovered that basic occupations in society were not necessarily like the professions they believed in.
    So the current crisis has shown importance to all health workers and food vendors , in addition to nannies and postmen.
    The common factor among these occupations is their low salaries despite being indispensable professions in society, and the Corona crisis may result in social and material appreciation of the owners of these professions.

  • The change I want to see is
    Estimate Social Relations
    Have you ever been annoyed when walking behind a slow-moving old lady? Tired of hearing the same story from your seventieth neighbor whenever he sees you? Most of us do not think about the elderly in our daily life, they are an invisible part of society sitting in the home or in the homes for the elderly, the Corona crisis made us look at the elderly differently, they are our family and the family of our friends, they worked hard in their youth to provide for those after them a decent life, and therefore Others deserve appreciation and safety.
    Lately, many initiatives have emerged to help older people who are unable to shop alone or who need help in managing family affairs, and a large number of young people have committed to protect older people from the risk of contracting Coronavirus, which has shown us that in times of crisis we need each other Some
    In light of the preoccupation with work and matters of life, some may forget and others ignore their social relationships, whether with family, friends or neighbors, and now the same family sits together, and the value of friends appears in the life of the individual, so the human being is a first-class social being, and the current isolation has made some rearranging his priorities once Other
    With schools closed and children staying at home, families can use the time to consolidate the family relationship by practicing group activities, such as games, sports or cooking. These activities bring family members closer together, and it may be an opportunity to forget differences and solve problems together

  • Appreciation of nature and movement
    Most of us see the nature around it as a given, as we pass daily beautiful scenes that we do not pay attention to, but with the commitment of most countries of the world to home insulation, many yearn for sunlight and sitting in a garden or under the shade of a tree. Colors of nature for a longer time.

    And if you were complaining before when you had to walk a long distance, the matter may change after the end of the Corona crisis, so staying at home made many people long for daily movement, which made some exercise at home or used a bicycle instead of a car to spend their needs during the period of home isolation.

  • Better use of social media

    We were following plots and rumors that we read on social media platforms, and we did not accept differing opinions and we were attacking others as well.
    There has been some improvement in this behavior recently, as users of these sites have become more interested in helping others and spreading prevention and awareness among their followers.

  • The change I want is the appreciation of workers financially and socially
    "Greater appreciation for basic occupations"
    After the virus turned into a pandemic that invaded the world, all non-essential services were closed, and then many discovered that the basic occupations in society were not necessarily the professions they believed.

    The current crisis has shown the importance of all health workers and the sale of foodstuffs, along with nannies and postmen, and the common factor among these professions is their low salaries, even though they are indispensable in society. The Corona crisis may result in social and material appreciation of the owners of these professions.

  • The change I desire

    It is a better use of social networks
    Many are driven by conspiracy theories and rumors they read on social media platforms, and some do not accept differences of opinion in attacking others, and the recent period has witnessed some improvement in this behavior, as users of these sites have become more interested in helping others and spreading prevention and awareness among their followers.

  • With the negative news of the spread of the Coruna virus in the world, most of us suffer from anxiety and frustration. But the crisis also has a bright side ...

    There is no doubt that the Corona crisis has caused many to lose their livelihoods, and many countries have spent money to help those affected pass through this stage. On the other hand, there were those who suffered from anxiety and stress, both in their work and in their studies. This homegrown isolation gave them some calm in their lives, giving them the opportunity to move away from everyday stress and rearrange their ideas. It also gave an opportunity for others to discover some of their hidden talents, as experts say boredom may push some to innovate. You may discover your talent for cooking, drawing or designing things. You can also use different applications to learn a new language or attend virtual classes at a university.

    Sometimes the simplest things are the best. It can be the fun of a warm drink and relaxing on the sofa or reading an interesting book is all one needs to recharge and reach inner balance.

  • Today, city air is getting cleaner.

    I don't think we can say that there is any significance in this reduction of long-term air pollution. However, these changes are beneficial in the short term.
    In general, the level of air pollution affects the heart and lung health negatively, so reducing air pollution at the time of the spread of the Corona virus can only be a good thing.

  • Reducing emissions of gases that absorb red radiation. Carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 25% worldwide, and this has a positive impact on the climate.

  • One change i would like to keep is the new trend in the world which is personal hygiene.
    Personal hygiene is the way the body, the environment and everything aroundthe human body is kept clean. Personal hygiene deprives us from dirt which might cause sickness that will take our lives. These sicknesses all come from dirty environment, nasty contacts with people and habits.
    During this pandemic, the world has really changed in keeping good personal hygiene, making sure that they are clean and safe. I really don't want the world to change from this habit. It is really good and it must stay. Washing of hands is very important, as well as sanitizing. One thing this sickness has taught all of us is to be washing our hands regularly. Even the illiterate and the people from slums are now buying the idea of washing hands and sanitization.
    Keeping a safe distance is also keeping a good pace of health. At least, we cannot contact flu or any airborne diseases from this idea. The world has also learnt to be careful of the things they touch without washing hands.
    All these are the most important changes that the world should adapt to and live with this new mentality.
    My advice to all world leaders, is that , even though the pandemic will end , the efforts and time to put in to make sure all citizens wash hands sanitize and put in to make sure all citizens wash hands, sanitize, stay safe and clean should not be put aside but rather should be enforced for all citizens if possible be added as a mandatory law. This will go along way to reduce dirt-related sickness and airborne diseases in the entire world. It will also help to reduce the increase in patients or victims in the hospital and help to keep the world safe.

  • There are some changes during lockdown that have proved beneficial to our world, here's why:

    Washing Hands

    Washing your hands at least six times a day has made more people aware about the importance of keeping themselves sanitised.

    Less Car Travel

    During lockdown there are not as many vehicles on the road, meaning less pollution is caused.

    Better Weather and Clear Skies

    Because of current pollution levels, our skies have become cleaner and, according to https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/sunny-spring-set-to-break-records-227748/, Kent is having the sunniest spring, breaking the record that was broken 90 years ago.

    More Animals Return

    With no human interference, more animals are returning to their original homes. Some examples include deer, birds, monkeys, lions, crocodiles, moose, bears, pigs, and rats. ''When humanity’s away, the animals will play.'' says Hannah Frisberg, a news journalist.

    I would love these changes to remain in place, seeing the advantages it has on us and our environment.

    1. Can you choose just one?

  • The massive drop in air pollution caused by closures, curfews and domestic isolation has saved the lives of 11,000 people in Europe.

    Work to combat the epidemic has led to a massive slowdown in the European economy, reduced coal electricity production by 40 percent, and oil consumption by about a third...
    The result was to reduce air pollution.

    Oh, yah, that is very good.

  • Pumping money into building hospitals and providing medical devices instead of investing them in wars and confrontations is the most important thing that the world benefited from Corona virus also staying in homes and curfews led to reduce pollution to the world and nature and the ozone layer and this is something very positive and there is also cooperation that occurred between countries to confront the virus It is a very good thing and I want these things to continue even after this problem is over

  • Today, social relations have become very good there is no dispute or conflict we are all in one case no one is better than the other we are all in the house stone you may be surprised to hear a friend's voice that you didn't meet for a while and marvel at the behavior of those around you you may like it first and change it for the better optimism through the social media or help others you can sit with your family and play with them, you can also use your time to learn useful things as you can volunteer at hospitals to help

  • The change I would like to remain in the long-term is associated with human interactions. Even though covid-19 would be gone, doesn't mean it can't return. Also, covid-19 isn't the only thing that can cause sicknesses to people with low immune systems. Bear in mind, covid-19 is only a SEGMENT of a whole family of coronavirus. Mers, Sars and Covid-19. I say this because it could be a boomerang. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we would have to take out a preventative action by washing our hands for 20 seconds. I support my statement with an example. Pepper represents the germs. If you place pepper over the water and you don't have soap when you touch it, your hand will be covered with the germs. However, if you touch the pepper with SOAP, all the pepper (germs) move out of the way. In conclusion, I think human interactions should stay the same to prevent future problems.

    Thank you for reading.

  • One day, I isolated myself in my room because of the flu symptoms
    "I was more happy than ever with the augmented reality options on my phone and the feature of stories via Instagram was excellent to keep me from thinking about the fever that had befallen me and to keep in touch with others
    I believe that the technology that allows the continuation of social ties will come out reinforced from this crisis because the human being remains a social entity with distinction and is not ready to live disconnected from others.

  • There are many things we can do to prevent the spread of covid 19 :washing our hands,coughing into our elbows, avoid touching our faces,staying home if we are feeling sick and social distancing. The change I would like to see remain in place is social distancing. But what is social distancing? Social distancing is the practice of purposefully reducing close contact between people. According it the CDC,social distancing means
    1.Remaining out of "congregate setting" as much as possible
    2.Avoid mass gatherings.
    3.Maintaining distance of about 6 feet from other when possible.
    Now let's move on to "Who social distancing is for ?" Social distancing is important for all of us,but those of us at higher risk of serious complications caused by covid 19 should be especially cautious about social distancing. people who are at high risk of complications include;
    1.Older adults
    2.People who have serious chronic medical condition like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease.
    Now let's move on to the last thing which is "Why is social distancing important?" Social distancing is crucial for preventing the spread of contagious illnesses such as covid 19 can spread through coughing, sneezing and close contact . By minimizing the amount of close contact we have with others, we reduce our chances of catching the virus and spreading it to our loved ones and within our community.
    I would like to conclude that all the ways are important but to me I think social distancing is the best way. I would like to talk more about social distancing but this what I have to talk about
    Thank you

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is that each country has its necessary precautions and measures in the event of sudden disasters and also when tolerating any problem even if it is small
    Because some countries tolerated the subject of Corona and scorned it, but this led to negative outcomes that did not satisfy them

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is family bonding
    And caring for adults and children and solving problems through dialogue and consultation because business, preoccupations and travel were creating barriers between us and our family and also they kept us away from the warm family atmosphere

  • The state takes a decision: to give one month or more to the land, and in this month the person cultivates, does not use transportation and looks after the land like a child because that will restore the globe to life

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is the feeling of others because that would end many of the existing crises such as poverty, famine and many others

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is we can do our work remotely as if we were in our offices, so that we serve our homelands in the most difficult and darkest conditions.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is
    How can we recommend and give charity without using the paper currency, whether by using applications and means to communicate with charities or to transfer them in their accounts directly .. and whoever does not have an account we deliver it through the machines ATM and other electronic means to help people, eliminate poverty and meet their needs

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is any crisis or disaster experienced by humans must leave traces, fingerprints and lessons learned, especially by turning the void into a real opportunity to rearrange many things, which were scattered by our way of life before Corona? You may spend your time writing, reading, or performing research .. I think that all options are offered to rearrange life, making it more useful, especially in investing time to benefit all of this because the human mind really needs to be reformatted like devices

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is
    1. War is not always a weapon, but it will end with either a win or a loss
    2. The Corona virus crisis does not define racism and does not distinguish between rich or poor
    3. That we cannot underestimate anything, even if it is small. Washing hands with this simple matter is a solution to get rid of the effect of a deadly virus. And greed and encouragement are not related to religion or religion, but rather an individual behavior that everyone must fight.

  • The one change I would like to see in place is building more green areas and wide parks to help people to keep far away from each other so the government should think deeply and strategically for the new buildings and the green buildings the make the air clean because all that will keep the environment clean all the time

  • The one change I would like to see "Ozone recovered"

    "The erosion of the ozone layer over the Arctic reached a" record "level in March, the largest since 2011, but the hole is now closed, said the United Nations World Meteorological Organization.

    This phenomenon, which occurs in the northern hemisphere spring, is caused by substances that deplete ozone in the atmosphere, and from a harsh winter in the upper atmosphere, said Claire Nolis, a WHO spokesperson, in a statement in Geneva.

    "These two factors together cause a higher level of (ozone layer) corrosion worse than what we saw in 2011, and now it has returned to normal again, closing the ozone hole."
    And it was not expected that the new Corona virus (Covid-19) will affect the environment environment on Earth positively.
    According to a report published by "BBC", on the 19th of last March, researchers in New York City, USA, that early studies witnessed a sharp decrease in the percentage of carbon monoxide, which is mainly produced by cars, and reached 50% compared to 2019.

    The carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change through the heating of the planet also saw a decrease in the time of "corona".

    I wanted this change to remain because the ozone layer works to protect the Earth’s surface by absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun, especially UV-B radiation, which causes skin cancer. This limits cancer and protects our planet from external dangers, as if ozone is a food cover that preserves it. Completely from damage is the ground cover that protects it from dangers coming from outside.

  • The one change I would like to see in place is timing for every and before meeting because it will prevent the crowded places , schools should be organized with few students in classes , schools should have plans to show the students the importance for keeping clean all the time and have healthy lifestyle for the members of the family

  • The change I desire is
    Transforming the gardens of our homes into gardens, singing trees and flowers that absorb harmful carbon dioxide and give us oxygen
    And relying on renewable energy means because it is very important in reducing the risks that threaten us and lead to reducing viruses and epidemics that affect the climate, harm our health and threaten the safety of our society.

  • The change that I want to see in its place is that people are more interested in using hygiene tools. Hygiene is the reason to prevent many viruses.

  • The change that I want to see in its place is an increase in people 's desire to learn about the diseases that have befallen us previously, to know their causes and to learn lessons.

  • The change I want to continue is frequent hand washing and good personal hygiene.This is because so many other infections apart from the corona virus spread due to seldom or no hand washing .Many viral and bacterial infections can still spread due to low hand washing .So without frequent hand washing,people can get very ill.You never know whether something you touch has germs on it.So also be cautious of what you touch.Even if you don't think you touched something with germs on it ,WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY!

  • There are so many things that I hope will have an impact on the entire world
    The fact that the children are the bright moon that illuminates our lives and that they are the future leaders before the outbreak of the epidemic and occupied themselves with the world of technology (electronic games) and after resorting to quarantine they resorted to playing popular games (home) that were neglected such as (I am the bee, I was the hornet). Which led to their preoccupation and enjoyment of its practice and put them in focus and the development of their minds and ideas..

  • One change that I would love if it stay is the rate online classes, competition and teaching s are going on. Before this pandemic, there were online classes but not too noticeable as it is now. People didn't really think that if your not well and can't be able to make it to school you can learn at home, it was all about oh am missing a lot of classes. This pandemic has indeed opened our eyes to the fact that children can learn anywhere and anytime as long as there is available internet and gadgets for that. This is a really huge change to the educational system and I will love if it remains.

  • The thing q that Corona virus changed in our lives that we want to continue after the end of this pandemic , which is the appreciation of social relations. With schools closed and children staying at home families can use the time to consolidate the family relationship by practicing group activities such as games and sports , estimating nature and movement. So , people longed for sunlight to sit in the garden , enjoy the medicinal colors and loyalty of Corona , which also blew the spirit of solidarity and help a mong young people, as was the case with Berlin youth.

  • The change I want to notice is:

    Low Pollution

    With many countries locked in by the virus, there has been a significant drop in pollution levels.

    China and northern Italy recorded a significant decrease in nitrogen dioxide gas, which is a dangerous air pollutant and a chemical component that causes an increase in temperature, in light of the decrease in industrial activity and car trips.

    Researchers say the preliminary results showed that carbon monoxide, which is mainly emitted by cars, had fallen by nearly 50 percent compared to last year.

  • And if we have already entered the era of epidemics, how can we design cities that are safe and livable and whose streets are not empty of residents by the outbreak of a new epidemic?
    The outbreaks of epidemics such as typhoid, cholera and krona that occupied the world have increased interest in public health problems, and sanitation networks have since been established.

    Cities have begun to apply new building standards, including taking into account lighting and ventilation and specifying the number of people who live in a single apartment. Votes rose in the last days to demand observance of health rules when planning cities to protect themselves from these epidemics and the ability to adapt in light of the quarantine imposed on us at any time.

  • I base my argument on issue to deal with curfews....as a government idea to impose curfews to reduce the spread of this deadly disease,most of the evils in the society has generally reduced..This evils include robbery, prostitution cases and drunkardness which mainly done during the night. As a result the society has really transformed to be a peaceful state. In essence, curfews should be life-long policy in the country.
    Thank you!

  • After the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic in all countries of the world and the resulting negative impacts and changes on several levels, there are many efforts to reopen the economy with the need for green initiatives.
    Perhaps the most prominent positive effect of the virus is environmental conservation; The focus on green life and environmental protection is more important than ever.

    The Corona virus pandemic is an event other than many lifestyles and its impact may be prominent in the near future, as as countries and cities prepare to lift the ban or orders to stay at home, many officials are looking for ways to impose social divergence while restarting economies, according to For the "Environmental Protection" website.
    For many policy makers, these efforts overlap with the need to focus on increasing green space initiatives to protect the environment, which, of course, will return to human protection in the first place.

    After the quarantine and isolation phase, many cities are seeking to allocate pedestrian and cycling areas, increase green areas and use renewable energy. Cities take green initiatives as the safest paths for the future for all citizens.
    Cities around the world are also taking initial steps to facilitate the transition to a post-virus life, although orders to stay at home remain strong in some areas, but exit is of great importance as well.

    We must focus on expanding sidewalks and cycling areas so that citizens can properly maintain the social distance during exercise and fresh air, and we must plan to close 40 miles of roads in our cities to allow more recreational activities to be used, and given the reduced use of cars due to quarantine, Expanding walking areas is a useful step at this time.
    He adds that the expansion of pedestrian areas provides citizens with the space they need to practice sports, and it limits the number of cars in these specific areas, and this decrease can facilitate reducing carbon emissions if it continues for a long time...

  • Every cloud has its silver lining. Covid 19 was a dark cloud and we are all sad to lose many lives around the world. However, it has taught the world some powerful lessons. It taught us that keeping clean with simple actions can make a difference and can stop spreading diseases. It proved that the world can survive without unnecessary expenditures, we can eat homemade food and bread and can make healthy snacks as well. Doing that, we can keep resources . It has given the world a lesson of equality and justice as it attacked all nations and all levels without discrimination. It attacked royals and presidents as well as poor homeless people. In the past. For the first time, the world is facing the same challenge as I hope humans will work together. I hope this change will last forever because we all share this earth.
    Another change I wish it will last is innovation. This time all the countries faced the problem at the same time so all people had to respond immediately and no one can just wait to see what other are doing because it will be too late. In our school our teachers used innovative ways to teach us while we are at home. I think all schools will plan for similar situations in the future and that is very good.
    For me, the most important change I hope it will last is that there was no wars, no explosions and no fear.I hope peace will last everywhere because wars cost money , lives and harm the whole universe.

  • We are aware that the constant spread of the Corona virus increases the number of infections and deaths and the closure of cities and entire countries, but amidst these disturbing news, there are things that give hope and hope that they will last forever after the end of Corona, including low pollution, as happened in China and northern Italy, where She recorded a significant drop in the second nitrogen gas for gas, and many people donated money and sent encouraging messages to the elderly who isolate themselves and also from the beautiful pictures of the interaction between people what happened in Italy from joining people from the porches of the house to sing to raise their spirits and also with isolation in homes, benefited A lot of creativity in reading, sewing and drawing. All of this was a positive change, and if it continues, the world will get better.

  • The one change I would like to keep is to WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY !!!
    Obviously you should wash your hand but as covid -19 has come to the world everybody is washing there hand more often or continuously when the this pandemic finishes we should all not just me all of us WASH OUR HANDS not just a little squirt of water and done we should wash them properly. We are fortunate enough to have technology you might ask how does this help in washing our hands ? well guess what it makes a huge difference people on YouTube or google or other social media put videos on how to wash your hands properly ! So with one simple click you now how to .
    The next thing I want to talk about is why to wash your hands .
    Washing your hands should be part of your daily routine .You need to try and wash your hand as much as possible why ? People everywhere in the world at least once in a day touched a surface like a bathroom or a desk in school or a chair or even just high five a handshake and hold hands with people . Then after doing all this you forget to wash your hands and then eat food touch you face or house all those thing might have germs on them or in them now because you don’t now we’re peoples hand have been someone might have coughed and then high fives your or wipe there nose and then handshake with you this is how germs spread and that is why it is so IMPORTANT TO WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY.

  • 1:personal hygiene: lt makes people to be more hygienic
    3:General hygiene
    4:Corporate responsibility
    6:ln all means there should be plan for any war or disaster globally
    7:social distancing
    Stay home stay safe thanks.💕💕💖

  • The change that I would like to see is to continue to keep hands clean even after the Corona Virus Coffed 19 virus is over because continuing to wash hands with soap and water protects from many bacteria and viruses and prevents them from entering the human body and causing harm to it
    We must continue to wash hands, even if we have to go outside, and if we do not have soap and water, we can use hand sanitizers.


    Caring: During this Covid 19 period one thing i have noticed is now that we are in lock down people have started to notice their family members and how they react to certain things, in addition people know each other more, and put more attention on others, for short they care for each other. A change i will like to keep is the fact that we should care more about each other.By this i do not mean stop working or doing important things what i mean is that we should at least try to take some time and care for people who surround you.

    Being clean: Covid 19 has some positive points such as it encourages people to stop touching different part of their body like eyes,nose,ears and mouth etc; it also makes people to have the habit of washing their hands regularly and don' t forget hand sanitizer. It makes people to cover their mouths and immediately wash their hands in case of a sneeze or cough.

    Stop treating people different because of their caste or tribe: During Covid 19 people from all around the world are dying,no matter the tribe or place or religion, people are still dying and people who die it is not because of their caste or religion. Covid 19 does not differentiate if this person is from here or there, yes it is very dangerous but if it doesn't judge by caste or religion as bad as it is. Who are we to judge? We should stop treating people different because of their tribe and religion.

    Covid 19 has helped most people to be up to date with their information, nowadays people can tell what things are happening because of the way that people are able to see it in places, through the internet and television broadcast.

  • The one change that the government has made that I would like to see remain in place, until it is safe to go outside again, is staying at home, this change isn’t exactly the best thing that’s happened to people, but I think it’s the most important, not only for us, but for the environment. Staying indoors has kept everyone safe and even though we can still go outside, we have to stay inside for most of the day, although this has been a struggle as we can’t see other people that we don’t live with but we can get to know the people that we live with more. The Coronavirus has spread all over the world and we have been safe when we are home. This has helped the environment because we aren’t driving as much as we were before the lockdown, and the factory’s aren’t producing toxic fumes that enter the air we breathe, meaning pollution has decreased. This means that the environment is healing itself, for example, rivers that are not as dirty anymore, and litter is decreased meaning that animals are not dying from being caught in waste.

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    providing airports with special hotels for the stone for a period of two weeks, with full care, and checking travelers arriving in the country before entering it, to maintain the safety of citizens inside the country.

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Providing airports with medical devices to check all arrivals to ensure safety inside the country

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Continuous cooperation between countries of the world to find solutions and alternatives to all health problems
    Because cooperation generates sound ideas and benefit from the experiences of others

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Adopting young ideas because young people have a strategic awareness and are able to offer new and innovative solutions

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Develop an emergency committee for all health and awareness departments to build a rapid and long-term emergency plan

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Find a vaccine and continuous vaccination for children to increase immunity against all viruses and provide them at an appropriate age
    Because strengthening the immune system at a young age helps build a body able to cope with all diseases

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Health care provided for pregnant women and the need for continuous health support for pregnant women
    Because healthy babies of a healthy generation are able to cope with epidemics and diseases

  • The one change I would like to see in place is
    Find rewards for discoverers and inventors
    Because finding a creative, thinking and capable generation of solutions

  • There is a change I would like to see in human interactions.
    The one change I would like to see remain in place is no handshaking. This is because, your hands can carry germs and you might pass it on or pick it from someone and when you mistakenly touch your face, It could lead to any health problem. So we should stop handshaking so that we don't end up feeling unwell. And also, we should stop handshaking because some people are not able to access soap and water or afford hand sanitizers. Such people can be a means through which a lot of germs could spread. When we avoid hand shaking everyone can stay safe.

  • The change I want to see is
    Making vitamins-fortified foods
    To strengthen children's immunity, it is sold at a cheap price to all, or distributes it in schools, and educates students and parents about the need to strengthen immunity
    Until our children become immune to any virus that spreads the planet

  • The change I want to see is

    Make alternative plans for every project that is done to reduce material and human losses in the event of any emergency, because one must think about people in the first place and save lives as much as possible

  • The change I want to see

    It is a constructive necessity
    Work halls for sports in all schools to raise awareness of the importance of sport in fighting diseases and increase sports classes to increase physical fitness and immunity
    For students against diseases and the ability to build a healthy and healthy body

  • The decrease in air pollution caused by the curfew, local isolation and closures has saved the lives of 11,000 people in Europe.

    Work to combat the epidemic has also slowed it in the European economy, reduced coal electricity production by 40%, and oil consumption by about a third ...
    The result has been a further reduction in air pollution compared to previous years.

  • The change I want is the financial and social appreciation of workers
    "Greater appreciation for basic occupations"
    After the virus turned into a pandemic that invaded the world, all non-essential services were closed, and then many discovered that the basic occupations in society were not necessarily the professions they believed in.

    The current crisis has shown the importance of all health workers and the sale of foodstuffs, along with nannies and mail, and the common factor among these professions is their low salaries, although they are indispensable to society. The Corona crisis may lead to a social and material appreciation of these professionals.

  • Low second nitrogen gas that diffuses gases and spread goodwill among people as happened in most countries of volunteers providing groceries and medicines for the elderly, poor and needy in the city and many people donated money and sent encouragement messages to the elderly who isolate themselves and also from the beautiful and encouraging images of the interaction between People What happened in Greece from joining people from porches to sing to raise their spirits and also isolation in homes, benefited a lot from creativity for reading, drawing, sewing and mastering a lot of arts, and all this was a positive change in people's lives, and if the deal continues in this way, the world will become Much better.

  • The change I want to see is to use sterilizers with caution and find an alternative to reduce the alcohol that causes harm to humans
    Experts also warn that leaving a hand sanitizer bottle in your hot car can cause it to explode, as most hand sanitizers contain between 60% and 70% alcohol, which makes them flammable.

    In her report, published in the British newspaper "Daily Mail", writer Mary Kikatos said that health experts had encouraged months ago to use hand sanitizer when outside the home in order to protect ourselves from the pandemic of the Corona virus. However, these sterilizers have been shown to be a hidden threat, if exposed directly to sunlight and can explode.
    The writer indicated that the warning came after a picture of a burning car door was circulated by the driver. In other words, the hand sanitizer bottle can ignite directly inside the vehicle parked in sunlight, which could cause damage to the car, and for this reason keeping the hand sanitizer in the car during hot weather, or exposing the package to the sun, could lead to a disaster.

    Experts pointed out that most hand sanitizers contain a large percentage of alcohol, which makes them flammable. Sherry Wilson, the first paramedic firefighter at the Dallas Rescue Department, said, "It is flammable and dangerous. These sterilizers can leak, and if they leak into a small space like a car, and with steam emitting, they can explode."
    And now retired Wilson added, "Flammable materials can vaporize in a confined space like a car. Any source of static electricity can simply be manifested in someone wearing a shirt or jacket, then taking them off or something like that."

    Therefore, experts confirm that the ideal option is to keep the hand sanitizer in the pocket and not leave it in the car.

  • The change I want to see is:
    Focusing on national products in light of the closure of crossings, due to the high demand by all grocery stores, supermarkets, and commercial complexes to buy the national product in exchange for a sharp decline in the level of demand for “non-national” products, whose demand for buying is limited to products that do not have alternatives from the national products or Foreign.
    He pointed out here the importance of the necessity of conducting awareness campaigns for the importance of the Palestinian product at the internal and external levels in support of the Palestinian national economy, and to support the participation of national industries in Arab and international exhibitions to ensure a better economy for our country Palestine

  • The change that I would like to see and hope we attach to great importance is:
    Reducing illegal immigration, which in turn leads to the loss of lives of many people, threatens their lives and leads them to hell, believing that this path will improve their income level, their welfare, and realize their dreams and goals
    In light of their presence in a besieged country dominated by an ruthless occupation whose goal is to emigrate the youth and destroy our cities, so that they can be easily controlled
    I demand from all the world as a Palestinian child that the issue of illegal immigration that deprived us of our parents and families in these years and the issue of Palestine is to be the cause of the entire world.

  • The change I noticed in light of the Krone crisis and I would like to keep it all the time is:
    The feeling of the rich with the poor and not seeing himself upon him and working to provide his best to help him
    Also, the doctors' interest in patients is very high, fearing for their society to suffer any harm and working to use all means that in turn constitute protection and security.
    Also enhancing international cooperation between countries and helping each other by sending medical and food aid to countries that need their support in order to stand up to this crisis

  • One of the advantages of the Corona virus crisis is that it is a reminder of the importance of academic scientific research, which is the basic research that is not supposed to seek profit, because imposing a commercial formula on scientific research prevents it from possessing sufficient information to face viruses or dangers, because academic research gives researchers the ability to expect And the possibilities.

    There are some universities that started steps to produce respirators, and made strides in this direction, and the same is true with regard to the announcement of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, to start local production of medical devices in the units of the body, such as medical isolation rooms, sterilization devices, thermal examination and protection supplies according to international specifications. We must strive to provide these products, in order to face the repercussions of the emerging corona virus.
    Consequently, the Corona virus crisis insofar as it imposed a blockade on us and caused economic and social losses as much as it could represent a challenge that drives more passion, effort and production, continuously and not only linked to virus attacks

  • The many changes i would like to see remain are :-
    1-Directing the country to make the largest investment in favor of medical devices and equipment in anticipation of any emergency always, because as we saw the medical equipment and devices were the weapon of doctors in helping patients during the crisis.
    2- Nature, seas and rivers remain clean, free from pollutants, and the ozone hole remains closed after it was recently closed, as we know because all these things, with their beauty and ugliness, affect the giving of the human towards this world.
    3- Estimating the lives of other beings in any human behavior we take, as we saw, nature returned to breathe again, and many animals returned to their normal lives, as well as increased fish wealth in the seas, after the oil pollution that was killing thousands of fish annually decreased because these creatures did not create in vain we must preserve their lives Because it is a factor of our earth equilibrium.
    4- The survival of the wonderful social relations that came back after the emergence of the virus, as social relations increased and love and affection increased between a lot of people, and also a lot of people was quarreling,but now happy with each other because when we love each other and with affection we will build a wonderful world.
    5- Continue to always follow preventive measures even after the virus has wiped out, because it was just a lesson for humankind to draw their attention to the fact that they are the ones who make this world wonderful with their correct behavior.

  • The one change I would like to see remain in place is peace and harmony among some leaders in different parts of our countries. The spirit of togetherness among our leaders to fight this pandemic is very important not only during this period but I wish it will never end. In this case I believe we will live in peace and with the aim of helping each other and learning different things from each other. Is it not cool? Secondly, is this curfew thing for example in my country Kenya everybody is expected to be home by 7pm in the evening . In this case when everybody is at their homes crime rates has really reduced : no murder cases, robbery instead families get a lot of time to spend together and share family moments therefore this should always remain like this. We all agree since this period started there was a decrease in carbon emission by a large percentage thus prevent extreme weather event from occurring especially global warming . Isn't it because there is minimal use of industries and no airplanes at all? I don't say that this method of transport should never be used but it should be used minimal rate in order for us to continue respecting nature even after this tragic moment of corona virus.
    Lastly, at least this change should always remain. Washing or sanitizing our hands several times in a day this does not prevent covid 19 only but also so many diseases such as cholera, typhoid etc therefore this change should not die let's continue doing this for sake of our health.
    The government has really played a vital role in helping the needy with their basic needs especially during lock down I kindly plead with the government to continue supporting them until that time they will be able to stand by themselves.
    Thank you, let's continue staying safe # stay at home

  • The one change I want to remain in place is the reduction on the importation of goods which could be produced locally.
    Take for instance my country Nigeria, we have good, rich, fertile and vast mass of land with which nature has blessed us. This land if harnessed properly for agricultural purposes can guarantee the country all the food they need plus ones that could be exported.
    I would like this change to remain so there would be favourable balance of payment. It would also boost their economy and enable the country to compete favourably with other countries in terms of economy.
    Any country that is into more of importation than they are able to export, are already impoverishing themselves. And that's not healthy.
    So in order to keep a country going and growing in a balanced way, they should be increase in production of locally made goods which could
    improve exportation.
    When a country learns to harness and esteem what they produce themselves and also enjoy those things, they will always have an upward GDP.
    So I would like the increased production of locally made goods which would decrease importation and increase exportation to remain.

  • The one change I would like to remain is cleaning and personal hygine . Washing hands became some thing very necessary to do .We become more insisted on healthy food. To support our immune systen . Here cirona virus makes a change that it is welcomed . . People are sure that they clean fruit and vegetables before eating .Washing hands is a fatal necessary . I hope this good habit will remain .

  • The one change I want to remain is the increased use of the internet by both individual and corporate bodies in the advertisement,promotion and sale of all goods and services. Almost all sectors have now gone online even those who had been in their little and obscure corners have now hurriedly moved their activities to the internet.As a result of the lockdown and restriction to movement,people now have no choice but to resort to the internet as a platform for the exhibition and display of their goods and services which has benefitted human globally. In the sense that, at from the comfort of your home you can access what happens in any other part of the world. You can imagine your goods and services introduced to the world at the same time. That's great and mind-blowing too. To me,this is like having access to these global market right at from your sitting room. Churches now worship online and feature things that they want their congregation to partake from. This has now become an eye-opener for many person. Many things that people didn't know could happen online are now taking place.

  • Corona came and makes a big horror and fear. After we pass the shock , we realized that it has many advantages. There are many positive sides for Covid19. Today , I will talk about doctors appreciations .Before Corona doctors, nurses and all the hispital cue was considered just as employees .They were employees for ordinary job . But now all the respect and appreciation and people admire them highly . Now we consider them the white army .They defend our lives . They sacrifices their souls and work in the danger to save us from death. They left their homes ,wives and children . They left the safe side to the danger side ,they faced death face to face .So many doctors died in the epidemic battlefield. They are martyers . We live them and appreciate their sacrifice .

  • I can never imagine children feeling this massive, massive change in their daily routine, "because of the state of closure, which involved everything that children are used to.

    Connie was surprised that although some schools had given students some information about Covid 19 disease caused by the Coronavirus, "when I asked her children what they knew, their information was incomplete at best."

    "They knew that they were supposed to wash their hands regularly, and that some people might get very ill and eventually die because of the virus," said the author, who specializes in writing for children.
    He advised the children to wash their hands frequently and not to approach others or touch the surfaces outside the home without any explanation, "It seems, at least, unreasonable," she says.

    She cautioned that the printing of some children is the large number of questions that parents or mothers may not have answers to, including, as the author points out, "Why is the color of the sky blue? Why is jelly candy shaking? Now, how does handwashing prevent death for the elderly?"

  • The virus also highlighted the importance of health workers and others working in key services.

    Thousands of Europeans stood on their porches and behind their windows, to salute doctors and nurses fighting the virus, while medical students in London volunteered to help health care professionals care for children and household chores.

  • The change I would like to see in place is the habit of staying home when doing nothing. This is because when most workers are on break or having a free day, they usually go out with cars to go and chill. When they are on their way, the car sometimes give out smoke, increasing extreme weather. Rather, we can use this time for rest to boost our immune system and have some time with our family. In this case, extreme weather doesn't increase so we must stay home when doing nothing in order to reduce extreme weather.

  • The change I want to see is there
    Creative boom

    With millions of people stuck in isolation, many are taking advantage of creativity.

    Social media users shared details of their new hobbies, including reading, baking, sewing and drawing.

    The Washington Public Library hosts a virtual book club, while an art teacher in Tennessee, USA, delivered live-streaming lessons to out-of-school children, to inspire them to create at home.
    While many public spaces have been closed, art lovers have made virtual tours provided by many museums of the world, and have seen the famous Louvre paintings, and classic sculptures of the Vatican Museum, from their living rooms.

    Some pop singers, including Chris Martin and Keith Urban, also gave live broadcasts to fight the boredom of self-isolation.

  • Achieving a united front is one of the most important changes that I want to see

    Between feverish work and home life, it is often easy to feel separated from those around you, but since the virus affects us all, it has made many societies around the world closer to each other.

    In Italy, where a complete closure is in place, people have joined together from their porches to sing songs that lift their soul.
    A gym instructor in southern Spain led a group in a workout, standing on a low ceiling in the middle of an apartment complex, and residents isolated from their balcony joined him.

    Many people took the opportunity to reconnect to friends and loved ones over the phone or video calls, while groups of friends organized virtual celebration sessions, using mobile apps
    If the world continues to be so, it will achieve a better and tangible development for the coming years

  • Clean the waterways

    On the other hand, the residents note a significant improvement in the water quality of the famous canals that pass through our cities

    The emptying of the streets of tourist destinations, amid the outbreak of the disease, which led to a sharp decrease in the movement of water, and this allowed the sediments to settle.

    The water, which is usually cloudy, became so clear that fish could be seen in it

  • There are a lot of stories about panic buying, quarrels over toilet paper and canned food, but the virus has also spurred people around the world to make nice gestures.

    Two New Yorkers gathered 1,300 volunteers, within 72 hours, to provide groceries and medicines for the elderly and vulnerable in the city.

    Facebook said hundreds of thousands of people, in the UK, had joined local support groups, created to combat the virus, while similar groups had been formed in Canada, sparking a trend known as spreading aid or caremongering.
    Grocery stores in Australia are among those who have created a special "watch for the elderly", so elderly and disabled shoppers have a chance to shop safely.

    People also donated money, shared ideas related to recipes and exercise, and sent encouraging messages to the elderly who isolate themselves, and some turned their corporate headquarters into food distribution centers..

  • Ourselves first ...

    Most of us see nature around it as normal. We watch a beautiful scene every day, which we cannot contemplate for reasons that might be because we were so busy with ourselves.
    Our work .. Our education made us forget ourselves and do not care about it!
    Lack of time !! Because we are busy with our household chores !! All these are arguments.
    We only live once in this world, so why don't we live to live as possible? Time, health and opportunities are in fact available to everyone, but here is the question: How do we invest these opportunities in our favor, not against us !?
    So we turned away from everything we love because we are busy. For example, someone who loves to read is distanced from it because he is busy with his work in the company .. and someone traveling working abroad travels from country to country and many ..
     But with the commitment of most countries around the world to domestic isolation, and now the time has come when we sit with ourselves, many people sit in their home gardens in front of the sun or under the shade of a tree with our children. We spend quality time with our family, inhale the air in a deeper way, and enjoy our eyes In the colors of nature for a longer period of time, we play ... have fun ... we make beautiful moments with them, we care about our health by eating healthy food instead of fast food that we have eaten at work or otherwise.
    We play sport at home with parents .. we take care of our skin .. we get to know each other more and the opportunity has come to make up for every moment that we did not care and take care of ourselves because we are responsible for it so we take care of it as a small and gentle child who loves life so we meet his requests and provide all his needs.
    My first and last will to you: set aside time to take care of yourself
    And do not make any matter no matter how important it is to occupy your time and keep you away from yourself and distract you from it, and also organize your times ..
    Long-term goodness ..

  • One change I would like to remain after this covid19 era is proper hand washing. Proper hand washing keeps us healthy and safe. We are always surrounded by people who might be coughing and sneezing all around. Our hands are the first recipient of bacteria and it can easily enter our bodies after that if we don't wash our hands.
    In our health facilities where we have different types of bacteria moving around, proper handwashing help create a safer working environment for both the health workers and the patients who come there.
    Proper hand washing also help prevent some common diseases like diarrhoea and intestinal diseases which are commonly caused by faecal matter and bacteria from our hands. With this in mind, it's very important to wash our hands after a visit to the washroom, before and after eating and anytime we touch any unclean surface.
    Some common eye infections and some respiratory tract infections are all usually caused by infections that are found on dirty hands.
    With all this said I think if we maintain proper hand washing it will keep us all healthy and safe.

  • Here in Japan most of the schools have closed down early, the end of the school year happens late March. The last week of February the government advised schools to close early and the majority did.

    This caused no end of panic, what are working parents supposed to do with their kids? Some after school clubs have stayed open, some schools are offering to have the kids but generally, it’s a matter of ‘you are on your own with that!’

    This means that for a lot of parents (let’s face it, usually mom) is having to take unscheduled time off.
    But this means spending more quality time with the kids.

    One of the biggest problems today with the family unit is down to disconnect. It’s usually because the family doesn’t get to spend enough good quality time together. Thank you Corona Virus for helping us fix that.