#36 - Head to headlines

22 May 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Thank you to everyone who entered this week's competition! It is great to you all sharing news you've come across that we might not have seen on the Hub so far.

Stars have been awarded to the best entries that gave an original, attention-catching headline and referred to a particular story they had seen.

Our first winner this week is perceptive_butterfly of Rafah Prep Girls School, who gave a heart-warming headline about a story they had seen about communities in the time of coronavirus.

Our second winner is methodical_ocean of Upton Cross Primary School, who gave a catchy, rhyming headline to a story they had seen about entertainment.

Well done to both of you!

Headlines are the big words at the top of a newspaper article. They are the first thing people see and play a big role in whether someone carries on reading!

For this week's competition, create a headline for a news story you have seen in the past week, and briefly sum up the story below.



This headline is for a story I saw about a shiny new kind of worm being found at at the bottom of the ocean. I read about it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52680984

The story could be something that made the news globally, or just in your country, or just in your community.

You could find a news story from Newsround - get reading here!

3 Top tips for writing headlines:

  1. Make your headline short and easy for the reader to understand
  2. Tell the reader what the story is about
  3. Attract the reader's attention and leave you wanting to know more!

The deadline for entries is 10.30am (UK time) on Friday 22nd May. Good luck!

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  • HOW LOCKDOWN AFFECTS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH :find about how this coronavirus virus lock down issues are affecting people

    1. Really interesting; I would like to read the article more

    This headline is for a story I saw about falcons who are being cared by a falconer in Warwick Castle during the lockdown. I read about it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52653131

      1. May I know why I didn't get a star ?!

        1. Stars are not awarded for competitions until judging at the end of the week!

  • my headline is WHAT IS BIENG DONE TO CREATE A CORONA VIRUS VACCINE? it tells us that scientists are still working on finding a vaccine for corona virus and that the first human trial for a vaccine was announced by scientists in seattle in march.

  • May 9th stadium disaster

    The Accra Sports Stadium Disaster occurred at the Ohene Djan stadium, Accra, Ghana on May 9, 2001. it took the lives of 126 people, making the worst stadium disaster to have ever taken place in Africa. The Police fired tear gas into the crowd resulting in a stampede.

    1. Remember, the headline needs to be a recent story!

    The story is all about the challenges caused by the pandemic virus that has leaded to closure of schools, lockdown in the country which has affected the economy in the country,lead to numbers of death in the country and closure of churches too.

    As per the pandemic is concerned I would wish if the government could come up with a solution to overcome it and things come back to normal,more so reopening of the schools, churches, business back to normal and no more deaths from the deadly virus.

    a)If life were predictable it would cease to be alive and without flavours.
    b)Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.

    Nigeria has announced plans to ease movement restrictions imposed late last month on three key states in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

    In a televised speech on Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari said he had "approved a phased and gradual easing of lockdown measures in FCT, Lagos and Ogun states effective from Monday, May 4, 2020". FCT stands for Federal Capital Territory and includes the national capital, Abuja.

    1. It is nice to hear News about Nigeria because I am from that country.

      1. My headline is WATER ANIMALS DIE MYSTERIOUSLY in Nigeria seas.

          1. The story is about how some particular fishes float dead on Nigerian seas

    Are masks the only thing that prevents corona ??
    Some people believe that covering the nose and mouth helps prevent the spread of corona disease.
    Rumors have recently surfaced among people that wearing masks is what prevents corona from spreading, causing people to ignore other methods of prevention such as social spacing and using sterilizers to protect solely from the spread of corona. Everyone who only has to wear these masks is sick or cares for the sick.
    Wearing face masks has a "marginal but positive" effect on spreading the infection, and there may be times when it may be beneficial for people to do so.
    "Masks have a role when spacing is not possible, there may be unnecessary crowding."
    Also there are many different laws in different countries, as in the United Kingdom, where its government issued great importance to wearing masks only in places where social separation and the importance of spacing between people and the use of sterilization devices are not available and there are many laws in different countries.
    But so far we have not been able to reach a medicine for this disease and I hope to God Almighty that this disease will be removed from all of us.

  • My head line is SCIENTIST FOUND A WORM LIVING UNDER WATER. The story is about how the scientist discovered a worm which lives under the water

  • Rocket science: Why 'space salad' grows slower than 'Earth salad'
    This headline is for a story I saw about the impact of a trip to space on rocket seeds
    I read about it here 👇

    1. Wow....I didn't even know things grow in space....this is a must read

    Lockdown, a way of life that has dramatically changed the habits of millions of people around the world, is seen today as a source of frustration for those who experience it.

    Adults and children are having psychotic episodes, mania and depression, with some taken to hospital because of the heavy toll on their mental wellbeing.

  • Beyond damages only benefits with corona and the ozone layer: There is no doubt that talot may denote the ozone layer, and now because of the stop of factories and talot of all kinds, the historical ozone dome is closed over the North Pole. Whereas, the European Climate Change Information Agency Copernicus announced the closure of the ozone dome at the top of the Arctic, and the result is a change in temperature and air purity, and it became clear and said the first and second carbon dioxide Viagar houses of 200 countries.

  • May I ask, I haven't been able to see news stories on the BNC for some reason, it lags very hard. I have checked my P.C and everything but its all fine, could you tell me whats going on?

    1. Which news stories do you mean, caring_crab?

      1. When I try to click on stories it doesn't work, it just lags. So I can't read the stories I want to, is there something wrong? Or is it my P.C because Im checking and always checking the security.

        1. It might be something on your computer as the Newsround website is working OK. Maybe try with a different browser!

  • My headline is A GLITTERING TURTLE.
    It talks about a woman who saw a glittering turtle,on her way driving home.
    This fantastic turtle absorbs light during day and shines during the night.
    This wonderful scene shook all the audience at this unbelievable scene.
    You can read also from https:/.bbc.co.uk/newsround/

  • My headline is Get Ready to Watch Your Favourite Adventure Book Series on Disney+!
    This headline is for a news article about my favourite book, Percy Jackson, confirmed to have a new TV series. If adventure books are having a go at Disney+, maybe YOUR favourite adventure books may have their own series too! Isn't the news exciting? I read about this here:

    For the first time in islamic countries people are prevented to pray in Mosques because of corona virus . In the last 3 monthes people didnt able to go to the mosques to pray in .they have to stay at homes and pray with their families

    1. Actually this is true and it will be opened very soon ..

    Over the past few months Kenya have been experiencing heavy rains and floods . About 7000 people are displaced after Tana River in Kenya became out of control and bursted destroying many homes . This leaves many families displaced and they are facing food shortage and lack of clean water to use . The government of Red cross donate relief food to the affected families where they are camping . Due to insuffient facilities people are crowded together facing the danger of Corona virus. Single parents are left out crying for help .
    Also,thousands displaced families in Garissa ,Kenya are crying for help as the scientists continue predicting more rains leave more families with nowhere to call home .

  • Search the Skies fir the new Swan Comet!
    Comet C/2020 F8 - or Comet Swan as it's also being called - has been attracting a lot of attention, yet it wasn't discovered by someone looking up at the night sky.

    Instead, the he was looking at a computer screen?!

    Astronomer Michael Mattiazzo from Australia spotted the comet from the outer solar system in April 2020.

    He'd been studying images that had been posted online from Soho - a joint NASA and European Space Agency spaceship! Comet Swan can also be spotted in late May and early June!

  • Coming happiness 😘😘
    Britain allocating 93 million pounds sterling to produce a vaccine for Corona Will she succeed with that??

  • The United States faces the darkest winter in modern history due to the Krone epidemic
    On May 15th, under conditions of the US crown, the virus may face the most severe winter in its modern history
    This caused the death of a number of people as a result of the severe cold wave that struck the eastern coasts and regions of the northeastern United States, which led to the declaration of a state of emergency in a number of coastal USA
    Dear reader, let's think together:
    Did the negativity of the administration in the United States cause the loss of people's lives, especially in the early stages of the epidemic?
    Without better planning, could the winter of 2020 become the darkest in modern US history?

  • The next famine
    Corona negatively affects the world economy as the United nations warns of an outbreak of famine Will we die from Corona or from hunger??🤔

    As the media and news spread in the numbers of people infected with the Corona virus around the world, it appears that the epidemic has reached news providers and press professionals, who have provided information about the Corona virus in their bulletins.
    This title is for a story you have seen on this topic. Read about it here:

    Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan for religious reasons, but do we know the positive impact of fasting on human health? Studies have confirmed the importance of fasting because of its many benefits to the human body.
    For more information on this topic, click here: https://www.sadaa.ps/200925.html

  • New neighboring planet...
    Scientists have observed a small distur bance in the light emitted by the "Proxima Centauri" star, which is considered the closest star to the planet after the sun. The disturbance indicates the existence of the planet in the field of the red dwarf star that is valid for the existence of life, which means the existence of life on this planet in theory.

  • Ones in "blue moon "
    Most years we see 12 full moons.
    That's not the case for 2020 though, we get to see an extra full moon!! The 13th moon is known as the "blue moon " and that's where the phrase "Once in ablue moon " comes from.
    (Blue moon facts)
    • A blue moon isn't actually blue.
    • It's called ablue moon because it'll be the second full moon to happen in the same month. This only happens around every 2 and ahalf years.
    • You'll be able to see it on October 31 2020.

  • Lunar Flashlight
    Lunar Flashlight is a mission to the moon, set for 2020. It's the first mission to use lasers to look for water and ice on it.
    It's also the first Cubesat ' areally small satellite ' to got to the moon.

  • my headline is; FLOODS AROUND THE COUNTRY.

  • My headline is:
    Herd immunity
    Warnings of a second wave of corona virus outbreaks have been issued because many countries have reported positive results in controlling and controlling the virus, such as China and South Korea, but concerns are mounting that stopping home quarantine and easing restrictions on movement will trigger a second wave of corona virus But the European branch of the World Health Organization urged all countries to "not be indolent" and to verify that the virus was under control before the restrictions were lifted.
    In the end, I would like to ask you a question, which is: In your view, is laxity and lifting the ban the solution if the virus does not have a vaccine or treatment ?????

    “Jim Braidenstein, director of NASA, announced the cooperation between the agency and Hollywood star Tom Cruise to shoot the first movie in outer space, and the details of the project are not clear yet, but Braidenstein said that the film will be filmed at the ISS.”
    To go into this topic, click here:https://arabic.cnn.com/business/article/2020/05/06/nasa-tom-cruise-movie-space-scn
    Or here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/05/science/nasa-tom-cruise-space-station.html

  • My headline is" Elvis Presley fish singing underwater". :) ;)

  • Do you think plastic is a problem ?! Let's find out:
    What is plastic ??
    We see plastics in most of the things we use daily, especially bottles.
    There are two types of plastic. Firstly, the natural type that is extracted from oil and coal. The second type is that which is made by humans. The first type was made about a hundred years ago and was called bakelite and was made by the Belgian chemist Bayland.
    How do we use plastic ??
    We can do a lot of different things with plastic.
    If we look around, we can find a lot of plastic things like clothes and pencil cases0
    If we asked a question.
    Does plastic have any damage ??
    Most people will say no we are using it every day and it is very useful.
    Yes ... it is useful but when you get rid of it the problem lies.
    Some will say how ?!
    The problem with plastics is that we cannot get rid of it because it does not dissolve easily, as scientists have estimated five trillion pieces of undissolved plastic in the oceans !!
    Where every year, 400 million tons of plastic are produced and 40% of it is for single use - the plastic we will use only once before it is stored.
    Examples of disposable plastic are carrier bags, beverage bottles, and crunchy packages.
    More than eight million tons of plastic enters the world's oceans each year and most escapes from land.
    The other problem is that we cannot take over the recycling of all the plastic parts in the world, perhaps because of the difficulty of this work. Examples include coffee cups as they contain a plastic liner to resist water, which makes recycling difficult.
    How does plastic affect animals ??
    Experts believe that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will weigh more than the amount of fish in the ocean.
    One in three sea turtles, and about 90% of seabirds, have eaten them.
    Every year 100,000 animals in the sea are killed by plastic as they cannot digest the plastic until their stomach becomes full, which means that they have no space for actual food. That is, where birds, fish and shellfish can mistake the plastic for food when they turn into smaller pieces also one of each Three sea turtles, and about 90% of seabirds, have eaten them.
    As for the actions taken by most countries:
    Germany, Norway and Sweden have implemented a plan to return deposits, as these countries help to recycle more than 90% of their plastic bottles.
    As for the United Kingdom, it recycles 75% of plastic bottles.

  • The most harmful fires in human history
    Australia is subject to many fires in the summer, which last for several days or several weeks, which do not cause much harm, and people are used to this ...
    As for the 2019-2020 fire, it started much earlier than usual and spread quickly and continued for a longer period, which also terrorized the population and animals, and also affected Australia negatively in terms of the economy where millions of Australian dollars were paid.
    Also, on the other hand, the fire led to the killing of many people, as well as some firefighters volunteered to stop the fire, which led to the elimination of their lives, and many people lost their homes.
    In terms of animal damage ...
    Over a billion animals died and the Kangaroo Island off southern Australia was particularly hard hit, with about half of the island affected by flames.
    So temporary clinics were created to help infected animals and the army had to be brought in to help clean up after the fires.
    The loss of habitat caused more problems for the animals that survived - left struggling to find food with little shelter and more vulnerable to predators.
    A lot of people were raising money to help animals affected by bush fires, even sewing kangaroo bags for Joey who lost their mothers.
    Some koalas were rescued from the blue mountains before the fires occurred. They are taken care of at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, and have since been relaunched in the wild.
    The fire also destroyed about 126,000 square kilometers of land.
    The lungs also destroyed the world’s lungs, the trees from which we derive the oxygen of life.

  • A message of hope amid sorrows!
    This title is for a story I saw about the presence of a yellow heart in the windows of some people where these people were able to find a special way to remind them of their loved ones who died due to the coronavirus and show others that they do not feel lonely so that they put a yellow heart in their window and share on social media and many shared their grief and that was good.

  • Save the rare stork from extinction !
    This is the title of a story I saw about rare rare stork hatching in the UK for the first time in 600 years where the White Stork Project was created and about 250 birds were released in Sussex, the first pair to successfully hatch a chick and four pairs of storks made nests so experts hope to keep The environment is more successful to keep it from extinction

    This headline is for a story about people dying at homes which means that they had the virus and they locked themselves in their homes but they died. The M.O.H(ministry of health) has sounded the alarm over rising number of coronavirus deaths in homes. On Saturday, Kenya recorded five deaths, bringing the national tally of fatalities to 50. Fifteen of the deaths were recorded in villages and states. There caregivers could be infected and spreading the disease, acting health director general Dr Patrick Amoth said yesterday, adding that age appears to be a strong indicator of who is likely to die of Covid-19. " In the earlier days, the youths were the ones getting infections, hence the high number of recoveries," Dr Amoth said.
    Positive- 887.
    Who have died since march-50.

  • Global Pandemic COVID-19
    This is the time of crises in all over the world. Health issues and all other economically problems. The world has a lot of crises and it lose many things during the COVID-19.This is the disease which damage all community of the world. some countries tried to cover up with herbal medicine and some using masks and sanitizers etc. but this is not the permanent source of cure of this disease. We must invent the permanent medicine for this and we save our lives in all over the world.

  • Earthquake Disaster:
    In October 2015, a 7.5-magnitude quake in Pakistan and Afghanistan slaughtered very nearly 400 individuals in rough territory that hindered aid ventures. The nation was additionally hit by a 7.6-greatness shudder on October 8, 2005, that executed in excess of 73,000 individuals and left about 3.5 million destitute, for the most part in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. These disaster were happen suddenly and there is no measurement scale to know when it come and where it come.

    This headline is for a story I read recently about a man who recovered from the cancer disease. I read the story in the Opera News Kenya. This story had really caught my attention since I never heard of someone who had recovered from this disease. So let me narrate the story for you.
    This man is a Bishop of the jubilee Christian church in Kenya and he said that he is now 100 per cent free from the cancer disease. The man went to an extend to disclose his story where no one had to believe he spoke to the editor and he said that it was difficult for him to undergo such a terrible pain of the disease but lucky for him his wife strongly stood by him and gave him support.
    The Man also said that when he was diagnosed with Myeloma cancer. The cancer formed in a type of white blood cells called a plasma cells, it was hard and he even felt like losing hope but inspite he gave himself hope and had to trust in God that one day he will be well. It's really difficult for this man to fight this disease he tried all his best to make sure that he recovered. For sure his life is about challenges and being able to face this challenges in a strong note as he add in his story. He had to therefore encouraged himself whenever he gets the disease has worsen and put a lot of trust in God and he knew deep in his heart one day all will be well and therefore had to accept his situation.
    He added that as a result of the chemotherapy treatment, he lost his hair and his skin turned darker than he was before and to this point of losing hair in the head brought a lot of worry to him.
    One day when he was laying in the hospital bed he began to show some sought of improvement by regaining his voice he started talking at loud tone he also started showing improvement in his health he started regaining his weight as well. After this diagnosis he was so happy and elated to return to his family again and he added that he now appreciate life than he ever did. He encouraged those who lost their loved ones to never lose hope.
    He disclosed this battle of fighting the disease on 8th may this year.
    Thank for reading my story.

  • Patience is the key to relief
    I chose this title not for a story you have read, but for all the stories and situations that happen with us in life and all the crises we are experiencing from the Corona virus, extreme weather, etc. We must be patient and not lose hope in God and trust in Him because God is with us and can save us and get us out of these Crises and tribulations.

  • Trust is the secret to success
    I chose this title because trust is great importance in our lives , it make a person distinguished in all areas of his life , in addition to this self-confidence brings joy and happiness to person , In the end, self-confidence is the main reason for the success of any person, and it is considered a gift from God Almighty to many people who believe in their own capabilities and seek to develop them in order to achieve excellence and success. Therefore, everyone must believe in his abilities that God gave it , this is what I learned and benefited from a story l read

    1. Please remember to write about a real news story for the competition.

  • My headline is
    I chose this because most of the world are really struggling with lock down and people need to start helping more. They need to start with people who have mental issues or people who don't have enough money for essentials because some people can't get work to help provide for there family. That needs to change as it will only get harder when lock down is over because they will have to start to pay more money for things like rent and taxes when this is all over.

  • Palestine mosques are with out prayers this Ramadan
    I choose this headline for the sad story in the islamic counties .Covid19 prevented us of gathering to pray. We play at our houses. We are waiting the end of this epidemic and find the cure to return to pray again in our mosques.

  • My headline is WILL LIFE EVER BE THE SAME? I chose this title because someone on my street died from the Covid-19 and I know life will never be the same since without the people you love it can change you into something that you know that isn’t you and it could feel emotionally painful and upsetting and you might never move on.


    1. We're sorry to hear this, loved_wildcat.

      1. As well as I’m sorry I feel he will have a better life there than here.

    2. listen: If the world adheres to the correct actions to combat the Corona virus, it will undoubtedly disappear. I hope that. So # stay in your house

    I choose this headline for the sad story in the islamic counties .Covid19 prevented us of gathering to pray. We play at our houses. We are waiting the end of this epidemic and find the cure to return to pray again in our mosques.

  • FROM LIVE TO YOUR OWN HIVE(I found this info from BBC were they were talking about how TV SHows have evolved)
    I have chosen this because during this lockdown period Tv Shows have evolved Such as (The late late show with James Corden,A little late with Lilly Singh) they have made a drastic change to their usual comfort which a large crowd to either Live at home or an Empty crowd.Which I personally think is pretty amazing because it shows there commitment to the programme

    This little lovely story happend after Covid19 .Ozone whole cured and disappeared .What a big joy. The earth came back to breathe again. Lungs are working guys! Trees are happy ! Animals are happy !The whole land is happy .And of course we the people are happy.

    1. Whilst there has been some improvement in air quality, the holes in the ozone are not completely gone and the impact of the coronavirus on the environment will unfortunately be very small. The world must continue to act on climate change!

    This is our daily story and daily nightmare. The Gaza valley suffers from pollution. No clean water .Swege and factoris ruins are swimming in it instead of ducks, swans , and wild birds . Even bird watchers left and they won't come back.

  • Comet Atlas
    NASA expects the comet Atlas to fall after it's fragmentation due to it's proximity to the sun ,and this will be this month in May I read that on Al Jazeera net

    attention to the culture of the arab child is one of the most important things in which nations and peoples develop. it is not surpising that developed nations attach great importance to refining the culture of their children understanding future generations

    "Recycling" is one way to keep the surrounding environment clean. We are throwing waste, plastic, and minerals for a long time in the soil, so this negatively affects them, and in Palestine in particular because they are my country, I like to write on them.
    And there are difficulties in applying recycling.
    For more click here: http://info.wafa.ps/ar_page.aspx?id=9152
    I have a question for you, to what extent is recycling applied in your country ?? And do you apply it to your personal level, for example, do not buy plastic cups !! Tell me in the comments.


    do masks work ? well I think some masks work but also others might not help at all

    1. See BBC Newsround's advice on wearing masks here:

    2. I also think who is supposed to wear the masks the affected ones or the healthy ones? 😷

      1. I thin both because then the infected ones don't give it to the uninfected and the healthy ones don't catch it

  • My headline is Astrobiologists VS. Covid 19

    This headline is for a story I read on how astobiologists stepped forward to offer their help in a field other than astronomy. They are developing tools that are so powerful and vital that it can save lives during the Covid 19 pandemic
    I read this here

    This headline is for a story of the illegal miners who have been destroying farm lands and digging holes in the forest reserve close to a town called Minti in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. These miners had destroyed close 0.5 hectares of the forest reserve. A team of forest guards went on a swoop but did not meat the miners. They only succeeded in confiscating their machines. Their activities have resulted in the destruction of a cedrela, a type of mahogany species. The source of my story is https://www.graphic.com.gh

  • My headline is "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SPACE IN 2020 !!"
    There are many expectations for what will get to outer space
    And we were provided with information from NASA about that
    If you are interested in me, like astronomy and space, click here. You will get additional information on this topic:

  • My headline is THE DANGER OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE HUMAN RIGHTS ,and I believe that the extreme weather have a very dangerous effectiveness on the human rights because it causes many disasters like hurricanes and wildfires that affect our human rights and take it away from us like what happened in Lebanon last summer when many people lost their houses in the wildfires and they lost their right in living in a safe place

  • Smart dog trained to sniff out covid-19!

    It's not the end, as long as there is hope, this catastrophe will go away, we are strong, we faced stronger than these crises, let's not think of bidding farewell to our dreams, rather, we must cooperate to overcome this crisis, come on, guys, enough, we will , not arrive alone The only, solution
    cooperation and then cooperation

    1. wow yes that's true ! reading that showed me to still have hope . and we may not go on holiday this year but we can do this !

  • my headline is LOCK DOWN AFFECTING COUNTRIES ECONOMY AND LIFESTYLE OF THE PEOPLE, I think that the lock down set aside for the corona virus is affecting the economy of countries for example shops, industries, factories learning institutions,public offices,transportation centers ,and others are all shut down . Everyone is locked up in their houses doing nothing.Nobody is investing money. So the countries economy will go down according to its status. People don't have any means of getting money that sustain the families needs so it will affected people lifestyle. Others are the government will spend money to other countries buying protective items to the nation hence spending a lot of money buying those items the economies status will drop.While others are paying a lot of money to find a cure for the corona virus. And the government will pay to the health officers who may try to treat and cure COVID-19 patients and police officers who make sure people respect the government rules and regulations.

  • Headline:
    The MP for Okaikoi North Hon. Fuseni Iddrisu in his speech delivered to the community on Sunday 17th May 2020, he stated that COVID 19 is real.
    He emphasized on it that all measures laid down by the Ministry of Health must be observed by all.
    He went on to advise the community to stay at home, observed social distance, washing of hands frequently and the use of alcohol base hand sanitizer and wearing of nose mask.

  • Space scientist
    (Two asteroids approaching Earth)
    There are two planets that headed toward Earth on Monday, and on Tuesday, another asteroid is expected to approach our planet
    The NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies warns of two asteroids heading for Earth on Monday, and another asteroid is expected to approach our planet early on Tuesday.

    The three asteroids close to Earth are expected to achieve close approach sometime between Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19, at speeds between 13,000 and 31,000 mph, according to (Russia Today).The first asteroids in Qatar next week, 2020 JE2, will reach 56 feet (17.07 meters), or the equivalent of two buses in London one in front of the other, and it will achieve close proximity to Earth at 2:19 pm EST, at a safe distance of 524,000 miles, or twice the distance between Earth and the moon.

    Less than an hour later, the largest asteroid between the three (exceeding the height of the Statue of Liberty), 2020 HG9, will move within a range of 3.7 million miles from Earth.The third asteroid, 2020 KA (about 20 meters wide), will approach our planet early on Tuesday, at a speed of 13,000 miles per hour, but at a safe distance of 476,000 miles.

    Disturbingly, the presence of space rocks was not observed for the first time, except on April 28, 2020 (2020 HG9), and in mid-May (2020 JE2020)(KA)

  • My headline is: SPACE IN 2019 AND 2020.
    If we go back a little in time for 2019, we will remember that the sky was beautiful this year, and the stars were shining in the sky, and NASA astronauts were able to take clear pictures of what is in space,
    Well ... if we went now to September in 2019 where NASA requested the names of people to send them to Mars where more than ten million people participated as NASA continued to ask for the names of people until March 2020
    Among the reasons for NASA to request these names and send them to the red planet:
    1. Searching for housing - You will search for life that is already there, most likely plants and bacteria instead of the aliens we see in movies!
    2. Searching for vital signatures - If there is life on Mars, you will consider how it survives there.
    3. Temporary storage samples - Simply, the rover will collect soil-like samples and store them on Mars.
    4. Preparing for Human Beings - Yes! NASA will really see if humans can live on Mars!
    The Mars 2020 rover will be launched between July 17 - August 5, 2020, and is scheduled to land on February 8, 2021!
    This is cool !! ... and now we're back to the 2020 space
    Where Jupiter and Saturn will appear in the same place, if you look at them through a telescope, you will be able to see them resembling a large planet.
    This only happens once every 20 years !!
    Once the blue moon "
    Most years we see 12 full moons.
    This is not the case for 2020, though, we'll see the full moon!
    The thirteenth moon is known as the "blue moon" but it is not really blue it is called the blue moon because it will be the second full moon to happen in the same month. This only happens every two and a half years.
    We will be able to see it in October.
    Lunar Flashlight is a mission to the moon, set for 2020.
    It is the first task that uses a laser to search for water or ice on it.
    It is also the first very small space cube to go to the moon.

  • Sea world "fish fish"
    Bacteria take lighting lamps ...
    Scientists were unaware of the integrative relationship bacteria play with fish fish
    A new study showed that the headlights of the female fish in the deep sea are born by bacteria that derive their vital light from water.
    Scientists believe that these bacteria, with these fish in particular, cannot survive on their own outside their host host
    Dear reader, let's interact together!
    * Is Takaful a way to live ??
    * Are luminous bacteria the same in fish ??
    * Are the chances of lighting coming from the water ??
    To learn more information, click on the link below ...


    Respect We all want respect to make our world complete not only for ours but also for us. When someone respects you, you can trust yourself and start a new page with yourself


    No more dreams. We will make dreams come true. We can do them. Just trust yourself. Dream and smile.

    The title tells you everything if we are together we will make the impossible

    peace means harmony, understanding, coexistence and friendship.peace is the opposite of violence, wars and hostilities. as an example of global efforts towards peace, United Nations (UN)was established in 1945 after world war II, to facilitate cooperation in international law, security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achieving world peace..

  • 2020 is the year of major transformations in technology
    Nowadays, technology has reached a stage where it has become an integral part of our daily lives, and once none of us can dispense with it, technology continues to accelerate, as we enter a new contract to come, and we may see massive developments in space travel and quantum computing. As we will witness a noticeable increase in the spread of software in our daily life, it seems that everything around us in the modern era is constantly changing and improving, so it may be difficult to know the trends that we will see soon, let us look at the trends of technology that are likely to achieve significant growth in The field of innovation in the year and th decade Are coming.New directions
    Experts expect that, in 2020, major shifts in technology can change the world and in 2019, the focus was on collecting data on user behavior, but in 2020, it will focus on translating these statistics into actionable insights to form original and lasting links with customers, and a company has developed EMarketer is a list of digital trends expected in 2020 in the areas of digital marketing, media, and commerce. These major trends include many ideas, including modern audio technologies that will go beyond smart headphones to reach the potential of visual research.

    Google will remain the dominant search platform as in recent years, but some users may switch to other search platforms, and many traditional TV services will lose their customers in favor of content broadcasting services.Through the Internet, such as "Netflix" and "Hulu" and others, prompting those in charge of this sector to rethink their strategies, direct consumer brands will increase their presence online, by providing traditional stores to support their business, and privacy concerns will drive news outlets And social platforms about data targeting practices that will not be well received by their fans, and the Facebook user database will continue to decline, and many advertisers may go to other platforms to promote their merchandise.How will technology change 2020 and beyond?
    It is expected that the fifth generation networks will provide speeds of up to 10 GB / second, to make them 100 times faster than the fourth generation networks. It is worth saying that entire industries will witness radical transformations, while other new industries will be established and companies will continue to launch the next phase of the fifth generation , Which will include private networks designed for manufacturing sites, enabling better employee productivity, device efficiency and increased profitability.
    - the world of technology
    - The messenger
    - the seventh day
    - BBC
    - Elaph
    - City
    Al-Natour Center for Studies and Research
    - Middle east

  • Germany: The number of HIV infections is on the rise, days after the isolation measures were eased
    The rate of new infections in the Coruna virus in Germany has risen again days after the easing of the quarantine measures imposed in the country, which raised fears that the pandemic could spin out of control again. The German Chancellor had succumbed to pressure from the leaders of the German states to return to social life and revive the economy as of last Wednesday, but at the same time it has put in place a mechanism that allows the re-imposition of restrictions if cases increase again. Dear reader, let's think together ... Is it possible at the end of May? For Germany to defeat the virus and return to normal life ...

  • A smile is not only an expression of your happiness, but it makes everyone smile, happy and spread happiness. So, if you smile beautiful and wonderful smile you make the world a better place to live than your positive energy (your smile). Imagine, if all the people you meet smile every day. How the feeling of happiness that brought a smile will look like. Remember to smile every day

  • Ambition🔥💙
    The most successful people in the world were very poor, but they held out, were patient, struggled and had self-esteem. Do not walk behind a failed person until you are not like him, and walk in the same line as the successful ones. It is not aspirations that fulfill our dreams, but turning them into actual steps. Failure is not when defeating, but failure is when withdrawing does not accompany those who know the word impossible, and make your companions who have disabilities and challenge them. You must fail to learn how to be successful.💪🏻🔥❤️

  • "Krone steals the sea from the Gazans and forbids them from the Ramadan rituals."

    As the sun sets, and just before the time for the call to prayer in Morocco, it was customary to see dozens of families spreading land on the seashore in the Gaza Strip for breakfast in the blessed month of Ramadan, whether it was to escape the power cuts that turned their homes into "dark graves", or In search of a Ramadan family atmosphere, waiting for them from year to year
    "Krone steals the sea from the Gazans and forbids them from the Ramadan rituals."

    As the sun sets, and just before the time for the call to prayer in Morocco, it was customary to see dozens of families spreading land on the seashore in the Gaza Strip for breakfast in the blessed month of Ramadan, whether it was to escape the power cuts that turned their homes into "dark graves", or In search of a Ramadan family atmosphere, waiting for them from year to year...

  • For the first time in 23 years ... the absence of scenes of return on the anniversary of the Nakba

    The Corona pandemic prevented the revival of the events of the 72nd anniversary of the Nakba inside the Palestinian community, while scenes of returning to the abandoned villages and cities were absent for the first time in 23 years, so that the scenes and marches turned into digital in the virtual world, and gathered for the first time through social networks the Palestinian people with diaspora, exodus and inside the homeland.

    And if the scenes of return are absent from the ground, they quickly turned into a flood of feelings, recounting memories, and retrieving novels in the memory of a forgotten homeland, gathered from all parts of the earth - through the application of "Zoom", and the direct broadcast on social networks - the Palestinian refugee in the homeland and diaspora , Who is still yearning and yearn to return.
    Is next year 2021, is it expected that the refugees will return to Palestine, and will the Krone virus be eliminated?

  • The atmosphere in occupied Palestine is witnessing a rise in temperatures during the current days, which comes at the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, as citizens search for a date for the decline of the hot air mass through which the region passes.

    Dear Sirs, I will give you many important advice that you should follow in the hot climate and coinciding with the end of Ramadan
    To avoid damage:
    1. When going out during the day, avoid direct exposure to the sun, that the clothes should be of white cottons or light colors, and use the sun to protect from the sun.

    2. Always shower in cold, not warm water3. When breaking the fast during Ramadan, we always start with a warm soup, not too hot, and it is absolutely forbidden to start drinking cold water or cold soda.

    4. Make sure to drink three liters of water between Iftar and Suhoor distributed, at an average of about a cup of water every hour.

    5. Those suffering from high pressure or kidney problems are strictly prohibited from drinking licorice.

    6. Not to eat pickles because they are dangerous to the health of the skin and hair. On the contrary, care should be taken to eat green salads daily

    7. Not to multiply sweets because they are dangerous to the health of the skin and the body in general, and on the contrary we have to multiply watermelons and cantaloupe because of their great importance to the health of the entire body.

    8. Women should make sure to moisturize the skin at night with moisturizing creams, to keep it from drying out.I hereby clarify that the intensity of the hot weather will gradually decline in occupied Palestine, starting from the coasts at the end of this week, where it will witness a significant and visible decrease at the beginning of next week.
    Here, we reach you at the end of our article about the date of the decline of the hot air mass in Palestine and important advice for the fasting people. We ask God Almighty safety for everyone in the hot climate.

    About 75 per cent of households in Gaza experience severe or moderate levels of food insecurity, and the unemployment rate increased from 44 per cent in 2017 to 70 per cent in 2020
    The UN monitoring group OCHA has stated that child labor is a “commonly used mechanism to alleviate poverty” in Gaza.
    The high level of child labor in gaza caused by :
    1- Israeli siege for more than 13 years.
    2- Gaza’s unemployment level – for adults – is among the highest in the world.
    3- Israel’s three major offensives against Gaza since December 2008 have seen numerous businesses destroyed or damaged.
    4- Gaza has been hurt by cuts to public sector wages imposed by the Palestinian Authority, as well as by the ending of US aid to Palestinian refugees.


    I mean, children love sweets more than they taste and there are many sweets they buy And that harms them with viral diseases because sweets reduce immunity
    And also the incidence of various cancerous diseases
    It hinders the body’s growth process
    It leads to kidney and pancreas problems
    And infections cause gums and tooth decay.

  • I chose the title."Dogs reveal infected people with Corona virus .
    Dogs do a great job. It is believed that the dogs will primarily be used to test individuals coming to the country at airports . The research is being conducted at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine and Durham university.
    Specially traind dogs are used in an organization ( Detection Dogs)
    Where the odor samples are collected for different medical conditions and the samples are placed on metal stands with other scents from uninfected people .
    Tell me your opinions on this topic.

  • Corona And Her Struggles With The World
    One day: a virus called Corona appeared to circulate in China and then the world. The World Health Organization and scientists began discovering this virus and found it to be a dangerous and rapidly spreading virus. They started fighting it in all possible ways, and spreading awareness among people to prevent this dangerous virus.

    The most interesting thing that I read was Corona virus, because it's the crisis we're going through,
    This virus came as a flood to eliminate green and dry land, because the Corona crisis and its spread all over the world has killed all people and greatly affected industry and tourism and worked on poverty, poor countries have been greatly affected by this crisis and unfortunately also the number of deaths increases every day, and I hope A solution can be found before the great disaster spreads.

    1. Not only poor contries even the richest countries .i also agree the virus should be found soon and very soon

  • My headline is"Countdown Lockdown"
    Lockdown is almost ending in some places and we can actually start to have a normal life again.We can play with friends while social distancing ,eat ice cream and go to school now. Who's ready for Lockdown Countdown?

  • Because of Corona .. Palestinian lantern
    Regain his popularity
    "Useful harmful God," the mouthpiece of lantern makers in Palestine speaks before their article, after the decline in the popularity of Chinese lanterns in favor of local production, whether due to import difficulties or perhaps because of the psychological condition that afflicted some towards Chinese products, after the spread of the Corona virus.

    According to what the Palestinians used to do long ago, the lantern gift is a source of joy for children in the holy month of Ramadan.Although there were large stocks of Chinese lanterns merchants from last year, they were not very popular after the Corona pandemic, not only for import-related reasons, but also for psychological reasons.

    The prices of Palestinian lanterns also come to suit all levels, starting from 5 NIS to 15 NIS depending on the sizes.
    One of the employees explains that the work stages start from computer design to the required shape and names that the customer wants to write on the lantern, then the laser engraving machine cuts wood and carries shapes and names, so the last stage comes where workers collect those wooden pieces and install them together, then add some colored light bulbs .It indicates the increasing demand for this type of lanterns because of its local culture, as well as the ability to give privacy to every lantern by placing the names of children, which makes each lantern specific to its owner and does not resemble the other.

  • Corona has no effect in this part of the world ...
    Although the newly invaded Coruna virus invaded 196 countries around the world, Antarctica is the only one that is still immune from it, which raises questions about the reason for this.

    And we take the answer to the beginnings of the virus turning into a global pandemic, that is, last March 11, as the frozen and remote region immediately took strict control measures, which made it more distant from the world with the prevention of tourist trips and any contact between international rules between them as well as adopting very strict measures .
    Will the continent of Antarctica have many people going to escape the Krone pandemic ...

    This headline is for a story of a young girl by name Nana Ama Asantewaa who planted the an apple seed despite the popular perception that the fruit is an exotic breed and does not grow in Ghana. Her parents allowed her to sow the seed in their home at Wiamoase in the Ashanti region of Ghana.
    Along the line, she fell ill and passed while her plant still grew.
    Today, the plant is fully grown and bearing fruits and has sparked conversations in Ghana. The girl died five years ago. A few years after planting the seed, she fell ill. She was so concerned about how the family was going to live because they are poor so the family believes this is her own small way of helping them. Source: Ghanaweb.com

    After Prime Minister Boris Johnstone announced an ease to British lockdown, many people held small VE Day parties, thinking that now lockdown has has been reduced to more relaxed conditions it would be perfectly fine. It has been reported that on that day, there had been a slight spike in cases as a handful more patient reported into hospital with Covid 19 symptoms.

  • I do not read the news, so I will try.
    Will a mask help?
    I chows this as a title because we are told to where a mask when we are around people however, people will make howls in their masks, so they can breathe easer, which goes agent the point of a mask.


    Being stuck inside has made some people think that the virus is fake, they are starting to believe that their rights are being taken away by being stuck inside.
    This is where I got my information from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FZJzBZoXxc

    1. I agree most people are starting to think that way .only some of them to find themselves in trouble

    Recently, we heard a lot about the Corona virus from information and rumors, it is like a flu ...
     In the shadow of it, laws were enacted to avoid it, and now everyone is in the house quarantine.
    We changed this small virus that is not seen with the naked eye, turn to our daily lives and our routine to isolation ..
    There are eased restrictions and there was strict in its laws for fear of the spread of the epidemic to learn more about this topic, click here:

    Your planet needs you ; unite to combat to climate change

  • " How The Pandemic Affecting Italy "
    On How There Is So Many Deaths, Cases And Stressed People With There mental Health Affected...

  • The Annie Walsh Memorial School 19 May 2020
    My Headline is :
    In Denmark which is the first country to reopen private schools ,the children are trying to adjust to social distancing, regular hand washing,different playout and different classrooms layout. As for the teenagers they are also trying to co-operate with the different way of living: not being able to see your friends face to face ,but online messaging and video calls,online classes etc. Millennials that are living really boring lives. Different types of millennials are affected in different ways,as for the millennials who are in their late 30s to late 70s are suffering the most because most of them have lost their jobs in which they take care of their family , for the aged ones they are living in bored lives except those who engage themselves in doing puzzles or knitting . To no more go to @annita -mcveigh or go to the BBC website to know more.

    A volunteer archeologist had dug up the first fossil ever found in Australia of along necked dinosaur called elaphrosaur.Expert known from Jurassic_fossils found in China that these theropods had teeth when young but beat when an adult, indicating it may have begun life as a carnivorous predator but changed to be a plant eater as it matured. The theropods family or dinosaur includes all of the known predators Elaphrosaur was about 2 metre long from head to tail, had short front arms with four fingers on each and would have been a fast runner. There are first three known Elaphrosaur species from fossils found in China, Argentina and Tanzania. The single vertebrae a bone from the spine was found by Jessica Parker in 2015 at an archeological dig sites called Eric the Red, west near cape Otiony in Western Victoria.
    Melbourne museum runs the dig site. looking for fossils in rocks that sometimes under sand and sea water. several years later, swinborne University PHD student Adele Pentland was studying. Australian Ptenosaur and released this Fossils was different, she said that the Ptenosaurs neck vertebrae have a ball shape at the tail end. This bone has sockets at both ends. This single Australian fossils extends the known range of Elaphrosaur, leading experts do believe it was widespread and possibly global. The find in southern Victoria also meant it once lived within the Antarctic circle as 110 years ago, Australia was much further south than it is now.
    The result of the study of the Elaphrosaur fossils are published in the journal Gond wanna. Research progress at the Eric the Red west dig site has been hampered this year by the Bush fires over summer and then covid_19 restrictions but researchers believe its likely more Elaphrosaur Fossils will be found once work begins again.

  • sorry typing error it's not beat it's beak

  • My headline is"Mother Nature Gets Her Big Break."

    With the implementation of lockdown measures in various parts of the world in exclusion of the continuous movement of essential workers , most people now work and attend school from home . All our hectic daily activities have now come to a standstill. Big factories that release large amounts of dangerous gases which damages the Earth's ozone layer are no more in operations. Natural wildlife is now no more disturbed by the activities of people . There is less plastic in the seas . Trees are no longer being cut down. I wonder if Mother Nature could think, she would probably say where are all those people who used to disrupt my peace. Where are they now. So finally mother nature gets her big break and life will never be the same again.

  • Topic: It has been scientifically proven that Scorpions can glow at night.
    Some explorers went to the Amazon Forest and found a glowing scorpion at night. It seems that the scorpion absorbs sunlight rays in the day and glow at night.

    How the corona virus has seized work productivity, leading to increasing rates of unemployment. With a lot of businesses closing down shops, the economy of every country affected by the virus has been hit so hard. The economy has been shattered to pieces. The question remains still answered, How fast can we build back the global economy?

  • My headline is :" THE COVID TWINS"
    Indian mother gives birth to twins and in order to be memorable and special, she gave her baby boy and girl names after the virus !!
    Source of information: https://www.aljazeera.com>news

    Schools should be opened and before the students open the school they should all be tested for corona virus this will ensure that no student will get in school with the virus .social distancing should also be maintained.its evident that most students do not study at home and online studies are also not as efficient.

  • My headline: A new sign added to the official list of signs and symptoms of covid 19:
    After a current research and studying , some doctors and scientists have noted a certain distinctive sign apart from the other signs known....

  • My headline is; Solutions from the unexpected; Doubting Africa?
    In the general search for a solution to the deadly Corona virus, the question on everyone's mind is where is the solution going to come from? Madagascar has created a herbal mixture which is said to be effective. Would it be considered? Could it be that the fate of the whole world has been placed in the hands of one of its poorest countries?


    This headline relates to the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has infected people from all walks of life in almost every part of the world. No vaccine has yet been developed to withstand the virus. From experts and news making round, recoveries have largely been those with stronger immune system. Those with underlying health conditions, once attacked by covi-19, have little chances of survival or making full recovery.
    I get access to news on covid-19 through different sources such local radio stations, newspapers, the internet, health workers in my community and my parents.

  • (You want justice, be brave).👌👌
    This is a very beautiful story that says that in one of the university lectures, the teacher expelled the student without reason, so the student felt wronged and the students remained silent, then the teacher asked: Why were the laws made?
    Talib said: until applied.
    Another said: So as not to persecute the weak strong.
    The teacher said: This is not enough.
    A female student raised her hand and replied: Until justice prevails.
    The teacher said: This is correct, then he said: What is the benefit of justice? One student replied, "Until you reserve the rights and no one will be wronged."
    The teacher said: Did I wrong your colleague when I fired him?
    They said: Yes
    The teacher said: Why did you fast and did nothing?
    What use are laws if we do not have the courage to apply them? "
    This is your lesson today, and you should apply it in your community for life.
    In my opinion, this title shows that justice does not come from a vacuum, but rather it takes courage and strength to implement it.
     For example, the brave king is the one who can achieve justice in his country, unlike the cowardly king who cannot implement justice in his country, and this means that justice is the basis of the king.
    This is a short title for a beautiful story that may not be news.
     When we read the title, we infer that this story speaks of justice and courage and may attract the attention of many readers.
    What do you think of this story ??😊😊

  • One day I had an important question in my head, and what happens if there are no volcanoes? So I began searching for the answer on the Internet and found a news story explaining the importance of volcanoes and gave them a title: "Volcanoes are the natural gateway to Earth's wonders." And the story says that volcanoes act as an outlet for the Earth through the exit of gases, fumes and other materials that are inside the earth and that may form a great pressure under the layer of the earth's crust, so they come out through volcanoes to prevent the earth from exploding.
    So volcanoes are a way to protect Earth from explosion.
    In my opinion, it is a natural gateway to Earth's wonders.
    It's surprising information and most of us were unfamiliar with it.
    I put my mind as a title to grab the reader's attention.
    And I have adopted in many titles that I make them contain aesthetic images and expressive indications to attract the reader's attention.
     What do you think of the title ??😊😊

    This headline is from a story i read about how people are to avoid public transport.
    I read it here; https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52708198.

  • My title is :Busy bees have a day to celebrate.
    This title is forna story I have seen about the importance and tasks of bees .
    I read about them here https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48308339

  • My headline is Lizards of the deep.when you tell anybody there are lizards in water,they will say you are not sensible but the Jurassic period saw warm seas and abundant life forms .while dinosaurs roamed the earth,other reptiles flourished in the seas .like their relatives on land ,they breathed air ,which meant coming to the surface to fill their lungs.their long,lithe bodies propelled them fast through the water in Chase of prey:smaller animals and fish.
    I read this in a newspaper :the ATLAS of Oceans-lizards of the deep.

  • My headline is:
    In the United kingdom Captain Tom Moore a second world war veteran who has just turned hundred [100] years old does a walking routine everyday to raise money for health workers and he has a partner in Ghana ,a ninety five [95] year old military veteran Joseph Hammond who also does morning walks everyday along the oxford streeet in Ghana appealing to the leaders and citizens to help raise money for his mission . To get more go to BBC. com

  • Coronavirus: Will schools reopen?

    (I put this as the Boris Johnson announced that school will be reopening as quick as possible by June 1 for year 1 and year 6 pupils- after half term. Go on the website- Newsround- to find out more...)

    Facts were on Newsround: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52393241
    Check it out.

  • Rock eaters
    Scientists discovered on their trip to the Philippines to the symbiotic molluscs anew type of worms that gum the rocks and excrete waste in the form of sand can we discover worms stranger than that???

  • This is very interesting, which leads me to go deeper into the topic!!!

  • The world collapses and says save me. I picked this title because I want to talk about the story of a scientist who today suffers from problems and crises like Covid19, extreme weather, etc. He collapses, suffers, and asks for help to survive.
    Will he find someone to save him?

  • Is there really a baby planet?

  • The headline that captured my interest was from the Independent website:
    The website states that research shows that the number of insects around the world is dramatically decreasing and this has impact on humans life. The source states that certain species are dying out like glowing worms. The bees numbers are declining too and the loss of honey would be the least we should be worrying out because there will be more serious consequences such as chaos in food chain. Research says that this is happening because of the global warming.
    Source: INDEPENDENT, 14th May.

  • COVID-Organics: Madagascar's purported cure for the pandemic
    Some African countries are ordering consignments of Madagascar's purported cure for COVID-19.

  • For the full news go tohttps://newsaf.cgtn.com/news/2020-05-20/COVID-Organics-Madagascar-s-purported-cure-for-the-pandemic-QD1d9NvecE/share_amp.html

  • Start with why.
    This is a short novel that summarizes the importance of starting (why) in the success of large and small projects, where you want to address those who want to inspire others or find those who inspire them, and those who start (why) do not control but inspire, and that those who follow them are not because they are forced to do so, But they want that.

  • My headline is ,The real danger!
    The real danger is bigger than
    a Coronavirus .these words were the beginning of a report about the world after the Coronavirus. The report said that the real danger is a bigger problem, a bigger disease. "THE FEAR" the fear of this virus, the fear of die!!
    But ,it said after that ,while we are afraid of die, we can not also live our life !🤷‍♀️

  • My headline is:
    WHO statement: Tobacco use and COVID-19.
    It is said by WHO that Tobacco kills more than 8 million people globally every year. More than 7 million of these deaths are from direct tobacco use and around 1.2 million due to non - smokers being exposed to secondhand smoke. Tobacco smoking is a known risk factor for many respiratory diseases. A review of studies by public health experts convened by WHO on 29 April,2020 found that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19 compared to non - smokers. COVID-19 primally attacks the lungs. Smoking results to hardened lungs making it difficult to fight corona virus and other diseases. People infected with respiratory diseases are more likely to have difficulty in fighting corona virus. There is no definite information reaching us to the link between tobacco,nicotine and COVID-19 but some smokers claim that it is a waste of time to be searching for the cure of corona virus is tobacco because there is no smoker infected with corona virus. Therapies like gum and patches are designed to help smokers quit tobacco. Toll - free quit lines,mobile text messaging programs and contribute therapies are recommended by WHO to help smokers quit tobacco. Within 20 minutes of quitting,elevated heart rate and blood pressure drop. After 12 hours,the carbon mono dioxide level on the bloodstreams drop to normal. Within 2-12 weeks,circulation improves and lung function increases. After 1-9 months,coughing and shortness of breath decreases. Who stresses the importance of ethnically approved high -quality, systematic research that will contribute to advancing individual and public health,emphasizing that promotion of unproven intervention could be negative effect on health.
    Thank you

    My headline is about a story l came across in the newspaper and it was in the news it really caught my attention and was very interested in it so these is a eight-legged micro-animals ,also known as tardigrades ,it can withstand extreme cold temperatures, Do you know that it can survive ten years without water and survive large amounts of radiation ,can human beings survive without water for ten lam sure most of us will die of thirst.
    Their name ,tardigrada means "slow steppers ". Tardigrades have also survived exposure to outer space .They feed on plant cells ,algae,and invertebrates.
    Did you know bear is the only and only animal that survive in space.
    It really one of a kind

  • Pray for humanity
    That was the title for the newspaper last week in the whole world on 14 May 2020 despite the diversity creeds and different lives. A lot of clergies they met from all the religions to pray and wish to elimination this dangerous virus from the world under the pope Frances, pope Vatican, and Al- Azhar Shikdom D.R Ahmad Al-Taib
    so is it possible this initiative beginning to rise korona virus and what do you think of this?
    But we should stay at home and follow the health guidelines and praying to God Almighty and this initiative gave the spirit of convergence and dialogue all though different of religions, beliefs, and nationalities this indicates that we are all one and don't disagree is it possible that korona virus a reason for the difference in the world or its unification what do you think?
    # oh God, remove the epidemic from us and protect us from its evil

  • With new korona virus spread
    ( Do you think we can find the vaccine for this dangerous virus ?)
    I think we can do it because all the world works hard to find the vaccine and safe peoples live so thanks for everyone help to elimination for this dangerous virus and we should stay at home to keep us and our lovers safe
    # Stay at home to protect your home land .

  • There was a poor girl, her father is dead and her mother is disabled and she supports her young brothers, she was diligent in her studies, she loves helping others, she helps the poor and needy when she can, the girl graduated from high school she worked part-time in one of the cafes, she entered the university and after she graduated from the university with good appreciation she did not get a job suitable for her studies, and the money from the café was no longer sufficient to treat her mother and feed her younger brothers, so she worked overtime and consumed all her energy, until that day came and her mother died in it, and she became the only one responsible for her brothers, she met a handsome man who like her , he submitted to her engagement but she refused because she wants to take care of her brothers for lack of a shepherd to them . the man admired for her brothers countable giving up, so he take care of her brothers and placed them in a beautiful house and he put for each one of them his own income and married the girl and lived a happy life.

  • Knighthood
    A British old man received a knighthood for donating to the health staff Will it affect the elimination of the Corona virus??


    A man decided to get rid of his old father by putting him in the care of the elderly after his wife had been distressed, so the man took care of the needs of his father, crying, forgetting the love and sacrifice that this father gave him. The bag and carried with him from the sponge to sleep on his father there and went to the care home and the man took his son with him so he insisted that the child take a piece of the sponge so the man asked his son what do you want to do with it so he answered him I will keep it for you when he took you to the care house in your old age and the man cried and embraced his father and pledged before God and Imam His son to take care of himself as long as he is in limbo For life

    One of the photographers took a photo of my predecessor with the glasses of one of the displaced children in Ma'rib Governorate for four dollars and opened the auction door for the glasses themselves, to reach five thousand dollars, because the child wears the glasses that he made from the remnants of some of the damaged wires, because of the war in Yemen, this man will display the child's glasses for auction. It's value is buying clothes and clothing for the child and his friends.

  • I read about this story here....ALJAZERA.net

  • Animal Arts: Phenomenal Photography

    This title describes the news story 'https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52487193' because it tells us the keys to taking paw-fect pictures. I know this from the title as I can infer that this 'Phenomenal Photography' is linked with animals as it says, above, 'Animal Arts'. With this information, we can predict the story will be a guide to taking pictures of our pets.

    I used alliteration, short phrases, and a colon to catch the viewer's attention. I have chosen this link because I want to spend my time wisely, not constantly thinking about the virus- although, you should be aware of it. This video explains that while we are in lockdown, we can still take a photography lesson to keep our minds busy.

  • Covid-19 - Is it getting better?
    Lately, the coronavirus has been tough and has been affecting many people across the world. This has meant that many of our lives have been changed completely here's why and how we could stay calm and still have a remotely normal life...



  • THE Headline Is For A Story I Saw About::
    This phenomenon has occurred in the state of Texas, America, where this phenomenon is known as the oppressive vortex, where a number of people have witnessed rapid rotation of a column of air over the sea.
    I have read about this in,,,Aljazeera. Net.
    https. //aj.me/ecd2.

  • My headline is :SPRING DANCE OF SPRITES.
    This headline I saw him for a phenomenon known as imps, read about it here: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/05/spring-dance-sprites-200505073238608.html


    On Friday, a snowstorm witnessed a crippling movement in Jerusalem and the West Bank, while hundreds of homes were flooded in the Gaza Strip, indicating that the thickness of snow in the city amounted to about 37 cm and more in remote areas, where schools were closed and electricity was cut off in various areas of the city due to the snowfall and closed Snow-capped roads, and the Ministry of Health confirmed that 66 citizens were injured in the frost wave, including 3 who were seriously injured.

    Scientists have discovered an exoplanet where it rains iron. How can a planet outside our Solar System rain iron? Let's find out.
    This exoplanet is located around 390 light years away. Unlike our planets, the exoplanet has one side always facing a different star from our Sun. Actually, the planet is known as WASP-76b.
    The planet is also hot, not warm (temperatures reach above 2,400 degrees Celsius) that is considered to vaporise metals like iron in the atmosphere.
    A study published in science journal Nature says that extreme temperature difference between the day side and night side causes strong winds. These strong winds bring the iron vapor to the night side.
    Like water vapor, when it hits the cooler temperature in the night side, the iron condenses and rains down in droplets.
    This was discovered using the European Southern Observatory's VLT (Very Large Telescope) located in Chile.
    Isn't this amazing? I read about this in Newsround

  • Self development
    There are many models through which an individual can rise up and develop himself. When he sees it, they find that they have not reached these stages except for a setback, disability, or despair, but they are hopeful, armed with will and sincere determination, for example:
    Addison: When he was at school, one of the teachers told his mother that his brain was like a bad egg in reference to his failure, so his mother took him out of the school and brought him books to study at home so he started studying it with desire so that he could invent the light bulb after more than 700 attempts and 1000 attempts were said to him that he failed more than 700 times He said to them (No, I did not fail, but I learned a lot), so he was able to turn the ordeal into a grant and failure into success.
    I chose this title and this story to learn and follow the difficulties that we face and face in order to stay and continue on the path of success

  • My address is Do you like popcorn
    Check out Rio de Janeiro Clouds
    This is a title for a story I saw about popcorn-like clouds. Read about it here: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/146728/popcorn-clouds-over-rio-de-janeiro
    Popcorn clouds spread over the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro and São Goncalo
    Clouds formed over rural areas and densely populated cities, but they are absent over the Gulf of Gunapara and coastal lakes due to the mechanisms of clouds formation as the water bodies do not change the temperature quickly so the water remains cooler during exposure to sunlight, which prevents air from rising to make clouds

  • My headline is about
    Europe's biggest refugee camp is Moria, it is a refuge and migrant reception centre and it is found on the island of Lesbos. It is built to house 3,000 people ,but up to 20,000 people are taking refuge there . Even though there are no confirmed cases but , people with cough and fever are living within the community. In the camp if there is any sign of covid-19 the head of the camp will have difficulties to quarantined them at home because ther are no houses,they can't wash there hands frequently because there is only one water point for 1,300 people and they can't isolate themselves and call doctors if there is any serious case because there are no doctors. It was said that the EU provide two and the half billion euro since 2015 and has made seven hundred million more available since march to help improve foundation and health facilities. To know more go to BBC .com - refugee camp . and please help in anyway possible.

  • Headline : 90 years old grandma breaks records in computer games

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52740567. Source of the story

  • My Headline is: Ending COVID-19: The Reality Faced in the Reopening of Schools and Physical Activities in Scotland

    This headline is for a story I saw about how schools in Scotland won’t be opening until August this year and measures placed on physical activities as part of preventive actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Scotland. I read about it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52680422.

    The story tells us that authorities in Scotland are slowly easing COVID-19 restrictions by decrease in censorship that will allow for the reopening of schools, physical activities and meetings while maintaining social distancing among the citizens. The story indicates that children will start studying part time in school and part time at home starting on the eleventh of August while teachers on the other hand will go back to work on the first of June. The story also notes that there will be extra support for those pupils moving to higher stages in learning so as to prevent strain. With regards physical activities, the article indicated that some businesses, shops and companies have gone back to work as the numbers of cases are decreasing every day. It is clear from the story that life is slowly returning back to normal while the hope for a breakthrough is increasing day by day in Scotland.

    this is a story the high demand of hand sanitizers that has become
    the new normal in preventing the spread of covid-19. This resulted to Kenyan
    to resort to homemade sanitizers.
    Iread this news here:https://www.nation.co.ke/health/3476990-5518248-dovpcr/index.html

    How is life going to be after this worldwide pandemic ,would it ever be the same as before? Would it change for the better or for worse?This deadly virus has brought great fear into the the lives of many people ,taken away many innocent lives and caused businesses to collapse making people jobless.Too much money is being spent to cater for those who are infected and others who are in need,the virus has ruined the lives of many people. Life can be normal, better or worse after everything depending on how we react to it now.

  • My headline is:
    Government's decision on school reopening date - Ministry of Education.
    It has been a while now since school activities were brought to a stop. Everyone is waiting for the government to come out with a specific date to reopen school. Various rumors have been circulating around government as to when school should I. Now the ministry of education has now spoken on the government's decision on the school reopening date. Government hasn't decided yet on the school will reopening date. Government hasn't decided yet on when school will be reopened in Ghana,the Deputy minister of education in charge of Basic and Secondary Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwin has said . At that he said the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service and health authorities are educating stakeholders on the way forward for the school but government hasn't decided yet News circulating suggest the government is likely to reopen schools within the first week of June despite the increasing number of the coronavirus cases. As he spoke on the sunrise morning show hosted by Alfred Ocansey on 3FM on May 20, Dr Adutwum wondered the source of that news. The government imposed a ban on all political parties rallies,church activities and large funerals,among other,when covid - 19 broke out in Ghana concerning a possible reopening of school,Dr Adutwum stated that the decision, apart from the engagement and assessments by the GES,will also highly depend on health considerations

  • My new headline would be “Hospitals close due to violence” I would choose this headline as a pose to the original (Peterborough hospitals put on lockdown after ‘multiple people assaulted with weapons’) because the original headline is so long and it does catch my eye but it tells you what’s going on in the headline and that might make the reader think that they have read all about it just from the headline. The original headline might make the reader skim past it because we are already in lockdown and it might seem like old news. Mine is short and catches the eye of the reader so they will want to read it and tell the reader what’s happening but it doesn’t tell the reader everything. A headline should tell the reader what’s happening, without telling them everything and it should be short so the reader can read it and know what it’s about, it should also be snappy to draw attention to the headline and to make it stand out. My headline has all of these things. I chose this story because it is relevant to what’s going on with the hospitals and it includes a very important part of the life of people and it happened close to where people go daily, it happened near a place where people are supposed to feel safe. Hospitals are where you go to so you can get treated, not somewhere where you get hurt. You can find the news at the website ‘Daily Mirror’ for more information about it.

  • My headline is:
    A doctor in Wuhan says that the coronavirus has gotten another'face' because all the patients that come having coronavirus he has seen that they had the virus for more than 100 days. I was watching Aljazeera a few days ago and saw this.

    1. Scientists do not believe people can have the virus for 100 days, just to be clear. Please clarify what you mean if we have misunderstood you!

  • Please I made a huge mistake. I didn't read the whole thing so I thought you said we should give a headline to the story. I came back only to see it was an example. Sorry. Here is the headline I saw in a recent paper.

    100- Year Old Disasters

    It has been realised that throughout every century a disaster occurs. For example, in the current year we experience the novel coronavirus.
    In the last 100 years, that is 1920 it was the Spanish flu. And way back in 1820 was the very first cholera outbreak. All of these things happened globally (not to one continent or country) and it seems like it follows a certain pattern. So if it's going to be in centuries , I say we prepare for the next 100 years just in case. For all we know this can be something supernatural. If only the government of the next 100 years realises this before things get out of hand.

  • My headline is
    This headline is for a story I saw about an experiment, called the 'Rocket Science' project. A million SEEDS were sent to the international space station in 2015 with a British astronaut named 'Tim Peake'. When they returned to earth,600,000 children were asked to plant the seeds that were brought back from space and monitor their growth. Tim said more than a million young people collected reliable data to help the scientists to investigate the effects of spaceflights on rocket seeds. The result of the experiment showed that the seeds that went to space grew as successfully as the seeds that stayed on earth, but they took a little longer time to reach full size.

  • Reality Behind the Current Situation:
    I choose my heading is the Reality behind the current situation in our country. The fact is more bitter than what we see in all over the world. Covid-19 is the cruel time period and our country cover it with strategy. specially our PM prime minister has announced the financial aid for the poor people who are living in home without any earning and they are not able to earn livelihood. also the poverty is the another challenge in our country, so we must manage all with the limited resources, but in European countries they have all things but the number of cases increase day by day. we are lucky and here the situation is under control. our PM give relaxation in lockdown and the economy is running now a days. we must control all the things within few days with the help of our Allah.


    Due to the covid-19 all over the world a great risk create
    in health department. There is an emergency in health department
    and the world health organization(WHO), Unicef, World bank all cooperate with
    the whole world to get ride from the pandemic situation.

  • E-Learning, online Education System:
    it is important now adays in all over the world, online education has great advantage from all other methods of learning.
    Because due to the social distancing and Covid-19 in all over the
    world. Online education has great impact in all over the world . Schools, Colleges, universities and all instituations and mangement offices has lanuched online learning. it is very great idea to learn and get information about the skills.
    we can make skillful and expert to our students with online education system, some organization start online webnair session with discussing the issues of current sitution and how can we compete with all over the world.

  • How Masks and Hand Sanitizer are important
    how much important mask and sanitizer in current days .all these are cure from corona disease ? some medical specialist suggest mask is the good way to stop the viruses and germs to enter in your body with respirator system. in these days 80% disease finished in all over the world, only corona has fear in all over the world.

  • During Pandemic days how to spend time
    in this critical situation we must adopt our hobies and activities
    like biking, hiking , boating fishing, birdwatching, and all other outdoor
    activities to stay health and well. Some creative and informative work do in home safely.
    we must make our time table for reading, writing and some other activities for learning.

  • Concentrate All COVID-19 Health Warnings
    we must practice like social distancing, stay away at least six feet minimum distance from other people
    Bring mask when you go outside
    Dont touch to your skin, nose and eyes
    Wash your hands 20 seconds four and five times daily.
    Take bath when you come outside in your home.
    if you feel bad then you must consult the medical specialist
    check your health and test corona, if test is positive then you must corentine 14 days.

    1. Advice differs from country from country so thank you for sharing, and we should all follow what the experts are suggesting.