STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic


The last few weeks of the Festival are all about standpoints!

You’ve discussed the Festival topics in your classrooms and on the Student Hub. Now it’s time to share your final opinions on the topic in a bit more detail in either written, audio or video format - we call these standpoints.

But which topic do you want to create a standpoint for?

We’ve covered ten topics over this Festival, but you should only pick one or two topics to create standpoints for.

You will do better in the standpoint competition if you choose one topic and create one excellent standpoint, rather than several topics and standpoints.

Reflecting on the topics can help you decide which to choose.

Standpoints must be submitted before Monday 12th December.

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  • The topic I liked the most is sustainable health care: the lack of doctors because they have an important role in serving the community and the country as a whole, educating the community about diseases and preventing them, and their humanitarian role in helping patients, although They do not receive rewards and wages that guarantee their rights, but they continue their continuous humanitarian work. This is what made me feel proud of their position and their effective role. I aspire to strive and play the same important humanitarian role in society. I love helping others and I don't like to see the pain and wounds of others. All love and appreciation to them for their giving

    1. That is an excellent point. It does seem harsh and unfair that even though doctors do most to help us, they don't seem to get enough credit for all that they did and doesn't recieve the wages that should be given to them. I support your cause.

    2. you are right But there are doctors who do not seek what the doctor seeks, for example, selfish doctors who do not care about the comfort of the patients, rather they care about the salary at the end of the month But the profession must be loved, not for the love of money.) And there are doctors whom we do not forget and do not forget their treatment with us.
      God willing, you will become the greatest doctor, and bye

      1. Thank you for your response...
        And I agree with you on this point, but we do not deny that this is a small percentage, and we look at the positive aspects that characterize the doctor and the goal of this humanitarian profession that he performs motivated by the assistance that humanity needs as a whole and bears all the difficulties and hardships in crises and wars.
        And respect .

  • I went through a lot of topics, but not all of them were as special to me as this topic. I researched, studied, and asked about the issue of the food crisis. I benefited a lot from this topic. I discussed it with my classmates, so we all benefited from this topic, because we helped some students who could not To buy food, and we reduced the problem of food waste, but rather we all benefited from it by sharing food between us. I thank the specialists for raising the important issues.
    As for the more complex topic, it is the issue of youth politicians. I asked my parents and surfed the internet to find out what this topic means, because it was the first time I had heard of it. im now have some information on that topic.

    1. I agree because... the topic really helped in sending awareness to everyone world wide.

    2. Hi, free Seal you have really inspired me to try the global food crisis its horrible I completely understand and appreciate your advice

  • I've been slowly making efforts to move away from supporting fast fashion recently, but your
    video has really given me the push I needed.
    Honestly, I am so appalled by the greed and lack of care from these corporations, and I was absolutely heartbroken seeing the inhabitants of that village in lndia. I will rather purchase fewer, higher quality and sustainable items and thrift shop. Thanks so much for highlighting this incredibly important issue. I wish everyone could see it and get a wake up call.

    1. Thanks for this comment
      My dear, by reading your comment, I was surprised! Because I am one of the people who do not consider fashion a thing of greed, but rather consider it the beginning of change and renewal, and you can, my dear, stop this wheel of change personally!
      Do you consider fashion to be a terrifying thing, or did I understand it from another point of view? And can you tell me that you worked on experimenting with fashion, does everyone follow it, or does it not suit everyone?
      Is fashion ostentation and self-gratification? Or is it something else?

  • On which date will we be able to start making standpoints?

    1. November 28th!

      1. Thanks: I cannot wait to start. I will be planning ASAP

  • The festival that got the best discussion is the topic of gender discrimination (gender inequality) because this problem is spread all over the world and it is a general problem and it is difficult to get rid of it.
    Also, in this they oppress the girl and build hatred and build hatred between brothers and hatred between girls and their fathers
    For example, fathers give all the inheritance to sons and give nothing to the girl
    They spoil boys and don't give girls importance

    1. I agree because honestly the rate of gender inequality in the economy is becoming something that need serious attention in other to be solved. Gender inequality is the trending misfortune that is roaming round the four corners of the earth, there are different forms of gender inequality exhibited towards people such as, Women Works Longer than Men, Inequality in Employment and Earnings, Ownership Inequality, Survival Inequality, Gender Bias in the Distribution of Education and Health, and so on. Men and Women often gets discriminated in various ways which pulls them down emotionally and mentally, but the most suffered gender that is generally experiencing this event are the female gender, for example, in a storybook I read titled "The second-class citizen", by Buchi Emecheta, a Nigerian author, the main character named Adah Ofili experienced gender equality, her younger brother Boy was privileged to go to school because at that time, women were not allowed to engage in anything educational including school, there were only to serve as a housewife throughout their married life, and Adah really wanted to be educated. Women and girls are not regarded as the weaker gender if you ask me, no one is weak on lest you want to be weak, we should respect women because they are human beings too. We should respect all genders no matter how different in appearance we look, but we should remember that for the fact we are human beings we are the same so we should not discriminate others for who they are but instance we should encourage each other and helps eradicate gender inequality together in peace and harmony.

    2. I agree because a lot of people have this mentality that it is only the male gender that deserves all the property because they feel that if girls are given the inheritance to they will carry it to their husbands house when the get married, and some cultures belief that girls are only meant to get married so their is no point of giving them the inheritance.

    3. I agree with you committed_tsunami because gender inequality has become a global problem and it is also prominent in families over the world. For example boys are regarded more “valuable” and "worthy" of investing in than the girls and also boys are sent to school to get quality education while the girls are trained to know home making and management skills because it is believed they will eventually get married off and the girl’s education reaps little return because a girl who stays at home and learns how to take care of a family is of more value to a future husband.
      It is not fair that girls and women do not have property rights and also it is not fair that men are allowed to own or inherit property. When the family needs hard physical labour the boys are always called upon to carry out the task because the family feels boys are more capable and stronger than girls. It is not fair to belief that girls are the weaker gender and are not capable of inheriting properties, getting proper education and carrying out physical labour because are all girls are equal and it is not fair that girls rights are being violated. Parents have an important opportunity to challenge gender roles, break stereotypes and educate their children and when do this it is also a great step in achieving gender equality.

  • The issue of the food crisis, which arouses my passion the most, because in our country, Palestine, the food crisis is spreading, and the main reason is the closure of the crossings, and thus we do not receive anything from abroad.
    Also, people buy more than they need, so after they buy what they need, if they increase, they throw it away and waste it, and worse than that, they throw it away and waste it and do not give to the poor.

  • I think the topic of black panther(Who can change the world)is the best to me, it allows many students to give their opinions about heroes who can be amazing leaders,There were many wonderful ideas and questions ,that really made me think about how we can choose a leader and what qualities, have to be in person who seeks to change the world for the better, and give people a better life, this topic made us fly away with our imagination, dreaming of a beautiful reality and a future brings peace to humans.

    1. I agree because ... It also gives students complete freedom to express their opinions without any restrictions and express more about their point of view and their tendencies and how they find the necessary way to change the world and the person who is capable of this

    2. Thanks for your comment

      I also agree with you, as we expressed our opinions on the topic of (black panther).
      Also, yes, your comment made me think about what are the qualities that lie in choosing a leader, what are the positive qualities
      It also gives us the idea that we can change the world for the better sometime

    3. I agree because... it also enlightens us and give us the mindset to also change the world.

  • I liked the topic The food crisis is discussing future problems. It offers solutions and alternatives. Because a person must face his present and future problems with awareness and planning and search for alternatives to meet food needs. Due to the worsening global food crisis, especially the remarkable population increase in recent years. We discussed an unfamiliar alternative, such as preparing meals for insects and worms that are rich in proteins and fats. that replace meat.

  • The festival that got the best discussion is the topic of gender discrimination (gender inequality) because this problem is spread all over the world and it is a general problem and it is difficult to get rid of it. 👍

  • Which Festival topic are you most passionate about?
    As for me, and being a person who loves the field of medicine and his dream is to become a doctor, it is not surprising if I say that the subject that sparked my passion is: health I benefited from a lot of information on this subject, and I was able to get acquainted with many different opinions from my colleagues around the world, and it also made me express my personal opinions about the reasons for the shortage in our country and the reason for my dream of becoming a doctor and opening doors for discussion with my colleagues around the world

    Wich Festival topic is the most complicated?

    The issue of the global food crisis, as we see recently that most of the countries of the world suffer from a food crisis, as we are facing many difficulties that resulted in the occurrence of this problem On this topic, everyone gave different opinions to solve this crisis, and what assured me that this topic was the most discussed was that the percentage of comments on it amounted to 1337 comments.

    Wich Festival topic is most relevant to you?

    The most complicated issue for me is the US midterm elections: Are young people political, because I am a human being who does not like politics in order to express my opinion about it and know what is right

  • The best discussion topic for me is the World Cup. By nature, I don't follow football and I don't care about it, but for weeks I've been feeling everyone's madness about this match, because it's taking place in an Arab country. This is surprising, because I, like any person, would love for Arabs to be at the pinnacle of excellence and distinction in all fields. Because since ancient times, we have had many Arab scholars and heroes who did not gain fame in their Arab countries, but when they travel abroad, their fame appears and increases, as possible due to the presence of interest and opportunities abroad. This discussion urges everyone to speak about their silence without bias.
    There is democracy and respect for opinions It stimulates equality between all countries, whether Arab countries or Western countries. This is a major turning point from previous years to these days. If we are different in religion, language or culture, we agree that sport is what brings us together here.

  • In my point of view the strongest topic is global world crisis in this discussion I'm astonished from the amount of wasting food and people's suffering in all the world throughout this discussion I become aware of this crisis around the world which I don't know much about it unless I watch the video in this site thanks alot for your information and thanks for my friends also who help me in getting information about this topic. So
    i begin advise my friends, classmates, families and all people not to waste food and feel of poor people whose unfortunately have harvests.
    Really this is amazing experience i had it this age . And we don't forget that The World Cup topic we held is sooo amazing because it is trend these days which has attention from people all over the world.
    In other side I see the topic " ask experts "
    is so complicated although it is very useful and attractive but I feel it is so hard in discussion.
    Thanks alot for your efforts.

  • When I say doctor, I feel passion and respect, not arrogance, but pride and pride, and he has a prominent role in the renaissance of society and its progress through his role in discovering diseases and viruses that afflict people in his society and his endeavor to treat them quickly through accurate medicines. However, the specialty of medicine has advantages and disadvantages, and among the advantages is that it works to save lives, discover medicines and viruses, and works for the renaissance of society, and among the disadvantages is that it needs a person who has courage in his heart and needs an expensive cost and the discomfort of doctors, but I still encourage and support the doctor to continue in that because I I want to become a doctor and protect my community from any harm

  • The theme I liked the most is (fashion). Passion for fashion is a fun fruity dress made entirely of passion fruit skins! Competing in unwanted high-end fashion has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and it will be an experience that I will remember from the transitional year. Fashion is related to society and its culture and the changes that pass completely to change people, and reveal the freedom of individuals or their closure or lack of culture, so you do not find what represents them in public clothes, For dozens of years, we passed the fashion of blue jeans and its spread in the seventies, then the world was affected by Michael Jackson’s pants, followed by Madonna for girls, with different music that expresses each stage, from hip-hop to loud music and the spread of sports shoes in the streets instead of clubs, and perhaps this video illustrates the influence of music And slogans on what young people choose to confront the community with. The most important topic for discussion is the topic of (the World Cup) because it is stimulating and enthusiastic, and each of us encourages his favorites. The most complex issue is (Does the United States need elections?) And the most appropriate topic for me and my community (Is it sustainable?)
    Because we have the solutions for this issue.

  • World Cup, formally FIFA World Cup, in football (soccer), quadrennial tournament of men’s national teams that determines the sport’s world champion. It is likely the most popular sporting event in the world, drawing billions of television viewers every tournament. The equivalent event for women’s national football teams is the Women’s World Cup.

  • What is the topic you are most passionate about??
    For me, I love following the World Cup and related to it, but the most important thing for me is sustainable medical care, because my dream is to become a doctor and help people and reduce the number of patients and reduce the shortage rate, as for the World Cup, it is very beautiful Very much, because it introduces us to other religions, nationalities and cultures, and also develops our minds, and arouses enthusiasm and suspense in us.

  • At the beginning of my words, I want to thank you for your discussion of these wonderful topics, through which I gained a high level of cultural knowledge. One of the most influential topics on me was about medicine. Today I have a lot of valuable information about the advantages and disadvantages of medicine. One of the psychological effects on me is that it gave me an internal stimulus to hold on to the dream of my family, and my dream is also to enter this college and to educate myself from now on about the field of medicine and strive in my studies more, and benefit in this profession all patients in the world, and be a reason for the development of medicine one day .

  • Which Festival topic are you most passionate about?
    I think that the topic that interests me the most is medicine because it is a beautiful and difficult profession with a difficult and frightening responsibility that needs people with courage and lack of fear because it is a profession that can save many lives from death, so I think it is the most exciting topic passion.

    What is the theme of the festival that received the best discussion?
    All the topics were discussed beautifully and with a lot of knowledge and very enthusiastic, but I think that space is the most topic that I had the best discussion through which we do many beautiful things, such as it is not possible to live on a planet other than the Earth and That no one can live for a long time in space due to lack of oxygen and other information.

    What is the most complex festival theme?
    I think that the most complicated topic is the one that talks about the World Cup, because I rarely follow the matches, so I found it difficult to solve.

    What festival theme is most relevant to you and your community?
    I think the most appropriate topic for me and my country is food and poverty that exists in our society.

  • The topic I liked the most is sustainable health care: the lack of doctors because they have an important role in serving the community and the country as a whole, educating the community about diseases and preventing them, and their humanitarian role in helping patients, although They do not receive rewards and wages that guarantee their rights, but they continue their continuous humanitarian work. This is what made me feel proud of their position and their effective role. I aspire to strive and play the same important humanitarian role in society. I love helping others and I don't like to see the pain and wounds of others. All love and appreciation to them for their giving
    What is the subject of the festival that received the best discussion? Most of the topic that had the best discussion of the World Cup is the legacy of the great events because it is a current topic and because it was a beautiful opening and Qatar has put golden touches to make the World Cup a success and it has been very popular and popular from all over the world and getting to know some countries and exchanging other cultures and attracting tourists and because football is one of the most popular sports around the whole world.
    The World cup is a very important way to measure the good the players and the great ones it is a test of a great player
    What is the most complex festival theme? United Kingdom politics Is it time to hold general elections because laws and culture differ from one country to another because it relates to the culture and politics of the United Kingdom and this decision is made by the people of the United Kingdom and this decision is a special decision for the United Kingdom and its people. I hope they reach a solution that suits them and guarantees them to live in peace
    What is the theme of the festival that is most suitable for you and the community? Sustainable health care, lack of doctors, because it fits what is happening in my country in terms of a shortage of doctors for various reasons, including the exorbitant costs of education in Gaza, wars, the abundance of diseases and difficult conditions in Palestine, and the lack of sufficient capabilities. He guided us to the importance of the presence of doctors and their humanitarian role. Active in community service

  • I think that the topic i'm most passionate about is on the topic of of food crisis because some people of the world are are suffering from the the cases of hunger strike which is on major causes of slow development due to natural disaster which causes a lot of problems in the society we live in. but i strongly think that the solution that people have made will strongly benefit the world we live in.

  • I think food crisis is the main discussion I care about because it is a vital issue. It is a great opportunity for us as young people to ask , search and think deeply trying to get essential solution to such a crisis .
    We felt we are able to change the world into a better one even through writing.

  • What is the theme of the festival that received the best discussion? In my opinion, the topic of the global food crisis is the best because it involved many discussions, so some students put forward the reasons for this crisis, and some of them presented solutions, and import and export were discussed, and here it was known about what is exported and imported in some countries and its causes, and it was one of the best discussions that I enjoyed Discussing and listening to other people's opinions.
    What is the most complex festival theme? For me (solution, it's time for general elections) because I don't like politics and I don't like delving into it. I know this is wrong because I have to know what is going on around the world in terms of politics, but this is an area I don't like. I hope to understand and delve into politics one day

  • The topic that interests me the most (gender inequality) because this problem is very widespread and all over the place. As a woman, I am fourteen years old. I see that I always work on cleaning and arranging the house. I mean the work of the house, on the part of my brother, as he always goes out with his friends and does not contribute to the work of the house, where is the justice in this? As for the subject that has been better discussed, it is the food crisis and the shortage of doctors, all countries suffer from this, and I suggested that we collect money from the rich to help this condition of our society, as for the lack of doctors, it is because The length of the study period, and there may be a solution to this, which is to shorten the study period. How?? I will say, it is better for us to study for 8 hours in schools, to finish the length of study, and also for teachers to teach us the most important subjects in medicine. As for the most complex subject, it is fast fashion ,How?? For example, I saw a comment saying that thread and wool help make clothes, I made sure that this was wrong, because threads are not suitable because they break quickly, or even wool is for winter and is not suitable for another season. Finally, the most appropriate topic for me and society is diversity and coloration In the movies, it teaches me and my community so many things...countless

  • The topic that arouses my passion is the World Cup, the legacy of the great events, and even arouses the passion of many peoples, because this session is the first to be held in a Muslim country and in the Middle East, because it opened many doors for controversy on several issues, perhaps the most prominent of which is the issue of the rainbow community, as some of them oppose Qatar in its decisions In preventing the raising of the slogans of this society, and some of them support it and say that this is its right, since it is the host country for the World Cup, so it has the right to set laws that are compatible with its religion, culture and belief, and the same applies to prohibiting alcohol, and in my opinion every country has the freedom to set its own laws And in a manner commensurate with its customs and traditions, and the hosts must abide by it, especially since the duration of the World Cup is 29 days, so this period must be used for football fun and not to create problems.

  • The topic that I am most passionate about is Diversity in Black Panther. As a Black person, it made me so proud to be represented properly in a Marvel movie that I know millions will see. I was glad that the movie was not all about the fact that Black people have been colonized and that's all we have to us, instead, the movie created an African community that hasn't been centered around colonization but shows what liberation looks like in the hands of Black people. I also love how there was a mix of real African cultures( mainly their traditional attires) in the movie all joined together to make one culture and people. This shows people how our culture, though different but similar, unites us.

    1. I agree with you amusing_idea. I really enjoyed the topic why is it important to see diversity in films under the topic of Black Panther: Diversity and Representation. As a black person, what really made me happy was seeing many comments from topical talkers all over the world commenting on the importance of diversity and good representation even in films! It made me happy to know that the world has evolved from the stage where equality didn't matter to the stage where even in minute aspects of life, everyone is being considered and involved in the process. It warms my heart. That is why this topic was very interesting and dear to my heart. It makes me happy to see that the world of love, peace, harmony and tolerance that we only once dreamt of is coming into reality.

    2. Blackp Panther my favorite movie and as you say it shows us the real African culture and amend the stereotype of Africans previously, I loved every single detail of the movie.

  • A topic I am most passionate about is doctor shortages because it really made me look in to it a lot and helped me understand why there are doctor shortages around the world .

    I think the most complicated discussion was about celebrities speaking out about the LGBTQ+ in Qatar Because it’s not that easy for celebrities to speak out cause the will be going against Qatars government laws. This might lead them to being arrested .

  • Most people wear sunglasses at home or at the beach, so there are many people who wear them at night or in closed places. Although its purpose is to protect from the sun's rays, but how did it become fashionable today? In the beginning, let us learn about the history of sunglasses. The invention of sunglasses began about 400 years ago from the inhabitants of the North and South Pole, but they did not contain lenses. They were made of pieces of wood or bone with two very narrow slits, and their purpose was to prevent something called snow blindness, which is blindness. Temporary or permanent affects a person if he looks at the reflection of the light on the snow directly, and it also works as medical glasses also because the narrowing of the field of vision makes the vision clearer. Vanessa Brown, an art lecturer at Touqen Ham University, asked herself a question: Why does the flute look more beautiful with sunglasses 😎? From my point of view, I see that there are many reasons, the first reason is to hide the defects that are in the eyes, and I think that this reason is the most widespread, the second reason is the mystery because curiosity attracts you towards This person who wears sunglasses, the third reason is because the person who wears sunglasses It is difficult to predict his feelings because the eyes are the most expressive way of feelings, and that is why most celebrities and wrestlers are characterized by ambiguity because followers love ambiguity , and if a celebrity takes off his cover from his face, his fame and popularity decreases, because some will tell me all these glasses do, I will tell you Yes, and also there is more, symmetry, the instinct is attracted to the symmetrical shape more, and because the glasses enhance the symmetry in the face, additional information was the beginning of the popularity of the glasses with the beginning of the era of cinema. In the thirties of the last century, celebrities used to wear them at gatherings, first to protect their eyes from the flash coming out of the cameras, and secondly to hide defects. Here are the sources: B1-%D8%AC%D8%A7%D8%B0%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D8 %B8%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B4%D9%85%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%A9
    Finally I want I would like to ask you a question: Why do you think medical glasses have become fashionable today? Share your views with us

  • I wish to share my view on the topic "which is more Complicated" I see the global Food Crisis topic as the most complicated

    Why? Human to survive, needs 4 basic things, Food Shelter, Water, Clothes, research points even now people are without one serving of food in a day. Which is a more direct impact on human life on earth than other issues. (COVID'19 example) Due to the pandemic situation the foods supply got jammed and the stored food price moved up, which created a global food chain catastrophe, which was more complicated in getting things right, and still some parts of the world is still suffering. Loss of life, risk of disease, which put in a lot of pressure to global organizations to get things better and back to normal.
    On the other hand, farming land sizes are shrinking, and the farmers live their life on less than $2 per day, they have started moving out of their community to different places searching for betterment. This food crisis is not just complicated for an individual, it's much more complicated for national and international food control systems to manage the unexpected and this is just the beginning.

    1. Adding to my opinion, I see most of the topics are interconnected, like, Fast Fashion connected with the global environment a topic on COP27, Food crises connected with health, and which is also interconnected with Shortage of Doctors, and a few interesting topics on the diversified people voice/opinion and get a right decision maker with political subject and also connecting to other world exploring space. Interesting. In my opinion, one should be aware of the problem statement and the impact that causes damage to the environment and the people. and make this world comfortable for us and for our next generation to live, because there is no PLANET - B

  • The main idea around which these images revolve is the food crisis and its negative impact on society, which leads to a large spread of deaths. This crisis can be solved by massively growing plants, distributing and selling them, and spreading the spirit of cooperation among society so that poor people can provide their food, buy clothes for them, and build homes for them. They also have the right to travel around the world and participate in the World Cup.
    We must equality, justice and provide human rights for every human being because if that person does not obtain his rights and does not enjoy them, then this is not a human being and he will use force and violence because his economic and political situation has become unbearable.

  • In my opinion, the topic that aroused my passion: Health (lack of doctors) The presence of doctors in our lives is a very wonderful thing because a person will not be able to do anything without having good health...
    It was good to know the reasons for the shortage of doctors in the world, such as not giving the doctor a sufficient monthly amount, and the length of the period tuition, and so on. There are reasons I saw that did not cross my mind
    The topic that had the best discussion: The World Cup is the legacy of great events. Holding the World Cup in an Arab country is a beautiful thing......... There were positive aspects to hosting the World Cup in Qatar, such as the country's prosperity, increasing its economy and spreading its culture, as Qatar will become A tourist country ..The Others have expressed their opinions on this subject in a different and wonderful way

  • Which Festival topic is the most complicated?
    In my opinion the most complicated topic is the is the World cup: the legacy of big event, under it the controversy in Qatar. The reason I consider it the most complicated topic is because it deals with two sides of a coin, either you support the laws for Qatar and condemn LGBTQ+ or you condemn the laws of Qatar and support LGBTQ+. This particular area is very sensitive because you have to consider both sides and how they feel. Some part of the world condemn the LGBTQ+ community and place hash rules on them not minding how they feel and considering that everyone has a free choice, in my opinion everyone has freedom of choice and everyone's choice has to be respected and not condemned but some people still condemn and insult them which is not fair. Qatar is an Islamic country and the laws of Islam does not support the LGBTQ+ community and this is really hard on the community but they have to respect the laws of Qatar because they are not willing to change or suspend that law. I also feel judging Qatar is not good because it is their choice to make what ever rule they want to govern their land and if they do not support LGBTQ+ then they have reasons for that.

  • The festival topic I loved most was the fast fashion topic, this was because I enjoyed reading the comments made by my fellow students from different schools about the topic the way they reacted to the topic and this made me think that indeed people put on these clothes well knowing that it is going to spend two to three weeks and it will fade out and then boom they wait for other fashions to come in😂.The topic that was relevant to me and my community was the one for “The global food crisis, I was so touched like if there is enough food in the world?why shouldn’t we share🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I love your ideas on every topic I look for you because you make me smile many thanks inspiring_idea.

  • As for me for the Global Food Crisis Festival, I felt like I was in a room discussing solutions between world leaders, because some countries suffer greatly from the food crisis, and I have added very beautiful solutions to this issue. If countries implement these solutions, I am sure that there will be no famine, and I have learned to eat healthy food and never waste food because others will definitely benefit from it .... and the diversity of food between countries and their cooperation and assistance to some ... I think that this topic also won the admiration of many because they They came up with great solutions and we wrote creative stuff. I felt that we are all scholars and I want to become responsible for a country to implement these solutions on all countries because the food crisis is a problem that my country and many of them suffer from...

  • The festival topic that I am passionate about was fast fashion because I found out many reasons why people decide to put on these clothes including me🙈like how do you just wake up to follow a certain trend in the city just because your friend is putting on the brand you also want to look like her.Indeed we are the reason why fast fashion faces many challenges. All this happens because of the celebrities we also decide to follow where we find our selves desiring to look like our “faves” and we then call ourselves the fans of these people. The most complicated topic was the sustainable healthcare-doctor shortage,I really failed to diagnose why doctors are few because at first I thought many parents want their kids to be doctors then why are they few in the country. I really didn’t get that topic.

  • The issue of the World Cup in Qatar excited me. There are many who say that the World Cup should not be in Qatar because they believe that Qatar is violating rights, but they are wrong because Qatar hosted players from other countries with love and respect and provided them with all their needs and also welcomed the fans greatly, so you have no right to say The State of Qatar does not deserve to have the World Cup in it because the State of Qatar has been preparing for the World Cup for years, so you must thank the State of Qatar for the effort it made to make you happy and not criticize it

  • The most festival I liked carries a question “Are young people political ?” . This question let me think deeply and compare my thoughts with the real life in my society . Young people should know all what is happening around them and take their time thinking since maybe they’ll get good ideas that improve society . When I’m done from comparing, I found out that young people are very repressed and feeling fear to give their opinions and that’s because of other people and their words that break down creative thinking. This topic could encourage people to think and give more ideas and opinions and let young ones become bolder .

  • I would like to discuss about food crisis as it is most devastating and serious matter. Human food security and supply is most effecting these days. Wars and political conflicts are increasing day by day.

  • The topic that motivates me to talk more on is the issue of food crisis around the world. Do you know how hurt I am each day I walk down the streets and I witness the suffering of those out there begging for food? Do you also know how disgusted I am when I see people wasting food in my presence? It is naturally disgusting to those who respect food and know the importance of food. Do you know how sympathetic I am when I see someone, a fellow human being, who is malnourished due to lack of food and are about to succumb to death? When I think about all the issues on food crisis from the beginning, I start remembering a popular reoccurring statement my parents tells me at home such as," WHY ARE YOU WASTING FOOD, DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT DON'T SEE FOOD LIKE YOU DO EVERYDAY? Or '' DO YOU THINK MONEY GROWS ON TREES, AND THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE THE ODASITY TO WASTE FOOD IN THE HOUSE'' and so on, and by then I wouldn't understand what they mean till I finally grow up to experience what they really meant all along. The issue of food crisis started developing from minor incidence such as throwing good and eatable food away, wasting food, treating food as trash and many more, to major problems such as, Bad weather, high oil prices, agrofuels, and speculation and many more. Most people think that food is a want because they feel like they have it all and decides to waste it and by wasting it they increase to the already occurring problem of the global food crisis in the world. We should honestly have good conscience and reduce the way we are wasting food in order to reduce the rate of the global food crisis we are currently experiencing at this point in time, the present rate at which food is being wasted globally is 61% and this indicates that there is room for elimination and eradication of food crisis globally in order to go back to the way things were originally, to ensure that food is to be shared equally to everyone globally to delete the issue of food crisis for your benefit and mine too😊.

  • What is the most complicated topic?
    The theme of the World Cup is the legacy of great events
    Where the World Cup in Qatar talks about the dangerous attitudes at work and the injustices against the LGBTQ+ community.
    And because the World Cup is controversial because it is very rare for such a major event to be held in an Arab country. Despite Qatar's efforts to equip all stadiums with abundant services
    Qatar's hosting of the World Cup marks a new beginning for the world.
    “This is very good for the Arab countries and I think this marks a new beginning for the world as we learn to embrace other people from different walks of life and big plans like this. The world is changing forever.
    I feel that the theme of this World Cup is related to the theme of the Black Panther: Representation and Diversity because the World Cup is now being hosted by diverse countries now the next World Cup may be from Africa. who do you know This is a practical example of what we were learning at the centre. This is good for the world. It represents positive change.

  • From my point of view, do you want to host the World Cup in your area? The topic led me to think about the environment of my area and how to develop it to suit the gathering of the largest number in the match. It also led me to contemplation and thinking about creating roads and arranging trees so that the place always remains beautiful. This question aroused my admiration, and I confronted the positives with it. It led me to think about my area, meditate on it, study a schedule and plan for construction, designs, expand places, and be creative with it.
    I also encountered negatives in being in the Gaza Strip, we do not have all the ingredients to receive such a big event in terms of material aspects, and also the fear of paying huge sums of money and being subjected to bombing in the aggression.

  • What is the subject that interests you the most?
    It is the subject of fast fashion because we girls love clothes the most interesting thing about us and they want to have as many clothes as possible and I dream of being a fashion designer and more I want to be a fashion designer by remaking old clothes and making new models and new cuts and this is more important for myself and society as well as a cup The world is beautiful because I love the games and also the excitement and teaching you things about football
    The issue is more complicated than politics in the United Kingdom. Is it time to hold general elections, because culture differs from one society to another, and I also do not like politics

  • I loved eating on the Global Food Crises Topic. It made me see that the world faces more than hunger from food shortages, people also are prone to diseases which ultimately leads to their death. This is one of my favorite festival topics I discussed on and it really beats being stuck in an actual learning classroom. Although many loved the discussion on the world cup, however that was my least favorite item on the list.

    1. I agree with you, but I wonder why the World Cup is the least favorite!? I think, with all due respect to your opinion, that the World Cup has excitement and competition between countries, and also the issue of the World Cup that we talked about. I saw some girls harmonizing beautifully With the match so I think the World Cup is interesting and competitive.

  • The best topic that got many comments from me is space because he saw it, and at that time when I was working on the comments, I used to stretch out the imagination and said in one of my comments, I wish it was an atmosphere like the Earth’s atmosphere on another planet, and my brother lives on a planet other than Earth, and the means of transportation are provided to visit him from Planet Earth to Venus, for example, and I return at the end of the day to my mother and father, and also to protect planet Earth from any pollution or explosions, choosing a planet far from Earth and setting up the factory there.
    The second issue is the shortage of doctors in some countries, and this is very dangerous because injuries and deaths will increase, and the reason for the lack of grief is the retirement age, the majority of distinguished doctors, and their emigration outside the country because of the current situation.

  • The topic that I liked is the World Cup because it is very popular now, and you have seen a great interaction on it. I also liked two topics, outer space and health care, because it dealt with important topics related to the bright human future and also I liked the comments on them because these comments may cause a change in the future, especially since we are the youth of the future and the revolution of these generations.The crises and problems that the world is currently going through And that we must exhaust these energies in such important issues that you raise, and that they develop the thought of the person as well. I did not know much information, and I knew it through the topics that were raised from my point of view. I think that the topics All of which you have presented are wonderful and useful. I cannot determine which of them is more useful, for example, from the events in Iran. I knew how to express my opinion comfortably, especially with regard to politics and the food crisis. I also suggested solutions to food problems. I learned a lot from this contest...

  • The topic that arouses my passion is fast fashion, since I dream of becoming a fashion designer, this made me love this topic, and I also got to know the damages of fast fashion. We focus on all aspects of life. The most complicated issue is the US midterm elections. Are young people political? Young people care more about the economy than politics, but mature people care more about politics. The most relevant issue for my community is is it sustainable? My community has a lot of waste, whether food or even household items, so recycling would be a really amazing idea.

  • From my point of view, I see that (the World Cup, the legacy of the great events) is the most passionate for me, as I saw the different points of view aiming on this subject, and he added to me information that I was ignorant of about the sister country, Qatar, even though I belong to the Arab countries, and I see that giving it an opportunity is considered Golden for her, it brought positive results at the local, international and economic levels and improved relations between peoples, and this is a good opportunity for her to reconsider some of the things she was criticized for and she will strive for what is better in the coming days in order to gain public opinion

  • The topic that interests me the most and the passion of many is the global food crisis. It must be the most important to achieve food security in the present and the future. I think that the best discussions were on the issue of the shortage of doctors and its effects on society. As for what was less complicated and more simple is the World Cup, let us all have a sportsmanship As for what is appropriate for me and my community, the issue of the shortage of doctors is the most important for me and its strongest impact on my private environment.

  • COP27: Is it sustainable?
    Answer me this festival because it includes beautiful topics that caught my attention because some of them exist in our society and among these topics it talks about climate reporters because every year there is a push for world leaders to discuss different ways to deal with global climate problems spread as a disease that bears the whole world. It works to cause problems for animals, plants and humans as well Because each of these things complement each other.
    He also mentioned to us an issue about the power of youth, which I liked sincerely, because in that topic he mentioned a news story that talks about a 13-year-old boy and his sister, who is between the ages of fourteen and fifteen, and their friend as well, because these children could not remain silent about what is happening to them because their leaders do not Do anything for them about the pollution of countries and climate change, which not only destroyed both humans and animals, but also destroyed plants and posed a great danger to them.

  • The topic that sparked my passion and was very cool, which was also the best discussion, was the World Cup in Qatar. I learned a lot about human rights that should be respected, but sometimes that has to be taken for granted out of respect for others. What makes fans angry about matches and respecting the laws of some countries, such as Qatar, forbidding alcohol and the presence of homosexuals? I think that's a good thing, because there were no problems between people because of drunkenness, the streets were clean, and there were no alcohol bottles everywhere like in previous years. And because Qatar is an Arab Islamic country, I think this is a major reason. Previously, I did not know much about the World Cup laws in countries, but because of this approach, an idea came to me and I became fond of watching matches. And directing people in a decent way without offending them and respecting them like the laws of Qatar.

  • The festival topic I'm most passionate about is fast fashion because it inspires me to do fashion like i always wanted to so that is why i'm more passionate about fast fashion.

  • The topic that is most relevant to my community is the global food crisis. This topic reflects on what is being experienced by most countries unlike other topics that mainly look at particular countries. I think it had the best discussion because it features the problem, possible causes and also the possible solutions to the problem. These solutions are easy and adaptable by most societies and address a very big community in the world.

  • Most topics were very interesting to me and I think the differences between topics make them cover most aspects of everyone's life.
    However, I believe that global food crisis is the most important where it dealt with human being struggle to survive . Every single human being has the right to have. enough food in a dignity way.No one deserves to die from hunger.
    We hoppe such crisis to end everywhere in the world.

  • The festival that excites me and my passion is space, and a positive human future, because since I was born, I wanted to be a scientist. It's my dream, in my opinion, a very cool festival that worked on deep thought. I felt myself inside space for a moment. Everything in space matters, and space exploration can save the world by discovering new things we didn't know. I love his discovery that helped all people, and among those people, I am thankful for the invention of scratch resistant lenses, as a visually impaired person because of it I don't think I am different from anyone else. . Just looking at pictures of space makes you want to become a scientist with high abilities. You want to discover the infinite space around us everywhere in our environment. This festival encouraged me more to insist on achieving what I want.

  • Sustainable healthcare: a shortage of physicians
    This festival that aroused my passion seriously, simply because I would like to become a doctor who saves many lives from death, and the doctor must sympathize with the patients and the doctor must understand the meaning of the word death and the word lack of money for treatment, so that health care is free for some of the poor and can be compensated or Use the money otherwise. A number of doctors must also be admitted and educated at the expense of the state. If it were not for doctors, we would have lost large numbers of society, as we saw in the Corona virus 19, so I think it is the most important profession, so I think that this festival is of great importance.

  • The festival topic that an am passionate about is "COP27: Is it sustainable" because it has discussions that relate well with the situation in my community and relates with saving our planet from climate change.This topic has really helped me comprehend ideas and genarate solutions to hazards in my community such as poor disposal of wastes that leads all sorts of pollution and emissions from the things we things are essential in our lives such as transport vehicles and industries.This topic has enriched me with knowledge on how to slow climate change and make my community more sustainable without bad consequences and use of greener methods in all my work forexample I even set up a nursery bed house made of plastic and I put some of my coffee seedlings in the plastic bottles that I find along the way. Through this topic,l have gotten the exposure of how we ourselves the killing earth and actually after the this topic it's when I start to see the bad things my community that will affect the environment negatively forexample I even notice the huge amounts of plastics in the roadsides and the black fumes from exhaust pipes of my neighbors old car.Without dought,I have acquired skills on environmental conservation.I wish even all other students have acquired as much as I have because I know,the more awareness,the more hands join in the to save earth.Now I actually feel the beauty of Lil Dicky's song "EARTH" at first I didn't make anything much out it but now I see it's one good message to the public.Thank you Topical talk.

  • I am more passionate about the global food crisis.This is food is an important part of life and knowing that in a few years to come it won’t be enough for us makes me more worried on how we shall survive .But in this topic , I have been able to see and think of new ideas to overcome this problem. I love this topic because it has helped me to find out new ways of preserving food .food is life so this topic can help us know how best we can preserve food and sustain our fashions had the best discussion because most of the students love fashion and they interested and brought in more ideas.the US presidential terms was the most complicated.the climate change topic is most relevant to me and my community this is because in this topic I learned how to solve the biggest problem in my area which is climate change caused due to air pollution .it greatly affects the the community and me so solving it means helping the community.

  • I am going to talk about food shortages, in the world as it is very important about what we eat and the quantity. As you probably know some people in the world eat a lot. However others have nothing at all. Some examples of countries with a lot of food are Ireland, the United States, Belgium and Turkey. Keeping in mind my source is from four years ago.👍 On the other hand some people don't have a lot of food such as parts of Africa. The poorest in the western hemisphere is Haiti. In Haiti 55% of the people are below the poverty line.😭 (credit to

  • The topic I preferred was the topic about sustainable health care because I believe that doctors can't do all this on their own as medical advancements must be made. Especially since viruses develop immunity themselves to medicine and we will need to keep innovating but I still think of doctors as very important. Without modern medicine we would have much smaller lifetimes, as it is due to modern medicine that average world life expectancy is 72.50 (the source is world bank) that includes countries with high medical costs and other issues. But of course doctors are still necessary.🏥👨‍⚕️

  • Though It was hard for me to decide which topic to choose,I knew I had to forget about all the problems of our mortal world and fly with my passion to more optimistic future. Ever since I was young,I used to look at the stars and contemplate..... how tiny these stars look ...yet how huge they are and how great big this human being think he is .....yet how small he is. Actually,my childhood meditations have grown up just the way my body and my mind did.whenever I have a chance, I search for more information as well as discoveries of outer space to feed my passion to know more and more especially when a strong theory of multiple universes has been announced to the public.My word, to those who believe that we should save this money,time and mental efforts to solve the dilemmas of our real world , is that maybe the solution that will be above all others is this creative one .

  • Well during this interactive classes the topics I think spoke to me in some area are cultural diversity and representation and the world cup legacy: this 2 topics comes in handy because they speak the same language, discrimination has gotten to a high level in the society both for black people and for others like LGBTQ, workers and so on.
    We are supposed to be treated as one, sometimes when I remember all this or hear about it , I am always broken and I remember a book which we read In school "invisible man" by Ralph Ellison , a quote from it which says I am invisible because people refuse to see me .
    I personally think that all should be treated equally, love , respect and live in peace

  • The Festival topic I'm most passionate about is Black Panther: representation and diversity because in most movies, all the actors are white and it isn't diverse at all but when Marvel released the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in November 11 2022, people described it as 'ground-breaking' and most black people feel represented when they watch the movie.The one with the best discussion was The World Cup:the legacy of big events because it's really interesting but I still think they should've done the event somewhere else in the Middle East as they are treating LGBTQ+ visitors, footballers and everyone else unfairly and some people lost their lives building the 15 stadiums. Isn't THAT RIDICULOUS! The "ask experts a question " was the hardest because even though you want them to answer you question,you don't know what question to ask them and you have to take time to think about it. Black Panther: representation and diversity was relevant to my community and I because we talk to each other about how other movies don't have that many black actors and how it is behind the scenes.

  • All the topics were great, but for me space was the most amazing. I find great pleasure in things that we do not fully know and that there is still a lot to discover about it, such as space.
    And I think that I benefited a lot from the subject of space because I learned a lot about it and learned things that I did not know, and I believe that knowledge about unknown things is the best .

  • I think that I benefited a lot from the subject of space because I learned a lot about it and learned things that I did not know, and I believe that knowledge about unknown things is the best

  • I think that the Festival topic about the shortages of doctors is most relevant to my community as the nurses in the NHS (National Healthcare Service) are starting to go on strike as they want higher pays.
    I think that the topic about diversity in films was the most complicated as subjects like this are very delicate and it is hard to know if you are accidentally offending someone.

  • The topic i liked the most was climate change because animals take a big role in the planet even bees are dieing
    much quicker than before, 20 years ago animals thrived in forest , Artic , desert anywhere now i guess people don't care anymore now animals are suffering cause of us how do you feel i know how i feel , i feel guilty. so think if you don't like this act fast help the planet by putting plastic in the right place cleaning up after yourself don't drive around so much the problems are ; cars, motorbikes people smoking [ which i abslotly hate so much= so consider this [:

  • Which festival topic are you most passionate about?
    The topic which was most passionate for me was "sustainable healthcare: doctor shortage".In this topic I felt How much effort doctor used to do in their work.They can't enjoy their life like normal people.They are also a human they should have right to enjoy their life.

  • The topic that inspired me. is space. Because space exploration is important for the future of humanity Space is a vast and mysterious field that revolves around us. It raises our curiosity about discovering its details and what surrounds us Could there be life that would allow us to live there? So space is an exciting and profound thing that needs thinking and creativity Therefore, studying it and following up on its discoveries is necessary and enjoyable.

  • The topic that I am most passionate about is Diversity in Black Panther. As a Black person, it made me so proud to be represented properly in a Marvel movie that I know millions will see. I was glad that the movie was not all about the fact that Black people have been colonized and that's all we have to us, instead, the movie created an African community that hasn't been centered around colonization but shows what liberation looks like in the hands of Black people. I also love how there was a mix of real African cultures( mainly their traditional attires) in the movie all joined together to make one culture and people. This shows people how our culture, though different but similar, unites us.

  • The theme I liked the most is (fashion). Passion for fashion is a fun fruity dress made entirely of passion fruit skins! Competing in unwanted high-end fashion has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and it will be an experience that I will remember from the transitional year. Fashion is related to society and its culture and the changes that pass completely to change people, and reveal the freedom of individuals or their closure or lack of culture, so you do not find what represents them in public clothes, For dozens of years, we passed the fashion of blue jeans and its spread in the seventies, then the world was affected by Michael Jackson’s pants, followed by Madonna for girls, with different music that expresses each stage, from hip-hop to loud music and the spread of sports shoes in the streets instead of clubs, and perhaps this video illustrates the influence of music And slogans on what young people choose to confront the community with. The most important topic for discussion is the topic of (the World Cup) because it is stimulating and enthusiastic, and each of us encourages his favorites. The most complex issue is (Does the United States need elections?) And the most appropriate topic for me and my community (Is it sustainable?)

    Because we have the solutions for this.

  • I'm most passionate about fast fashion because I got caught in their plan and in my say ''If you want to make some fashion you have to do it properly or it is going to get seen''.
    The best was whether to be a leader was a good job or not because there are millions of opinions and they are all excellent .
    In my opinion the doctor shortage is the most complicated because you have to think it through a lot moremthan with the rest.
    None .

  • The topic which I liked most was global food crisis. What is food crisis?
    Food crisis means lack of access to healthy food for an active and healthy life. There are millions of people around the world who do not have enough food to eat and it is a question whether they can feed themselves for the next day. Some causes for food crisis are low productivity of agriculture, climate change, wasting of food, financialising food, unfair trade rules, increased pace in population growth, conflict and wars, etc. They have a very big impact on children because if they don't get healthy food they are malnourished and the life expectancy begins to reduce gradually. Not only the under developed countries like Sudan and Ethiopia, but also the food crisis affects the developed countries like USA and UK. The food crisis affects other areas such as health, infrastructure, employment, etc.

    Some solutions are eating the food what you can afford, decrease in prices and subsidies should be given to food items, fair and good trade rules, stopping wastage of food, government laws related to food and we have to ensure that every people in our country gets three times food a day. Food is one of the necessities in our lives. If we have enough food, people will have clothing and shether automatically. I think that we should take this matter seriously to eradicate food crisis in the world.

  • The world cup and the events accompanying it is preoccupying the world and is preoccupaying me as well. Watching the world cup and the amazing arrangements of Qatar makes me even more passionate about football. Apart from the teams' wonderful performances and the stunning goals players score, there is the cultural overlaps that the world is witnessing.

    Watching the crowds in and outside the stadiums, you will see people from Brazil, Portugal and England.. etc wearing the traditional "ghutra", headscarf that men in Qatar wear on their heads,  on their own flag's colours. You will see a Korean youngster talking Arabic and drinking "karak chai", a very popular tea in the Gulf region of the Middle East. You will see Muslim women wearing Hijab trying to communicate with women from Senegal wearing thier traditional dress "boubou".
    When people watch football they forget about thier differences and they unite together under the name of one slogan that they don't say, but express "we are all humans".

    Seeing all of these people form different nationalities  communicating make you be sure that football is not only a game, it is a passion that I would love to call "consolidator of humanity". All of these things made me passionate about the world cup festival al and it's discussion.

  • ● Iam most passionate about the "space" topic.When it comes to space related topics i become really excited. When you even think about the vastness of space it makes you feel very tiny . After doing some research for my comments the thing that i learned space exploration is incredibly difficult and expensive. But giving up a dream of humanity isn't the option we can one day certainly make it happen.
    ●In "Black Panther" topic the section in which everyone was talking about their favourite characters in books or movies,that was the most interesting one .It was awesome to see how vastly people's ideals vary and the participants who had same interest as mine, reading their comments was nice .A person's favourite character can tell you a lot about them.
    ● In my opinion the "Iran" topic was the hardest because commenting something without offending someone was difficult,above all that i hold a bit strong opinion on that topic so i preferred not to post that .I can say that topic really challenged me.
    ● I think "doctor shortages" topic was the most relevant topic to my local society. Because this doesn't mean that there are no good docs in my locality the problem is that they are expensive and a layman cannot afford a good doctor.

    1. Thank you for giving such detailed explanations for your choices! It sounds like you have done some fantastic learning so far - well done.

      1. Thanks it was a great opportunity for me to study something outside the syllabus.

  • Hello, the topic that I liked the most about sustainable health care: the lack of doctors, because doctors have an important role in our society, and their lack will lead to a treatment crisis, and they do not receive high financial salaries, and also the topic that got the best discussion is space: a positive human future because I believe it It would be nice to go to space because everyone deserves to explore this world and I think the most complicated thing is the global food crisis because we see that these days most of the countries are suffering from famines and everyone has provided great solutions

  • I would like to express my standpoints through writing as editing or speaking is not really in my domain.

    1. No problem! We look forward to reading your written standpoint!

  • The topics of this month were very useful and important, such as the World Cup and the lack of doctors, some of whom I benefited from, and some of them information I did not know I have benefited a lot from these topics, and I have obtained information that may benefit me in the near future. As a school student, I have benefited a lot from these wonderful topics that have been raised recently Because we, as school students, give us these topics experiences for years to come and give us freedom of expression and so on. Each of us has stored energies that he must put in something, and we put them in this competition

  • I think that if I am a doctor, I have the right to provide all the doctor's needs in terms of treatment, modern and advanced equipment, and to provide a hospital with more than one operating room because it is possible to have an accident and a large number of injured people have to be admitted to the operating room immediately. Therefore, there should be several rooms to be treated quickly before they die and also to be treated with respect because it is worth it and to get a sufficient wage because the doctor can go another way in order to get money by stealing patients Or bribes. Therefore, they must receive a high salary in order to stay in this profession because doctors can never be dispensed with and The doctor also has rights and duties that must be performed at all costs, such as respecting the patient's faith, religion and habits during diagnosis or treatment, treating the patient well and asking the patient's permission before performing any medical procedure. He must reassure the patient. Therefore, any doctor must take into account these duties before requesting rights...

  • I am most passionate about the movie Black Panther,to me, this specific discussion brings out the hidden African American/African power a lot of people these days try to hide and cover up,it's good to see people like me,the ones that aren't gangsters,associated with danger,hood,or any other type of stereotypical character.You go Black Panther!!

  • The topic that I liked and caught my attention is the food crisis because at school I discussed this issue with my best friend and I learned a lot of information about this topic and I felt as if I knew how to deal with this dilemma

  • The topic I was the most passionate about was"Protests in Iran: Mahsa Amini", it’s hard to imagine that you are being oppressed and persecuted by your people in your hometown. The idea that you are doing what you want can threaten your life is terrifying Islam isn't like that.
    the complicated topic and it took me a long time to understand the point of it "Fast Fashion", who hates buying new clothes and not to mention buying new clothing for different seasons makes me the happiest . I never thought about the consequences of the billion of tons of clothing waste that accumulate annually that causes considerable effects and damages to our earth, I really have a feeling of guilt and I hope that people will be more aware of the antiquities and pollution caused by fast fashion.

  • There were many topics but the topic about the food crisis took my interest the most. I feel that we usually waste alot of food, in my household too there are food more than we need and usually the leftover unused food goes into trash though sometimes we try to feed the leftover which are still edible to street animals or people who need it. I feel people should not waste food like that and just buy how much they can actually eat. Just like this there are many YouTubers who waste food for views.They bath in chocolate which is really unnecessary and stupid in my opinion or fill their pool with snacks. I feel YouTubers like them should be banned and such context should not be allowed in any social media apps. I feel those people could give all that food instead of wasting to other people who really need them instead of wasting them for some views.

  • The topik about space passionate me the most because all in space are look another universit than what is in the Earth.
    In my opinion the topik with Qatar had the best discussion and a realized how much cost Qatar to host the World Cup.
    For me Fast fashion was and still be the most complicated topic because when I found out about were are clothes prosses I get a puzzle face.
    I will say that the Doctor shortages is the most revelent to my community because doctors are payed least that another countrys.

  • I am more passionate about the Global food crisis because it brings out a major problem faced by around 49 million people in certain countries like South Sudan, Somalia etc and we got to share ideas of what we think causes this crisis that is how certain changes like climatic changes contribute to the crisis for example drought, famine ,floods that destroy agricultural produce etc and we also shared ideas of the ways the countries that face this food crisis , ways like importing most food products or adopting to agriculture.

  • The topic that had the biggest discussion was gender inequality. This topic held a great impact on me,because it shows how unfair our world is and how people differentiate between men and women. I think that we should all work hard to spread gender equality and show the whole world that women are just like men. As for my country most peoplerespect women and give them their rights, but in other countries other people don't respect women and they also don't give them their rights

  • The most complicated topic is COP 27. It is related to my country as it is suffering the most from climate changes and related problems such as recent flood in Pakistan. It has destroyed our economy and we are still bearing its effects. Our major crops destroyed. Our economy is in worst condition. Who is responsible?
    Developed countries work only for their profit, but never thought about its impacts. Our contribution in this climate change is less than 1%. Now it is my question that who will cover this loss?

  • The topic that I felt so passionate about was the global food crisis. In our classroom we discussed about the global food crisis. I really loved and enjoyed this topic because it was based on exactly on what is happening in our community. I enjoyed it because it was very easy to raise ideas because I experienced some scenarios whose knowledge was applicable in the discussion. It was indeed interesting because almost the whole class had a personal experience about the topic. The other thing that made it interesting was that we organised a debate and everyone raised their opinion with a reason to back it up. This really improved our skills of public speech and critical thinking. This topic really opened up our minds to think broadly and outside the box because this is a global problem and if we join heads and think together. We can come up with solutions to solve the problem.

  • I believe that not all people should go to space, just as not everyone should play football unless they have talent for many reasons, and the biggest problems are air and climate pollution, for example, there are people who migrate from Turkey to Greece or any European country in search of a livelihood and a living that they know They affect the water until they found a solution to the problem as well, such as going to space, although they know that this affects the climate greatly, but they fly into space, but they want a solution to the problem, which, in my opinion and analysis, is to manufacture an electric helicopter spacecraft capable of consuming a small amount of energy Electricity to avoid climate pollution, and regarding licensing tickets, they should not reduce them, which increases the greed of European countries and the conflict and rivalry of neighboring countries. Whoever wants to go to space can see the space while he is sitting without the need to waste a lot of money.

  • The topic on which I think that I should discuss and give my view is that world cup The legacy of big events. Why Muslim players are not allowed to play in world cup? Not only I but also some non Muslims also ask this question. This is discrimination of religion.

    1. Where did you get your information intelligent_parrot? There are 7 Muslim countries playing including the hosts, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco (who have now reached the semi-finals), Iran, Tunisia and Cameroon. There are also Muslim players from Australia, Europe and the United States teams.

  • The most complicated topic and relevant to me and my community is about world cup. As I live in Muslim community so it is my right to ask this question that why some countries do not allow Muslim players to play in world cup. Such as KARIM BENZINE from France. It is social discrimination in real words. Every country should allow all players from all religions. In this way,world cup can become a big event and legacy of big events.

  • I studied through many topics, and one of them occupied my mind and made me think in another way, which is whether the leader must make mistakes. And they choose themselves from among all the people. He must be just, and if the people are good and forgive him, this does not mean that he can do everything without taking the decision of the people, and he can be a leader domineering over his people, which leads to increased greed, and crimes and killings and Stealing, which leads to instability of the state, so the leader should not make mistakes, as it was said, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” And behind every stable and advanced country is a wonderful and just leader. I hope you like it

  • The festival topic I was the most passionate about would definitely have to be the 2022 World Cup in Qatar topic. Although it is mainly because I just enjoy soccer and the world cup, this topic still kept my class and I interested all the way through. However, the one that we had the best discussion for would have to be the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever topic. Our class was the most comfortable talking about this topic because they had a lot to say about it. Our school is primarily full of people of color, and to see representation and diversity in media was important to us. Diversity and representation in media have to be acknowledged because often times it is done wrong, or not done at all. It felt good to see more diversity in movies and shows lately, so we had a lot to discuss about that one.

    1. This is great to hear @spirited_iceberg! What did you discuss?

      1. We discussed the case of representation and diversity not only in Black Panther, but also other movies that had been released before that we thought did a good job representing a specific minority.

  • We have had many discussions in our class. One of my favorite topics is the discussion of climate change. I learned about causes, solutions and consequences. We tried to invent useful things and think creatively. We discussed the World Cup, the criteria for the host country, the participating country, the legacy of major events in moral and material terms, and what goes back to the host country. I really enjoyed it. This topic because what is happening now was a nice opening and we discussed the global food crisis. It made me feel resentful towards those around the world who suffer from hunger and starve to death. I learnedOur role in society is to come together to solve this crisis. We discussed the shortage of doctors and their humanitarian role in helping patients despite dissatisfaction with their salaries. They persist in humanity and extract positive values. What is our duty towards doctors? Their humanitarian role should be appreciated and glorified. We discussed fast fashion, who is responsible for it, and how we can solve it. We plan to discuss space for a positive human future All topics were beautiful and useful, and we had great discussions. Thank you to those who contributed to giving us this wonderful opportunity. Thanks to those responsible for this great job. Thanks for two schoolsAnd our teachers for the beautiful drawing. It is a successful opportunity through learning new information and interesting facts, knowing other points of view, ways of thinking and opinions of some, and acquiring values ​​and concepts such as cooperation, and respecting the opinion of others. Thinking connected. Building methods and solving problems, and I got acquainted with a paper form, and seeing useful ideas on important and interesting topics, and we contributed to expressing points of view, accepting other points of view, points of view, and seeing the letter Special Times Thank you, "Objective Talk" for this beautiful opportunity 🤩

  • For me I liked the sustainable health care topic because i think doctors are heroes as they risk their lives to save others so for an example when the covid-19 was very harsh and all people were in their homes to be safe, the doctors were away from their homes and families trying their best to give good care to the patients so doctors have a big role in everyone’s life, a lot of people say that doctors don’t get the enough money for what they’re doing and I totally agree with that so this happens especially in poor countries but that makes a lot of doctors travel to other countries to get the kind of money they need , this thing is good for doctors for having a good amount of money but very bad for people who are living in the poor countries because they don’t have the number of doctors needed so I think that the medical politics have to have a balance of giving a nice income for doctors around the world to not decrease the number of doctors in any country so all people can be rescued and healthy .

  • The topics are interesting and enjoyable, each of them has importance. The topic that I liked is the issue of global warming and its impact on the planet, and the lack of awareness of many of us and the people around us of the seriousness of the coming disaster for us, and that change begins on the part of every one of us. We as human beings are responsible and capable of change. I hope that we feel the coming disaster and stand up to our responsibilities Our governments and international organizations each have a degree of concern and change for the betterThis issue, which I see as the most complex in my opinion, is because there is nothing more important than our planet and that we live in an appropriate and clean environment
    The most appropriate topic for my society, I see, is the lack of food and the global food crisis because we are an occupied people and we do not have the capabilities to build our state, so the rate of extreme poverty is very large. I hope that the world will live in peace on the land of peace

  • My passion aroused one topic, which is representation. It is important. I think representation is more than important because it reflects the behavior of society. In the sense of representation, it is the mirror of society. It has many benefits, which are entertainment and learning about different cultures, religions, and languages. On that is the movie Al-Nasser Salah al-Din, which people knew about that great leader and conveyed a vivid picture of the Crusades. Acting raises morale and can rid us of depression and increase concentration. The topic that had the best discussion is whether the Internet should be a human right, yes, because the Internet and rights A small village, including those practicing freedom of expression, opinion and organization, and I do not think that one of the issues was complicated

  • The food crisis is one of the festival topic that s very close to my heart. Since our country has attained self sufficiency long ago,people are too ignorant about foodcrisis around the world around them. I was happened to witness a mass dumping of food near my area,though I never really cared of food waste that much,I was horrored to watch that incident. Though there are many schemes and foundations to reduce food waste and ensuring equal distribution of food, they failed to form a concrete awareness. This sensation should have been an builtin instinct into people,but some always forget that every plate of food wasted leaves a man hungry to bed. Actually by this topic and the discussions, I found a new spark of pioneerism and not everyone is careless like every others. Like every sea has a shore,every countries have people of this stereotype and happy to see every coming up with their own issues and solution. To end the foodcrisis we need to end the ignorance of people ASAP

    1. This is a very good standpoint. Because it shows that food hunger is major.

  • I am most passionate about the movie Black Panther,to me this specific discussion brings out the hidden African American/African power.It is good to see a good representative for the African American culture. This movie is so connected to my culture because I am apart of the African American culture.

    1. I agree because... yes this is also connected to my african culture but I thought it was a bit complicated for me in my opinion. but I love what you wrote it has a powerful message.

  • The topic I like the most is the World Cup. The legacy of big events because they have a profound impact on the environment as it can affect all global issues we have discussed in the topical talk.

    I have learned many things. For instance, equality and inclusion which means that every country have the right to host the World Cup on its land. A second thing I have learned is tolerance. If I were a famous player, I would not relate sport with politics because sport should lead to unity of nations, not isolation. The players do not bear any responsibilities to talk about any problems because they may lose their status in their country and they can be excluded from the team and the sporting event for the violation of sport laws.

  • The most difficult topic I encountered was the issue of diversity and representation, because there were groups of them who liked diversity and groups that did not like diversity because they liked to watch a certain thing that their eyes were accustomed to witnessing. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to persuade them to abandon this idea that they hold negatively about diversity. Diversity is very important. From it you gain experience, knowledge, culture and wisdom because you have become integrated with them if you gradually descend into a passion for diversity.

    The most beautiful topic that I totally admired is the issue of sustainable health care because it explains to us important things and details that must be known and everyone must apply them, and among these things is knowing what is the best thing to protect your family with is to provide them with complete and comprehensive health care also because when you do this you guarantee Good health, both physical and psychological, because we know that mental health is one of the most important aspects that must be taken care of because its effect remains for a very long time. in its meaning.

  • I discovered many topic but the topic the liked the most was space: a positive human future as nowdays there are many researches going for space innovations and all the young minds should know about this because they are the future and they have the creative minds to develop technologies from which we can live on other planets and pove the statement space: a positive human future.

  • Which Festival topic are you most passionate about?

    I am most passionate about the topic of protests in Iran because I really believe in equality and seeing till date women all around the world are struggling for their basic needs is just upsetting. From centuries all together feminists are trying to achieve equality. We should totally create awareness and question these inhumane activities. I always wondered a world without inequalities and barriers for everyone henceforth I will always look forward to engage myself in such conversations and make this dream come true by creating awareness around the globe and would like to ensure that the future generations will live in a world where they do not have to fight for their basic rights!

  • the best discussion for me personally was the topic of the world cup, I personally am not very familiar with competitive football and the only celebrities I know in it are Messi and Ronaldo who I'm everyone is familiar with. when everyone was discussing this topic I got to venture deep into the world of competitive football and it lit a fire within me and it got me interested in football, it helped me get back into the sport and ignited the desire to also be great as someone like the players of competitive sports

  • The topic I am most passionate about is the Black Panther topic. In my opinion the topic with the best discussion was the discussion about Mahsa Amini. This is because it made me realize what goes on in the world and how the government is always working to silence the people. The most complicated was probably the
    Mahsa Amini story because it was hard to talk about. The most relevant would be black panther because black panther is important to the black community

  • After reading through so many topics and discussions, I found the topic "Space: a positive human future" the most unique and interesting. I got to learn a lot about space innovations and was able to form a whole new perspective about the topic. Space innovations earlier just seemed like inventions meant for space only though through this discussion I now know that it is not only connected t0 space but the world too. It helps in understanding our planet and ourselves better too.

  • The most topic I was most passionate about was The Global Food Crisis even though I wrote in other topics I was most drawn to The Global Food Crisis. The Global Food Crisis had the best discussion because it talked about the Food Crisis and why no one was doing anything about The Global Food Crisis I thought this topic was just right for me like I had a voice to speak my opinion however I pleased. The most complicated I'm not sure it was probably the Black Panther one it wasn't something I was very drawn to but that's just me The most relevant is the U.S Midterm Election that was very relevant. In Conclusion I believe that The Global Food Crisis is a topic we should be more focused on.

  • The topic that grabbed my attention the most was ' sustainable healthcare'. It throws light on the shortages of doctors worldwide.The field of medicine has stopped aspiring young minds. One requires immense hardwork and courage to train to be a doctor. Secondly ,despite working day and night, there hardwork is not valued, neither are they appreciated nor are they given a fair salary for their job. At the same time, being a doctor is something for which one can feel proud of. The opportunity to serve the nation is the biggest blessing. As a result, I feel that it is extremely vital to raise this topic and spread awareness about this issue. This will ensure that doctors of the upcoming generation receive the gratitude and acknowledgement which they deserve.

  • The topic I was most passionate about was food crisis because it is one of the biggest problems in third world countries. I researched a lot on the topic and learned things I hadn't known earlier.
    The topic with the best discussion was the Black Panther topic. It was a topic all the students could relate to due to its relevancy in modern media and popularity amongst the students.
    The most complicated topic was the global food crisis topic. It took a lot of research and discussion.

  • Fast fashion obsession
    The era of fashion and fashion is it adds variety to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were supposed to dress and work in the same way.
    From my point of view, fast fashion has both positive and negative impact on students.
    Fashion in our society has a great negative impact on students.
    They only think about new fashion and this leads to spending a huge amount of money. This money can be spent on the poor and help the needy.
    There are som positive points.
    For example, when teens feel flattened by the way they look, it gives a great sense of self-worth and confidence in their own personality. Furthermore they feel more independent and accepted in the social context. If the students follow a certain trend, it is easy for them to get to know their own personalities by meeting different people from the same interests and sense of style.
    Being fashionable is just our own desire, no on can force us to do that, and our decision is the amount and quality of fashion we prefer according to the place and requirements.

  • I'm interested in the food topics because many people are not able to afford food everyday and I feel like we need to do something about it so that there is no food crisis and we can all be happy.

  • Most topics are good but the topic that really got my attention was the global food crisis. This really got to me especially thinking about how much human beings on earth don't get to eat everyday. I feel like there should be some type of place for people to eat food for free. Yes, food costs money but for people who don't have money or people that are going through financial problems won't be able to afford a proper meal. People should start donating to charity because 3.1 million kids die from the food crisis a year. A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds. We need more farms so kids can have some nutritious food to eat. I hate to see families on the street having absolutely nothing to eat. I really dislike seeing the pain that they go through every single day. So i think the government should make a place where families that are on the street can eat.

  • The topic that had gotten my most attention was the Black Panther, (Films that make a difference). Not all films make a difference but most of them do. My comment in that discussion was about the movie "The Lorax" which showed deforestation, corporate greed, and air pollution. We have to spread awareness as much as possible, Pollution is happening right now as we speak and just put it aside and think about our happy lives while people are dying because of the things that are happening around us that we are too blind to see it.
    Each year over 15 billion trees are getting cut down per year and we are doing nothing to stop it. Some paper and logging companies do not plant the trees back where they were, this ruins the environment. Also some of the companies do plant the trees back. Back in October 2019, Mrbeast or known as Jimmy Donaldson started a fundraiser called "Team trees", it was a huge success! Over 20 million trees were planted.

  • I think that all the topics in the Festival were quite interesting. But the one that fascinated me the most was "Black Panther: representation and diversity". It talked about the racism that happens in this world, which is a real issue. On the other hand, I am interested in Marvel movies, so I was most passionate about this topic. The movie also gives equal roles and opportunities to black people which is what the world needs.
    The best discussion according to me, was in the topic "Space: a positive human future?". In that topic everyone had their own interesting views about the future, the present and the past. I have always been mesmerized by topics like space, galaxies, universe, etc. We soon may be able to live in space and explore it.
    I'd say the most complicated topic in the whole festival was "World Cup: the legacy of big events". In this festival, schools from multiple countries have participated and the World Cup is all about competition between countries. Students from across the globe have expressed a lot of thoughts, which shows diversity.
    The most relevant topic to me and my community is "Sustainable healthcare: doctor shortages". I belong to India which is not a very developed country. There are a lot of healthcare problems here especially in government hospitals and centers. Even if there are good facilities, they are present in private hospitals which are very expensive and not affordable for some people.

  • Global food crisis
    In the discussion I have understood what others are thinking. Before the discussion I thought that food crisis is not only a major issue but now I have realised that how important it is. It was not complicated but was interesting. I have enjoyed it.

  • First, the topic that arouses my passion is the issue of space, because I aspire to be an astronaut, and because I love exploration and love to delve deeper into this beautiful universe. Secondly, the topic that had the best discussion is the global food crisis due to the lack of food in the world and people's desire to solve this big problem that destroys the country and its population. Third, more A complicated issue was, is it time for elections to be held in America, since I, as a girl, do not live in America and do not know the slightest idea of ​​what is happening in America.
    Fourthly, the appropriate issue for me and my community is the shortage of doctors, because doctors in my country do not receive a salary sufficient for their efforts, which makes them resign from their work, which led to a shortage of doctors.

  • Food crisis is the topic I am most passionate about cause I always waste the food what I eat as my lunch because if I don't like something I will never try it or eat it ,so always my parents ask me why are you doing like this? and I will tell them that if I am not eating this what will happen there wil be any big issue in the world or something is going to happen wrong .! But after reading comments posted in the topical talk and I acquired for some information on internet about food crisis I realised the food I am wasting everyday can be served to a 10 people who are suffering because of their hunger so I request you all to not waste food and I am not doing it anymore ,if I does not like to eat food also I am managing to eat it.So the food you waste can be served to the person who is suffering because of hunger .Don't waste food. Don't let people around you to waste food . Food crisis was the most relevant topic to our community .Where I saw people wasting and I myself had did it so many times but after reading the comments posted on topical talk I understood the imapact of eating the food . I hope all the topics here had the best discussions. The complicated was the world cup topic but I also managed to gather information about it .

  • I feel like the topic I felt the most passionate about is doctor shortages, I feel like that is a great topic to talk and write about because not many people really realize what is happening with doctors leaving the doctor forces and we really need them. The topic I had the best discussion on is about diversity, diversity is very important in films and even in real life. Without diversity we would see what it feels like to be in other peoples shoes. The topic that was most complicated for me was the global food crisis. The Global Food Crisis was and still is very serious but it was just complicated for me to actually understand the question "Why can't we just share", of course we can share we can always share but reading other people's responses made me wonder if we actually can't really share. The Festival topic that was most relevant to me and other people just like me was diversity, I love the fact that diversity is what makes us, us maybe if it wasn't for diversity I would never actually know how my friends live their lifestyles.

  • The topic that had gotten my most attention was the Black Panther, (Films that make a difference). Not all films make a difference but most of them do. My comment in that discussion was about the movie "The Lorax" which showed deforestation, corporate greed, and air pollution. We have to spread awareness as much as possible. Pollution is happening right now as we speak and just put it aside and think about our happy lives while people are dying because of the things that are happening around us that we are too blind to see,
    Each year over 15 billion trees are getting cut down per year and we are doing nothing to stop it. Some paper and logging companies do not plant the trees back where they were, this ruins the environment. Also some of the companies do plant the trees back. Back in October 2019, Mrbeast started a fundraiser called "Team trees", it was a huge success! Over 20 million trees were planted. Each year 1.9 billion trees are planted each year.

    I want to spread awareness about the trees.

  • The topic is diversity in the movie industry, some people think that if there isn't a lot of diversity in the movie industry it's to make it more faithful to the original work in the comics of superheroes, if the protagonist in the comics is white then in the cinema industry he will be white too to respect the comics, I agree with that but I think the producers of superhero films must continue to produce films where they are people other than white people or men like in the Black Panther films or the hero and the good people are the blacks because in some works the blacks or even Arabs are often the bad people which is not at all faithful to reality and in black Panther 2 the protagonist is a woman person which changes and brings diversity in the cinema industry and I think that they should continue to do and offer this kind of movie to people