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Food crisis is the topic I am most passionate about cause I always waste the food what I eat as... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 13/12/22
I agree because... Doctor is compared to the God so The God is the one who create us and can... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I swear that healthcare must be free because there are three categories of peoples in the... What should be free? 02/12/22
I can reduce food wastage by eating food without wasting food and I am a child who does not eat... Expert challenge: what could you do? 07/11/22
I don't eat bugs but I have heard that many countries eat bugs and they are their favorite ... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 07/11/22
But when the world became extinct of all species in our future we will he eating insects to get... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 07/11/22
Our country imports lentils ,peas etc. Yeah there should be rules when countries should import... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 03/11/22